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Institute on WWII and the Human Experience: 02.09.0174

Abraham Zuckerman transcript, 1939-1946

1 folders
This oral history interview transcript relates to Abraham Zuckerman who was a concentration camp survivor from Krakow, Poland during World War II and worked as a slave laborer for Oskar Schindler.
Institute on WWII and the Human Experience: 02.02.0144

Deborah Gierach papers, 1939-1942, bulk 1941

3.00 boxes
Deborah Gierach's collection of photographs were taken by her late father-in-law (no name given), a B-17 pilot in Europe during the Second World War. The collection consists of scanning from three photograph albums (in German) compiled and produced for the Nazi government as a means to show what the Third Reich was doing during the war. Subjects include Nazi rallies, Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Hermann Goering, soldiers, military vehicles, as well as Hitler playing with children and socializing with others. Captions are in German. Organized month to month for separate calendar years of 1939, 1940, 1942.
Institute on WWII and the Human Experience: 02.06.0098

Diana Naylor Morgan papers, 1937-1945

1 boxes
This collection relates to Diana Naylor Morgan who served as a junior USO hostess in New Jersey during World War II. The collection includes an oral interview with Morgan, news articles, photographs, and letters sent to her from American and British soldiers deployed overseas during World War II. In the letters, servicemen describe their day to day activities while deployed overseas, their locations, views on the Japanese, and opinions about the Atomic Bomb. A letter dated June 2, 1944, written by an American sailor Ernest Feasy was not censored; Feasy describes how he is waiting for D-Day to arrive.
Institute on WWII and the Human Experience: 02.11.0057

Hilbert Levitz transcript, 1939-2003, bulk 1939-1969

1.00 folders
Hilbert Levitz's oral history discusses his childhood and teenage years growing up during the war and his career as a professor at multiple universities. His wartime memories consist of learning about Pearl Harbor, Adolf Hitler, his family's involvement in the war, war bonds, the Holocaust, the 1939 World's Fair, and the advancement of technology. Levitz also goes into depth about his short time in the army during the Korean War, his higher education, and computer science.
Institute on WWII and the Human Experience: 02.02.0409

Hy Wakstein papers, 1943-1946

1 folders
Hy Wakstein was a Jewish American serviceman who reached the rank of Staff Sergeant with the 778th Anti-Aircraft-Automatic Weapons Battalion, Self Propelled, (served 1943-46) and discusses his experiences as an Army communications officer in the European theater of World War II in this oral history transcript. Wakstein participated in the Battle of the Bulge, and his division advanced further east into Germany than any other American division.
Institute on WWII and the Human Experience: 02.09.0037

Joil (Saul) Alpern transcript, 1940-2009

1 folders
Saul Alpern's oral history transcript describes in detail his experiences growing up in Romania before World War II, the beginning of the war, listening to Adolf Hitler on the radio, life in labor camps, forced marches, hiding during the war, anti-Semitism, liberation, Zionist youth organizations, and his memoir.
Institute on WWII and the Human Experience: 02.01.0545

Joseph Freilick papers, 1944-1945

1 folders
This manuscript memoir relates to Joseph Freilick who served with the 102nd Infanty Division during World War II in the European Theater.
Institute on WWII and the Human Experience: 02.05.0080

Leni Mittelacher transcript, 1923-1953, bulk 1932-1953

1 folders
This collection contains a transcript of an interview with Leni Mittelacher, who lived in Marburg, Germany during World War II and Allied occupation.
Institute on WWII and the Human Experience: 02.04.0253

Ralph Chester Lapham papers, 1944-1945, bulk 1944-1945

1.00 folders
Private Ralph Chester Lapham served with the 116th Evacuation Hospital during World War II in the European Theater of Operations. Chester assisted with providing care for former prisoners of Dachau concentration camp after the camp's liberation. The collection contains photographs of the camp and letters describing the unit's work setting up a hospital at Dachau and a Typhus epidemic.
Institute on WWII and the Human Experience: 02.98.0427

Rolande R. Faucon collection, 1939-1954, bulk 1940

2.00 items
Rolande R. Faucon was a teenage citizen of France when the Germans invaded her town. She describes her music training, the presence of British and American military in her town, watching bombs fall from the sky and families identifying bombing victims, watching train cattle cars transporting people through her town. She also provides descriptions of the three paintings that she donated to the Institute. Documents in the collection include 2 photographs, a press clipping about Rolande's artwork, and descriptions about war-related paintings done in Albuquerque, NM.