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Institute on WWII and the Human Experience

Institute on WWII and the Human Experience

116 Honors Way
Tallahassee, FL 32306, USA
Institute on WWII and the Human Experience

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Institute on WWII and the Human Experience: 02.06.0073

Betty L. Brown transcript, 1941-1945

1 folders
This collection includes an oral history interview transcript of a homefront worker during WWII. She served in a camouflage factory. She describes her experiences surviving the Great Depression, learning of Pearl Harbor, and hearing stories about relatives' military service. This collection also contains a personal photograph.
Institute on WWII and the Human Experience: 02.06.0098

Diana Naylor Morgan papers, 1937-1945

1 boxes
This collection relates to Diana Naylor Morgan who served as a junior USO hostess in New Jersey during World War II. The collection includes an oral interview with Morgan, news articles, photographs, and letters sent to her from American and British soldiers deployed overseas during World War II. In the letters, servicemen describe their day to day activities while deployed overseas, their locations, views on the Japanese, and opinions about the Atomic Bomb. A letter dated June 2, 1944, written by an American sailor Ernest Feasy was not censored; Feasy describes how he is waiting for D-Day to arrive.
Institute on WWII and the Human Experience: 02.01.0610

Eleanor Harpring transcript, 1940-1945

1.00 folders
This oral interview was taken of Eleanor Harpring who served in the United Service Organization (USO) during the time of World War II. She traveled to various military bases in the U.S. and Europe to perform. She saw the destruction after the war, and how Kassel, Germany was demolished and families were destroyed do to the bombing. She also explains how living conditions for women and children during the war, and how she would help. She also describes all about her travels during and after World War II.
Institute on WWII and the Human Experience: 02.08.0134

Fred S. Bertsch Jr. collection, 1941-1991, bulk 1941-1943

1 boxes
This collection relates to retired U.S. Navy Captain Fred S. Bertsch Jr. who served as the Engineer Officer during World War II in the Pacific Theater of Operations on the destroyer U.S.S. Case and the Korean War as a naval aviator.  The collection includes a daily handwritten log journal of activities aboard the U.S.S Case which begins with his eyewitness account of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, including the attack of the U.S.S. Arizona Battleship, through the end of 1943.  The collection also contains 133 original color slides, and digitized prints of the slides, taken by Bertsch Jr. aboard the U.S.S  Case during the Aleutian Island campaign in 1942, additional photographs, documents, artifacts, newspaper articles, and two publications authored by Bertsch Jr.
Institute on WWII and the Human Experience: 02 .00.0559

George R. Cain collection, 1940-2000

1 boxes
This collection relates to George R. Cain and his service as a communications officer in the 23rd Fighter Group, also known as the Flying Tigers, in China during World War II. The collection includes a variety of memorabilia, which spans from the beginning of George H. Cain's service in 1940 until his death in 2000. A few sources in the collection provide an overview of military service on the island of Hawaii. Others document his post-service work with his local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post.
Institute on WWII and the Human Experience: 02.13.0015

George W. Griffith collection, 1941-1943

1 boxes
This collection relates to George W. Griffith who served with the 201st Infantry Regiment during the Aleutian Islands Campaign during World War II. This collection contains diaries, photographs, and souvenirs from Griffith's time in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. Diaries include entries related to the Pearl Harbor attack and the Japanese occupation of the Attu and Kiska Islands.
Institute on WWII and the Human Experience: 02.99.0464

Giles Odell Lofton, III papers, 1943-1945

1 folders
The collection of Seaman First Class Giles Odell Lofton, III contains an oral history transcript of an interview provided by the Reichelt Program for Oral History. Lofton served in the Navy aboard the USS Wisconsin in the Third Fleet, under Admiral Halsey in the Pacific Theater (PTO) during World War II. The collection also contains documents, U.S.S. Wisconsin papers, photographs of the USS Wisconsin and the Third Fleet during the invasion of Iwo Jima and the surrender of Japan. The photographs show the ships in combat, bombing the shoreline defenses of Iwo Jima, as well as Kamikaze attacks against the fleet. Also, there are photographs of the amphibious landings at Iwo Jima on invasion day, as well as a notice indicating the location of Ernie Pyle's death. The surrender photographs show General Douglas MacArthur and Admiral Halsey on the USS Missouri, as well as pictures of Yokohama Bay. "Trench Art" pieces are included in the collection.
Institute on WWII and the Human Experience: 02.11.0057

Hilbert Levitz transcript, 1939-2003, bulk 1939-1969

1.00 folders
Hilbert Levitz's oral history discusses his childhood and teenage years growing up during the war and his career as a professor at multiple universities. His wartime memories consist of learning about Pearl Harbor, Adolf Hitler, his family's involvement in the war, war bonds, the Holocaust, the 1939 World's Fair, and the advancement of technology. Levitz also goes into depth about his short time in the army during the Korean War, his higher education, and computer science.
Institute on WWII and the Human Experience: 02.98.0478

Jane Borg papers, 1940-1973

1 folders
This collection contains two oral histories; one with Dr. Philip Gilman, Jr. and one with James Izumizaki. It also includes the reprint of a letter by Pvt. Lavern Borg, Jr. written on April 2, 1945. The letter tells about his experiences with the 5th Marine Division of the U.S. Marine Corp in the battle of Iwo Jima. The next document includes a service record and medallist dated June 1967, January 1969, and August 1973. A pamphlet collected by the Pajaro Valley Arts Council, California entitled Nihen Bunka Japanese Culture: One hundred years in Pajaro Valley is also in the collection.