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FSU Special Collections & Archives: MSS 1964-020

Bird and Ulmer Papers, 1851-1922

55.00 items
The Bird and Ulmer papers consist of photocopies of correspondence, land deeds, tax papers, political and other speeches, resolutions, and papers pertaining to church, lodges, last will, accounts of executors of estates, reports of estate, division of land, and division of slaves with values assigned. These papers pertain chiefly to the plantations of Bunker Hill, Nacossa, and Freelawn, which flourished before the Civil War. The majority of the papers are dated from the 1850s through the late 1800s, although a handful are from the 1920s. Also known as MSS 0-20.
FSU Special Collections & Archives: MSS 1988-009

Clement Acton Griscom Papers, 1904, 1940

4.00 items
These papers include a letter from Clement Acton Griscom to his son Lloyd, who served as a foreign diplomat to Japan in the early 1900s. Also included is a small Christmas gift card signed "From Bronson Winthrop," and a small envelope addressed to Col. Lloyd Griscom, care of Miss Griscom, Water Oak Plantation, Tallahassee, Florida. The fourth item in the collection is a letter from G. Leslie Isaac to "Col. Griscom" at Luna Plantation, Tallahassee, concerning a trip to a fair and a car purchase. Includes MSS 0-304.
FSU Special Collections & Archives: MSS 1964-028

Dr. Edward Bradford Papers, 1830-1871

4.00 folders
Contains personal and business correspondence, documents, bills, receipts, etc., of Dr. Edward Bradford, general merchant and plantation owner. Collection also includes a letter of introduction of James E. Broome, Tallahassee, Fla., to Hon. Jacob Thompson, Washington City, and a long handwritten letter of Governor Bragg, Raleigh, N.C., and other important papers show that Dr. Bradford was a well-known and prominent citizen.
FSU Special Collections & Archives: MSS 0-85

El Destino and Chemonie Plantation Papers, 1822-1859

16.00 items
The collection relates to the El Destino and Chemonie plantations located a short distance from Tallahassee, Florida. These papers consist of records and documents of the executors and administrators of the estate of William B. Nuttall. The materials discuss sale of cotton and other agricultural products, conveyance of land and slaves, as well as reports and accounts related to the estate. Some papers are signed by Mary W. Savage (Nuttall), Hector W. Braden and George Noble Jones.
FSU Special Collections & Archives: MSS 0-104

Fairbanks Collection, 1817-1942

4.25 Linear Feet
Personal, business and family correspondence, books, business records (account books), and writing materials of George R. Fairbanks. This collection contains 1473 original material items, as well as 567 items which are copies of original materials. The collection contains biographical sketches of George Rainsford Fairbanks and his family history, his will, papers about personal matters, the Civil War, St. Augustine before and during the war, sale of slaves, photographs of Fairbanks, Charles Locke Beard, Charles Massey, and sketches of places such as a church in Palatka, Florida. There is a great deal of Civil War correspondence, including persons such as Senator David Levy Yulee and James Ormond. These letters also include sketches of Anderson Station Stockade, fortifications, camps and hospitals, as well as descriptions of Civil War in Florida, and samples of Confederate and southern poems. His business papers discuss real estate matters, timber rights, the Palatka sawmill, the Bulow Plantation destroyed by Seminole Indians in 1836, preserved by the Bulow Ruins State Park, maps, surveys, correspondence and other materials. He also includes political papers and materials on Florida history, including newspaper clippings, local histories of Nassau and other counties, details about the war with the Indians, and materials on the Oglethorp expedition. There are materials on Florida authors, including a law suit against Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings related to her book, Cross Creek. Materials related to the writings of George Rainsford Fairbanks are also in the collection including newspaper clippings, press notices, and examples of his work. The collection also contains some materials on religion, including the diocese of South Florida and the Episcopal church. Some of the materials related to St. Augustine, New Smyrna and Daytona Beach are housed in the Florida vertical files, and many of the books in the collection have been cataloged and stored separately, and can be viewed upon request.
FSU Special Collections & Archives: MSS 1-05

Gamble Family Papers, 1818-1853, 1898, 1962

8.00 items
Biographical information, extracts from the journal of Major Robert Gamble, plantation record book, and "Gambles Hill: a Rebirth of and Elegant Richmond" by Vera Palmer.
FSU Special Collections & Archives: MSS 1968-140

Hollingsworth Papers, 1768-1887, 1916, bulk 1788-1887

0.50 Linear Feet
The Mount Vernon Plantation (the name was later changed to Pickney Hills) was located in Jefferson County about seven miles east of Monticello, Florida with a view overlooking "Razor Lake," so named by Mr. Hollingsworth because of its shape. The number of slaves listed, the livestock listed, records of sales of farm products, purchases of supplies, and descriptions of different parcels of land shown in the Last Will of John Hollingsworth indicate that Mount Vernon Plantation covered rather extensive acreage. The will also shows that he owned a home near Edgefield, South Carolina, which was situated on "about eleven hundred acres." The papers consist of agreements, tax receipts, paid bills, production lists of slaves, account sales for cotton, bills for weighing cotton, bills for purchases, statements for tuition and board for children, doctor bills, account sales for butter, railroad bills for lading, express receipts, promissory notes, and lists of the sale of slaves. The collection also includes executor's papers of the estate of John Hollingsworth pertaining to distribution of his property, slaves (with values assigned), livestock, farm implements, household furniture, lands, legal papers signed by heirs who received slaves and other valuables they inherited through the will of Hollingsworth. Also included are bills for appraising property, doctor bills for visits to and service rendered slaves, for medicine, bills for shoeing horses and mules, for repairing wagons and buggies, for plantation supplies, etc. The last wills of both John Hollingsworth, Sr. and James Hollingsworth, Sr. along with genealogical data of Hollinsworth and Oliphant families are also included. Also known as MSS 0-140.
FSU Special Collections & Archives: MSS 1965-167

J. S. Lester Plantation Papers, 1868-1895

3.00 items
The J.S. Lester Plantation Papers include an 1895 doctor's bill, a transmittal letter, and a 4-page list of receipts (1868) for money received by fourteen ex-slaves; the plantation was located in Leon County, Fla. Also known as MSS 0-167.
FSU Special Collections & Archives: MSS 0-274

Mary Simpson Yarbrough Papers, 1850-1894

18.00 items
These papers consist of materials relating to lands, a mercantile business, the plantation of Mary Simpson's grandfather, Theodore Turnbull, an Indian Wars Pensions document, and several deeds, including a land deed of her great grandmother, Mary Ann Perkins.
FSU Special Collections & Archives: MSS 1964-236

M.C. Stephens Letter, 1835

1.00 items
Typed copy of letter by Mr. M. C. Stephens (1835) to his daughter, Sarah, at Newburn, North Carolina. From content of the letter, it is clear that Mr. Stephens came to Florida and acquired a plantation at Rosanna, near Quincy, and was in the process of building a house which he hoped to have nearly completed by the time his family would arrive. They were to travel by coastal vessel and disembark at St. Marks or Apalachicola Bay, and travel to Tallahassee by "Hack...from whence it will be easy to get home." He asked to be advised of the time of arrival of the vessel so as to "time my wagon and team to be at St. Marks with cotton to take return freight of our household stuff up to my house." He wrote on the subject of prices for some articles being more expensive in Florida than in North Carolina, and suggested that they purchase clothing before leaving, and to bring from their Newburn garden specified herbs, and reminded them to bring "the St. Domingo Shallot - the best in the world, bring roots and seeds."Other members of the family mentioned were, Julia and Louisa, daughters, presumably. He also mentioned Betsy and Rosanna, but did not state the relationship. Also known as MSS 0-236.