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Florida Atlantic University Libraries: PMC00020

Cantor Murray Yavneh, 1863-1974, bulk 1920-1970

1.50 Linear Feet
In 2012, Cantor Murray Yavneh donated his collection of nearly 200 pieces of print music, music manuscripts, song books, and periodicals to Florida Atlantic University. The collection dates from 1863 to 1976 and includes: cantorial music Hebrew and Yiddish songs, American popular standards, and instrumental works.
Florida Atlantic University Libraries: SPC00029

LIFE Magazines, 1937-1990, bulk 1937-1949

18.00 Linear Feet
This collection consists of 474 publications of magazines. The publications in this collection are: LIFE Magazine, Fortune, L'Illustration, The Illustrated London News, Tiffany & Co. Jewelers: Silver Tableware, Silver Tea Sets, Graphic, The Sphere, The Spur, Kennedy and His Family, and Country Life. The collection comprises mostly of LIFE Magazines, which largely range from 1937-1949 and feature articles providing commentary on World War I and World War II.
Florida Atlantic University Libraries: UAFP0006

Wilderness Islands Collection, 1928-2001, bulk 1984-1987

18.00 Linear Feet
In 1984 the Commissioners of Palm Beach County unanimously accepted a proposal put forth by the Royal Palm Audubon Society and co-sponsors to develop and implement a county wide program which would preserve local, environmentally sensitive lands and establish these "wilderness parks" as natural historic sites. Rapid development within Palm Beach County had led to the destruction of the vast majority of the county's native ecosystems. The Audubon society referred to the remaining pockets of native or restorable lands, now surrounded by urban and/or agricultural development, as the "Wilderness Islands". In May of 1986, Dr. Daniel Austin, an FAU botany professor, and Dr. Grace Iverson were hired by Palm Beach County to conduct a survey and examination of the county's natural areas and create an inventory of the County's native ecosystems. The Inventory was used by county staff and advisory committees to identify the highest-quality environmentally sensitive lands that were purchased with the proceeds from voter approved bond referendums in 1991 and 1999. These properties became the foundation for the Natural Areas Program. This collection represents their research, the surveys, publicity, and administration of this project.
Florida Atlantic University Libraries: SPC00028

Marion Rinhart Lithographs Collection, 1799-1870

3.50 Linear Feet
The collection consists of 95 lithographs, 1 Black And White photograph, a typed list of lithographs by Marion Rinhart, and three other items; The collection dates from 1799 to roughly 1865 but some of the lithographs may be earlier than 1799 and some may be later than 1865. The date given, 1879, for the maps of the states is wrong based on the fact that New Mexico did not become a state until 1912. The collection is small but it is surprising distributed across the global and includes a varity of engravings.
Florida Atlantic University Libraries: SPC00027

Marion Rinhart Stereographic Photograph Collection, Late 19th Century

3.50 Linear Feet
The collection consists of 109 stereoscopic photographs and one stereoscope. A few of the stereoscopic photographs are hand painted. Some of photographs are from series that were published by photographic studios but the collection only has a few photographs from each of the published series. The photographs are from different areas in United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Most of the photographs are staged scenes.
Florida Atlantic University Libraries: SPC00026

Marion Rinhart Photographs Collection, 1860-1952, bulk 1875-1934

18.00 Linear Feet
This collection consists of both original and reproduced photographs from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Subjects include Florida, New Jersey resorts, New York, children, the work of Jesse Wooley, and the photograph album of Aubrey Howell. Also included are more than eighty stereo cards from the 1800s which appear three-dimensional through the use of a stereoscope.  The original Rinhart collection of photos, daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and tintypes was donated to the University of Miami, Otto Richter Library in Coral Gables, Florida.
Florida Atlantic University Libraries: PMC00019
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Winner Collection of Glenn Miller Manuscripts, 0

1.50 Linear Feet
In 2007, Martin Winner donated these handwritten scores and parts to FAU Libraries.  Mr. Winner's sister, Dorothy Demby-Lasky worked for the Glenn Miller Agency in New York City and was assigned as Johnny Desmond's secretary.  She came into possession of the music after the Glenn Miller Agency vacated their Manhattan offices circa 1947.  After some time, Ms. Demby-Lasky gave the music to her brother Mr. Winner.  These compositions were performed on the radio circa 1944 but were not published.
Florida Atlantic University Libraries: PMC00016

Dance Band Combo, 1925-1962, bulk 1946-1953

3.50 Linear Feet
The Dance Band Combos Collection consists of instrumental arrangements of popular songs first made for distribution to theater and music hall orchestras. These early to mid 20th century arrangements proved so popular that surprised publishers began making them available for general sale. Pit bands could then purchase a ready-made score of a current hit tune to vary their repertoire. Dance groups found them useful as well, and they made novel additions to the programs of salon ensembles and amateur combinations. Later, these multi-purpose orchestrations became commonly known as stock arrangements.
Florida Atlantic University Libraries: PMC00017

Joseph Schrogin Music Collection, 1954-1961, bulk 1954-1961

0.50 Linear Feet
In 2004, the family of Joseph Schrogin donated his collection of original manuscripts. Joseph Schrogin was a Lithuanian composer who moved to the United States in 1921 and eventually settled in Los Angeles. He was not trained as a musician and only learned enough about playing the piano to sound out the music in his head. He studied harmony in order to fill out the musical lines. In 1972, Schrogin published a book of his songs titled Gezangen; he passed away two years later in 1974.