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Florida Gulf Coast University Special Collections
Collection ID: 02/01/26

Zine Collection, 1973-2018


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10501 FGCU Boulevard South
Fort Myers, FL 33965, USA

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The Zine Collection includes Riot Grrrl zines, which is an artist's collective formerly based in Olympia WA with roots in the punk/grunge music scene and covers topics such as feminism, the reclaimation of derogatory language, racism, physical assult and rape, LGBT issues and anarchism; zines that were created by Southwest Florida artists and collectives which features both homemade zines and professionally printed materials covering topics ranging from feminism to witchcraft to home block printing; and the last part of the collection is comprised of zines focused on the topics of rape culture and feminism, but are not a part of any collective or created in Southwest Florida, and they are examples of many types of home-publications as well as comics, orginial art, and personal ethnogrophies.
9 Linear Feet
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