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Frazer/O'Sullivan Collection, 1871 - 2006
This collection contains the research of co-authors Heather T. Frazer and John O'Sullivan for their book, We Have Just Begun To Not Fight: an oral history of conscientious objectors in civilian public service during World war II. The book consists of interviews of fifteen Civilian Public Service (CPS) men and two CPS wives, which reflects the story of the 12,000 men who served with the intent to perform "work of national importance" as an alternative to combat duty. CPS men worked as aides in mental hospitals, volunteered as smoke jumpers in forest fires, and participated in grueling medical and scientific experiments.
Collection ID: UAFP0012
Student Affairs
This collection contains papers, memos, reports, and various documents surrounding the operation of Student Affairs. It includes material from career planning, health, and student clubs and organization that consist of orientation guides, memos, meeting minutes and correspondence from the department, clubs, and organizations. The collection's date range is 1966 to 2012.
Collection ID: UA00006
Student Affairs
This collection contains papers, memos, reports, and various documents surrounding the operation of Student Affairs. It includes material from career planning, health, and student clubs and organization that consist of orientation guides, memos, meeting minutes and correspondence from the department, clubs, and organizations. The collection's date range is 1966 to 2012.
Collection ID: UA00028
Cantor Murray Yavneh, 1863-1974, bulk 1920-1970
In 2012, Cantor Murray Yavneh donated his collection of nearly 200 pieces of print music, music manuscripts, song books, and periodicals to Florida Atlantic University. The collection dates from 1863 to 1976 and includes: cantorial music Hebrew and Yiddish songs, American popular standards, and instrumental works.
Collection ID: PMC00020
LIFE Magazines, 1937-1990, bulk 1937-1949
This collection consists of 474 publications of magazines. The publications in this collection are: LIFE Magazine, Fortune, L'Illustration, The Illustrated London News, Tiffany & Co. Jewelers: Silver Tableware, Silver Tea Sets, Graphic, The Sphere, The Spur, Kennedy and His Family, and Country Life. The collection comprises mostly of LIFE Magazines, which largely range from 1937-1949 and feature articles providing commentary on World War I and World War II.
Collection ID: SPC00029
Wilderness Islands Collection, 1928-2001, bulk 1984-1987
In 1984 the Commissioners of Palm Beach County unanimously accepted a proposal put forth by the Royal Palm Audubon Society and co-sponsors to develop and implement a county wide program which would preserve local, environmentally sensitive lands and establish these "wilderness parks" as natural historic sites. Rapid development within Palm Beach County had led to the destruction of the vast majority of the county's native ecosystems. The Audubon society referred to the remaining pockets of native or restorable lands, now surrounded by urban and/or agricultural development, as the "Wilderness Islands". In May of 1986, Dr. Daniel Austin, an FAU botany professor, and Dr. Grace Iverson were hired by Palm Beach County to conduct a survey and examination of the county's natural areas and create an inventory of the County's native ecosystems. The Inventory was used by county staff and advisory committees to identify the highest-quality environmentally sensitive lands that were purchased with the proceeds from voter approved bond referendums in 1991 and 1999. These properties became the foundation for the Natural Areas Program. This collection represents their research, the surveys, publicity, and administration of this project.
Collection ID: UAFP0006
Marion Rinhart Lithographs Collection, 1799-1870
The collection consists of 95 lithographs, 1 Black And White photograph, a typed list of lithographs by Marion Rinhart, and three other items; The collection dates from 1799 to roughly 1865 but some of the lithographs may be earlier than 1799 and some may be later than 1865. The date given, 1879, for the maps of the states is wrong based on the fact that New Mexico did not become a state until 1912. The collection is small but it is surprising distributed across the global and includes a varity of engravings.
Collection ID: SPC00028
Marion Rinhart Stereographic Photograph Collection, Late 19th Century
The collection consists of 109 stereoscopic photographs and one stereoscope. A few of the stereoscopic photographs are hand painted. Some of photographs are from series that were published by photographic studios but the collection only has a few photographs from each of the published series. The photographs are from different areas in United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Most of the photographs are staged scenes.
Collection ID: SPC00027
Marion Rinhart Photographs Collection, 1860-1952, bulk 1875-1934
This collection consists of both original and reproduced photographs from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Subjects include Florida, New Jersey resorts, New York, children, the work of Jesse Wooley, and the photograph album of Aubrey Howell. Also included are more than eighty stereo cards from the 1800s which appear three-dimensional through the use of a stereoscope.  The original Rinhart collection of photos, daguerreotypes, ambrotypes and tintypes was donated to the University of Miami, Otto Richter Library in Coral Gables, Florida.
Collection ID: SPC00026
Winner Collection of Glenn Miller Manuscripts, 0
In 2007, Martin Winner donated these handwritten scores and parts to FAU Libraries.  Mr. Winner's sister, Dorothy Demby-Lasky worked for the Glenn Miller Agency in New York City and was assigned as Johnny Desmond's secretary.  She came into possession of the music after the Glenn Miller Agency vacated their Manhattan offices circa 1947.  After some time, Ms. Demby-Lasky gave the music to her brother Mr. Winner.  These compositions were performed on the radio circa 1944 but were not published.
Collection ID: PMC00019
Sy Canton Collection, 1884-1975, bulk 1916-1949
The collection of Sy Canton (1918- ) consists primarily of American popular sheet music.
Collection ID: PMC00015
Dance Band Combo, 1925-1962, bulk 1946-1953
The Dance Band Combos Collection consists of instrumental arrangements of popular songs first made for distribution to theater and music hall orchestras. These early to mid 20th century arrangements proved so popular that surprised publishers began making them available for general sale. Pit bands could then purchase a ready-made score of a current hit tune to vary their repertoire. Dance groups found them useful as well, and they made novel additions to the programs of salon ensembles and amateur combinations. Later, these multi-purpose orchestrations became commonly known as stock arrangements.
Collection ID: PMC00016
Joseph Schrogin Music Collection, 1954-1961, bulk 1954-1961
In 2004, the family of Joseph Schrogin donated his collection of original manuscripts. Joseph Schrogin was a Lithuanian composer who moved to the United States in 1921 and eventually settled in Los Angeles. He was not trained as a musician and only learned enough about playing the piano to sound out the music in his head. He studied harmony in order to fill out the musical lines. In 1972, Schrogin published a book of his songs titled Gezangen; he passed away two years later in 1974.
Collection ID: PMC00017
Collection of Bound Yiddish Manuscripts, n.d.
The collection consists of 26 handwritten Yiddish journals that were created by an unknown author.  Throughout all of the journals the name Ya'akov Me'ir b.R. Tsevi ha-Levi Bleiberg is stamped. The paginated journals have a range of topics from essays and reports to biographies and poetry.  Also, there are some tipped in newspapers clippings.
Collection ID: SPC00017
Joe Merman Sheet Music Collection, 1909-1999
Joe Merman was a composer, pianist, orchestrator, and arranger of popular Jewish and American music. The Joe Merman Music Collection includes 1000 pieces of sheet music; all scores are unpublished, single-copy manuscripts and represent his diverse talent in writing different combinations of big band charts and pieces for theatre and radio orchestras. The collections also includes two scrap books that contain numerous images, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, and correspondence spanning across Joe Merman
Collection ID: PMC00012
Francis Poole Collection, 1974-2011
Francis Poole graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 1971. While a student he edited the unauthorized student literary magazine "Zephyr." After graduation he edited, with Bert Furbee, "Skullpolish." In 1977, Poole began publishing and editing "Blades" which he describes as "a tiny magazine." "Blades," in fact, is considered a poetry magazine of importance for both its content and its design which falls within the book arts category. "Blades" ended its publication with the 50th issue in 2011. Besides being a well-established poet, Poole is the curator of the Paul Bowles Collection at the University of Delaware. The collection consists of Poole's published books of poetry and the magazines he edited after graduating from Florida Atlantic University.
Collection ID: UAFP0005
Cantor Irving Obstbaum Collection, 1910-1963, bulk 1910-1963
The collection of Cantor Irving Obstbaum consists of manuscript music, print music, personal songbooks, personal papers, programs, and pictures relating to his professional life as a cantor. Music books have been cataloged and relocated to Rare Books. Audio recordings have been relocated to Judaica Sound Archives.  Cantor Irving Obstbaum served the congregation of Temple Beth-El in New York for over 40 years.  Along with his responsibilities to his congregation, he served as Executive Director of the Jewish Ministers Cantors' Association that helped find and place other qualified cantors to other Temples. He was also well known for giving lectures and sermons on various Jewish and Hebrew musical topics throughout New York.
Collection ID: PMC00026
Theodore T. Massey Scrapbook, 1920-1938, bulk 1935-1938
The Theodore Massey Scrapbook is part of the Marvin & Sybil Weiner Spirit of America Collection. Massey compiled a scrapbook of newspaper clippings and greeting cards that are predominantly from 1935-1938; within the book, there are also some church membership cards that date to the 1920s. Very little is known about Theodore Massey except what can be discerned from his scrapbook. He was from Bay Shore, New York which is located on the South Shore of Long Island. He was a Shriner who actively followed church news, had conservative political views, and an interest in history. The clippings are primarily about politics in the U.S. and Great Britain, church news, and women.
Collection ID: SPCW0012
Miriam and Roman Waldman Music Collection, 1900-1940
The Miriam and Roman Waldman Music Collection is a large collection of Russian and Polish scores. Mrs. Waldman was a mezzo soprano and the daughter of a cantor from Johannesburg, South Africa. She married Roman Waldman, a classical pianist, in Israel. The collection was donated by Miriam Mandell Waldman in 1995 after a scud missile destroyed the ceiling of a storage building at her home in Herzliah, Israel.
Collection ID: PMC00004
Latin American Music Collection, 1941-1950
The Latin American Sheet Music Collection consists of original piano-vocal music and folk song arrangements by significant composers and songwriters from Central and South America.
Collection ID: PMC00018
Cantor Stuart Kansas Collection, 1919-1988, bulk 1919-1988
The collection of Cantor Stuart Kanas mainly consists of manuscript music and print sheet music relating to his professional life as a cantor. Music books have been cataloged and relocated to Rare Books. Audio recordings have been relocated to Judaica Sound Archives. Cantor Kanas studied at the famed Hebrew Union College in New York. Not only remembered for being a great Cantor in both Pennsylvania and New York, Cantor Stuart Kanas is also remembered for a legal decision that helped define the Cantor as a co-officiate in Jewish services of worship when it comes to draft deferment (1967). Cantor Stuart Kanas passed away on September 28, 2002.
Collection ID: PMC00021
Derna DePamphilis Music Collection, 1885-1962, bulk 1935-1950
The Derna DePamphilis Music Collection includes opera scores (many with her performance notations) and libretti. The libretti collection consists of late nineteenth and early twentieth century libretti from various publishers. The majority of the works are from Italian composers, but there are also some representations of French, German and English works.
Collection ID: PMC00011
Cantor Morton Pliskin Collection, 1890-1986
The collection of Cantor Morton Pliskin consists of manuscript music, print music, personal songbooks, personal papers, programs, and pictures relating to his professional life as a cantor. Music books have been cataloged and relocated to Rare Books. Audio recordings have been relocated to Judaica Sound Archives. Cantor Pliskin was known as a "wunderkind" cantor who started singing next to his father who was a cantor at the age of 13. After his family moved to Chicago he studied at the Hebrew Theological College of Jewish Studies in Chicago, the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, and the University of Northern Illinois (where he focused on cantorial history). After graduating and serving as a cantor in Minneapolis for a few years he returned to Chicago where he served at the congregations of Lincolnwood Jewish Congregation and A.G. Beth Israel. Cantor Pliskin also had well established relationships with Cantor Moses Silverman and Dr. Bauer. He passed away on January 9, 2008.
Collection ID: PMC00022
Hassia Yehuda Print Sheet Music Collection, 1916-1968, bulk 1916-1968
In 2017, Hassia Yehuda donated her collection of print music, manuscripts and programs to the FAU Libraries Special Collections.  The Sheet music covers a wide variety of literature from solo piano music to choral to solo voice with piano accompaniment.  The collection illustrates a vivid picture of the transition of Jewish Print Music from the early 20th century to the mid-century 20th century.
Collection ID: PMC00023
Cantor Zvi Aroni Music Collection, 1890-1991, bulk 1970-1990
In 1991, the family of Zvi Aroni [neé Shalom Zvee Aronowitz] donated his collection of print music, music manuscripts, personal songbooks, pictures, programs, and video recordings relating to his professional life as a cantor. Music books have been cataloged and relocated to Rare Books. Audio recordings have been relocated to Judaica Sound Archives. Cantor Aroni studied voice with Cantor Samuel Kavetsky and had a close relationship with the composer, Reuven Kosakoff. Many of their manuscripts can be found in the Collection. Cantor Aroni came to America in 1947 where he served as cantor in synagogues in Philadelphia and New York City. From 1964-1968 he served as Cantor of the Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda Synagogue in Toronto, Canada. It was here that he was able to realize his dream of reviving the boy choir and integrating it into the service. From 1968-1979 Cantor Aroni lived and sang in NYC. He was Cantor at Beth Torah in North Miami Beach until his death in 1990.
Collection ID: PMC00001
Kriegsschriften Pamphlet Collection--World War I War Writings of the Kaiser Wilhelm-Dank, 1914-1915, bulk 1914-1915
Kriegsschriften (War Writings) of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Dank is a World War I collection of 28 pamphlets covering an array of war topics by various German authors, including university scholars, over the period 1914 to 1915. Topics include: Mobilmachung und Aufmarsch [Mobilization and Deployment], Kriegslieder von 1914 (mit neuen singweisen) [War Songs of 1914 (With New Singing Show)] by Robert Gersbach, Vom tode fürs Vaterland [Of Death of the Fatherland] by Dr. Gustav Roethe, Kriegsgedichte von 1914 [War Poems of 1914] by Robert Gersbach, 1870 und 1914 Gedanken und Erinnerungen eines Kriegsveteranen von 1870 [1870 and 1914 Thoughts and Memories of a War Veteran of 1870] by Dr. Edwin Evers, Deutscher Krieg humor 1914-1915 [German War Humor] by Walter V. Bremen, and Die Mobilmachung Der Deutschen Frauenfrage für Den Krieg [The Mobilization of the German Women Ask for War] by Dr. Arnold Ruge.
Collection ID: SPC00015
Charles Clark Bell Music Collection, 1915-1998, bulk 1970-1979
Charles Clark Bell was born in Connersville, Indiana in 1930 and went on to serve as the Coordinator of Music Education at Florida Atlantic University. He composed the music for the FAU Alma Mater and was interested in the Kodaly method of music education. The Bell Collection dates from 1915 to 1998 and includes: sheet music, manuscript music, correspondence, papers, and photographs.
Collection ID: PMC00007
Reuven Kosakoff Music Collection, 1938-2000
Reuven Kosakoff was an American composer of Jewish liturgical music. He was born in New Haven, Connecticut on January 8, 1898. Mr. Kosakoff graduated from Yale University Music School and the Institute of Musical Art, the predecessor of the Juilliard School of Music. He died on May 6, 1987. The Kosakoff Collection was donated by Mr. Kosakoff's son, Gabriel, and includes sheet music and manuscript music.
Collection ID: PMC00008
Women's March Collection, 2017
The Woman's March Collection contains realia and ephemera donated by members of Florida Atlantic University and the wider community who were affiliated with the 2017 Women's March/ Women's March on Washington. The primary focus of the 2017 Women's March, held on January 21, 2017, was to promote legislative action for human rights; including women's rights, LGBT rights, the natural environment, immigration reform, racial equality and freedom of religion. The March was also a dynamic protest against the election and inauguration of the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. Collection items include buttons, t-shirts, placards, 'pussy hats', and various items associated with the March and sister marches that took place concurrently, but particular to those held in Florida.
Collection ID: SPC00036
Harold L. Glasser Collection, 1918-2007
Harold L. Glasser (1918 - 2009) was accomplished in both business and law. He was a native New Yorker and received his B.A., J.D. and L.L.M. degrees from New York University and Columbia Law School respectively. Most notably Mr. Glasser had a distinguished military career serving overseas in World War II as a bombardier, achieving the rank of 1st Lieutenant. He was awarded 12 combat decorations including the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters, and he received a Purple Heart. After his return from the War, Mr. Glasser served as president of the American Society of Corporate Secretaries and as General Counsel of the Kayser-Roth Corporation. A few years after graduating from New York University with his J.D., he was elected Mayor of the City of Saddle Rock, New York and eventually ran for New York State Senate. In 1959, Mr. Glasser began an exciting career as the president of the Miss Universe Pageant and by the late 1970s, he was president of the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA Pageants.
Collection ID: SPC00006
Jaffe Family Archives, 1881-2012, bulk 1940-2012
Arthur H. Jaffe was born and raised in Butler, Pennsylvania and graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a B.A. degree in Classical Studies. Arthur Jaffe has had several distinguished careers. From 1942-1946 he served in World War II as an Army captain in charge of a military intelligence unit. Following WWII, Mr. Jaffe went to Palestine, where he studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. While there he began working as a Haganah officer, gathering information which was helpful in the formation of the new state of Israel. Mr. Jaffe then had a successful 30-year career as a partner in the family owned business, the House of Jaffe, a chain of department stores in western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. After the death of his first wife, Lois, Jaffe moved to Pittsburgh where he began a new career as Director of Planning and Development for the Carnegie Institute. He soon became involved in fund-raising in the Jewish community of Pittsburgh, where his success brought him to the attention of the Jewish Community Foundation of South Palm Beach County. In 1984, he and second wife Mata moved to Boca Raton where Arthur served as Founding Director of the Jewish Community Foundation of South Palm Beach County.
Collection ID: JCBA0003
Herman and Ida Herst Collection, 1690-1995
Herman "Pat" Herst (1909 – 1999) is most widely recognized for his exceptional contributions to philately. He was a prolific writer of philatelic literature and won every important award in the field, including the American Philatelic Society's Luff award. A third generation Mason, Herst was born and educated in Portland, Oregon, but spent most his life in New York and a member of the Masonic Stamp Club. Herst first championed the popular trend of topical collecting, specializing in specific stamp themes. After his death, his wife Ida donated his collections of Masonic, Philatelic, and Holocaust related material. This unique collection includes rare stamped and cancelled letters from inmates in Concentration Camps and ghetto currency. Also included in the collection are historical documents related to Freemasonry and photocopies of rare materials from and about the Ruhleben German Prisoner of War Camp from 1914 – 1918.
Collection ID: SPC00018
Neulander Magazine Collection, 1882-2002, bulk 1920-1929; 1950-1979
The Alan Neulander Magazine Collection consists of weekly, monthly, quarterly, special edition, and one-off  magazine and newsprint publications. Mr. Neulander's magazines span over a century of time with the earliest publication bearing a copyright date of 1882. Of special note are publications issued in the decade, of the last century, often referred to as The Roaring Twenties (1920-1929). Most publications in this block of the collection are dedicated to presenting a forum for then-current literary and fine arts contributors. Some issues of Broom contain writings by several of the notable authors and poets of the day (e.g., John Dos Passos, William Carlos Williams, Gertrude Stein, E.E. Cummings, and Aldous Huxley). In addition, the collection is significant for the number of magazines (and some newspapers) that cover life in America during the mid-part of the 20th Century. These are of a more diverse nature and though many continue to focus on the arts, several are devoted to travel and tourism, while a large number of the magazines published during the 1960's are dedicated to remembering the centennial of the American Civil War.
Collection ID: SPC00025
Otto L. Bettmann Collection, 1976 - 1998, bulk 1990 - 1998
The Otto L. Bettmann Collection contains personal papers such as press releases, correspondence, and articles documenting his retirement years in Boca Raton, Florida (1976 – 1998). Otto L. Bettmann is most widely known as the founder of the Bettmann Archive. He also was an adjunct professor of History and Curator of Special Collections at Florida Atlantic University.
Collection ID: SPC00021
Kerner Collection, 1946, bulk 1946
Stanley Kerner (b. 1926), a native of Brooklyn, New York served in the United States Army during the latter-end of World War II in the Signal Corps attaining the rank of Sergeant. His posting was at Signal Corps Headquarters in Caserta, Italy at the Royal King's Palace from 1945 to 1947.
Collection ID: SPC00031
Virginia Snyder Collection, 1890-2011, bulk 1970-1990
Born near Winchester, Virginia in 1920, Virginia Artrip Snyder moved to Boca Raton, Florida when she entered the inaugural class at Florida Atlantic University in 1964. She received a degree in government and politics in 1965 and went on to become an investigative reporter for the Ft. Lauderdale News and later the Boca Raton News. During her career in journalism she was accorded seven national, state, and local awards for investigative reporting. Mrs. Snyder gained prominence and credibility following her multi-part series that exposed the inhumane conditions at the South Florida State Mental Hospital. As a community activist, Mrs. Snyder spearheaded the establishment of the South County Neighborhood Center in Boca Raton which, in time, grew into the Florence Fuller Day Care Center and the Mae Volen Senior Center. Subsequent to her career as a reporter, Mrs. Snyder embarked on a new endeavor as private investigator. In 1975 she was named one of fourteen "Outstanding Women of Florida" by Governor Ruben Askew and one of "Florida's Finest" in 1996 by Governor Lawton Chiles. This collection is a compilation of Mrs. Snyder's work as a poet, news reporter, private investigator, and community activist.
Collection ID: SPC00024
Fannie Ushkow Collection, 1916-1978
The collection of Fannie Ushkow consists of manuscript music, print music, personal songbooks, personal papers, programs, and pictures relating to his professional life as a cantor. Music books have been cataloged and relocated to Rare Books. Audio recordings have been relocated to Judaica Sound Archives. Pianist and vocalist Fannie Ushkow held a master's degree in music and was a devoted member of Hadassah.  She created several original musical-theatre programs for their events and also published television programs for local South Florida public television. For 13+ years, Fannie Ushkow was devoted to directing the Melodears choral group at her home in Century Village in West Palm Beach.
Collection ID: PMC00024
Morton Gold Collection, 1924-2012, bulk 1970-2012
In 2009, Dr. Morton Gold (1933- ) donated his collection of music manuscripts, scrapbooks, publications, personal papers, and audio recordings to Florida Atlantic University Libraries. These materials relate to his professional life as a composer, writer, and teacher of music. Dr. Gold received a Bachelor of Music: Theory from Boston University in 1953, a Master of Arts in Teaching: Music Education from Harvard University in 1954, and a Doctor of Musical Arts: Composition from Boston University in 1960. He was a professor of Music at Nasson College in Springvale, Maine from 1964 until 1982. He has also taught at University of Southern Maine, the College of St. Joseph, Rutland High School, and Castleton State College, Vermont. While living in Vermont, Dr. Gold gave annual concerts of his own music at the Rutland Jewish Center and served as the organist and choir director at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.  Dr. Gold guest-conducted the Boston Pops Orchestra in his Rhapsody for Orchestra in 1954 and his Dedication Overture in 1959. His composition, Haggadah, was televised nationally by PBS in 1976. His abilities as a music educator were recognized in 2006 by the Vermont Music Educators Association when he received a Special Achievement Award for Significant Contributions to Music Education in Vermont. In May of 2010 Dr. Gold was honored by the Cantors Assembly of the United States and Canada with their Kavod Award for Creativity and Achievement in the Field of Jewish Sacred Music. Dr. Gold has been active in virtually every area of music throughout his career as a conductor, concert pianist, journalist, and educator. He currently resides in Maine and is still composing.
Collection ID: PMC00006
Clarke Family Papers Collection, 1840-1998, bulk 1841-1916
The majority of correspondence dates from 1841 to 1916.  Other miscellaneous documents date through 1970. These letters and postcards represent leisure and business correspondence to and from the Clarkes and reflect concerns, beliefs and opinions of ordinary men and women of the nineteenth and early twentieth century. The photos within this collection date from the 1840s and include various methods of processing illustrative of the evolution of photographic procedures.  The majority of the photos are in carte de visite format.  Also included in the collection are cabinet mounted photos and Kodak box camera snapshots.  Additionally, photos taken in the 1970s depict the Clarke's ancestral home, Patmore Manor in Bishop Stortford, England. The transcription of an oral history interview conducted in 1998 with Alice B. Wilkes is also included.
Collection ID: SPC00001
D. Harold Oliver Collection, 1924-1968
David Harold Oliver (1897-1972) was a White House correspondent and political reporter for the Associated Press. He began working at the AP at the age of 15 in 1913. Before becoming a reporter he worked as copy boy, in the AP library, and took diction from reporters over the phone. In 1920 he became a reporter. He traveled with and covered presidents from Warren G. Harding to Dwight Eisenhower. He was a well-respected journalist, and, this was especially true for his skills covering elections. He was one of the reporters in Warm Springs, Georgia with Roosevelt during the April 1945 visit when the President died. Oliver retired from the AP on December 1, 1962 when he reached the mandatory retirement age of 65. A Washington, D.C. native, upon his retirement he moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he continued to write and publish. He also voted for the first time as a Broward County resident. He passed away in Fort Lauderdale and was survived by his wife Myrtle. The collection is divided into five series; series one and two are the two scrapbooks, series three consists of 87 Franklin D. Roosevelt campaign buttons, buttons are both for and against Roosevelt, series 4 consists of political and campaign buttons not pertaining to Roosevelt, and series five consists of two framed photographs of Roosevelt. The scrapbook items consist of press passes, invitation, letters, newspaper clippings, and photographs. The predominate material from the scrapbooks covers his years with e Roosevelt.
Collection ID: SPC00023
Elliot Cross and James A. Cross Civil War Collection, 1861-2008, bulk 1861-1888
The Elliot Cross and James A. Cross Civil War Collection documents the Southern perspective of the American Civil War. As FAU's largest collection dedicated solely to the Civil War, the Cross collection contains hundreds of manuscript and published items including personal correspondence from Jefferson Davis, Alexander Stephens, Robert E. Lee and many other Confederate military and government leaders. Also included are Confederate government documents and general orders pertaining to the war as well as photographs and illustrations from the period. The Cross Collection was donated by Elliot Cross' son James A. Cross in the early 1970s, following his father's death. Elliot Cross, a life-long aficionado of the Confederacy, purchased papers, lithographs and prints, currency, published and unpublished letters and memorabilia over a period of forty years. FAU Libraries received the collection mounted in four custom-made maroon leather scrapbooks. The items have been removed from these scrapbooks for preservation purposes. The publication of several articles about the collection in 1988 led to research by Civil War scholars that culminated in ground-breaking publication. One such breakthrough identified pneumonia as T. J. "Stonewall" Jackson's cause of death; a thesis supported by documents in the Cross Collection and published in Robert K. Krick's, The Smoothbore Volley that Doomed the Confederacy: the Death of Stonewall Jackson and other Chapters on the Army of Northern Virginia. (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2002).
Collection ID: SPC00012
Miscellaneous Prints, 1827-1918
The Miscellaneous Prints Collection is comprised of various prints dating from the 19th and 20th centuries. Formats include collectible art cards, ornithology illustrations, pages from books, and graphic art (engraving, photograph, lithograph, and letterpress poster). The items contained herein were donated individually and thus combined to form the Miscellaneous Prints Collection.
Collection ID: SPC00016
Jose Colon Collection, 1945-2010
This collection consists of publications and medals regarding the Merchant Marines. Although many of the publications memorialize fallen Marines and Merchant Marine Veterans, one publication goes into detail about the history of the Merchant Marines and their involvement in World War II. The collection was donated by Jose Colon, a Merchant Marine Veteran, and includes his service awards and medals.
Collection ID: SPC00032
K. Frank Korf Papers, 1909-2000
This important collection includes letters and memoirs written by Frank Korf during his wartime assignment as Officer-in-Charge of a Military Combat Intelligence Team for the 97th Infantry Division of General George S. Patton's 3rd U.S. Army in Europe. Korf, who fought in the Battle of the Bulge and was a liberator of Flossenburg concentration camp, offers a unique view of the meaning and conduct of war. Additional materials in the Korf Collection include correspondence, photographs and military documents from his post-war tenure as Attorney for the Overseas Branch of the U.S. Department of Justice in Munich and Berlin. It was during this period that Korf was chosen to investigate the authenticity of the Joseph Goebbels' diaries. "Korf's story is unique, as he was not a typical soldier. He was inducted into the army at age 32, older than 95% of the draftees. Korf was at once a victim of Nazism, an immigrant to the U.S. and a man who turned his back on his mother country in order to fight Nazism," states Dr. Patricia Kollander, Florida Atlantic University professor of history and co-author of "I Must Be a Part of This War": a German American's Fight Against Hitler and Nazism (Fordham University Press, 2005).
Collection ID: SPC00002
Assorted Sheet Music Collection, 1922-1997
The collection consists of manuscript music, print music, personal songbooks, personal papers, programs, and pictures. Music books have been cataloged and relocated to Rare Books. Audio recordings have been relocated to Judaica Sound Archives.
Collection ID: PMC00025
Esther Oberg Diaries, 1920-1929
These six diaries were found in the Dr. John O. Sullivan Collection. Research was conducted in order to find more information about Esther L. Oberg, the author of the diaries, but none could be found. One of the journals, labeled "My Trip Abroad" mentions her returning "home" to Stockholm, Sweden. She wrote in her journals that she attended the first and second Summer Schools for Women Workers in Industry at the Bryn Mawr College, in 1921 and 1922. From 1923-1926 she was presumably a faculty member at Bryn Mawr in Pennsylvania and/or at Brookwood College in Katanoah, New York. In these diaries Oberg also mentions being part of the Y.W.C.A. These diaries contain day-to-day experiences at the Bryn Mawr Summer School in 1921 and 1922. The diaries also contain notes from lectures she attended, discussions she listened to, and lists of names and addresses of students and faculty members that attended the summer school from 1923-1926. Some of the journals contain only hand-written, typed and pasted in quotes and prayers.
Collection ID: SPC00033
Cantor Ackerman Collection, 1902-2004, bulk 1954-1990
The collection of Cantor Shabtai Ackerman consists of manuscript music, print music, personal songbooks, personal papers, programs, and pictures relating to his professional life as a cantor. Music books have been cataloged and relocated to Rare Books. Audio recordings have been relocated to Judaica Sound Archives. Cantor Ackerman was a world-renowned cantor with a powerful dramatic tenor voice. He was wounded by the Nazis in World War II and chanted services in the great Moscow Synagogue as a refugee in 1945. After the War, he was appointed permanent Cantor of the Baron De Rothschild and Ahavas Achim (Fraterna) Synagogue in Bucharest. He also served as Chief Cantor for the Great Synagogue of Tel-Aviv, Congregation Beth Abraham Hillel Moses in West Bloomfield, Michigan, and Temple Beth Israel in Deerfield Beach, Florida. He received an honorary doctoral degree in music from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, where scholarships in his name have since been established. Cantor Ackerman received two Kavod awards from the Cantors Assembly of America. He passed away on July 27, 2007.
Collection ID: PMC00010
Florida Travel Collection, 1951-1992, bulk 1920-1960
The Florida Travel Collection consists of a variety of advertising literature used by governmental and private organizations to depict the region as an ideal vacation destination and permanent residence. The collection includes illustrated brochures, pamphlets, and flyers that provide information on tourism, horticulture, recreation, sports, as well as Florida's famous hotels and cities. This collection provides insight into the growth of Florida's east coast from the boom of the 1920s through post World War II.
Collection ID: SPC00030
ISCA: The International Society of Copier Artists Quarterlies, 1982-2003
The complete collection of the International Society of Copier Artist Quarterlies, now housed in the Jaffe Book Arts Collection of the Special Collections of the Wimberly Library at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, was initiated in 1989 with a gift of several volumes from the Bienes Center for the Literary Arts, Fort Lauderdale. The Jaffe Collection subsequently acquired missing numbers of the series through purchase and donation from the publisher, Louise Neaderland. Louise Neaderland of New York City was the founder and Director of the non-profit group organized to establish electrostatic art as a legitimate art form, and to offer a means of distribution and exhibition to Xerox book Artists. Volume 1, #1 of Quarterly was issued in April 1982 and was presented in a folio of 50 eight by eleven inch unbound prints in black and white or color Xerography. Each contributing artist's work was numbered in the Table of Contents and the corresponding number was stamped on the back of each artist's work in that and the following Quarterlies.
Collection ID: JCBA0001
Cantor William W. Lipson Collection, 1923-2001
The collection of Cantor William W. Lipson consists of sheet music, manuscript music, print music, and papers relating to his professional life as a cantor. Music books have been cataloged and relocated to Rare Books.  William W. Lipson (1921-2009) was Cantor Emeritus of Beth David Congregation, Miami, where he served for 30 years. He was named a Fellow in the Cantors Assembly of America, of which he was a Charter Member, and was recognized with an honorary doctorate from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America for his lifetime of outstanding professional service. He passed away on September 22, 2009 in Atlanta.
Collection ID: PMC00013
Rabbi Abraham J. Rose Music Collection, 1887-1988, bulk 1921-1958
The collection of Rabbi Abraham J. Rose consists of manuscript music, print music, and personal papers relating to his professional life as a cantor. Music books have been cataloged and relocated to Rare Books. Rabbi Rose (1901-1987) was born in Berezhany in what is modern-day Ukraine. He came to the United States with his family in 1910. He was trained as a cantor before becoming rabbi of Congregation Kneseth Israel in Elgin, Illinois. He served as their rabbi for 25 years before moving to South Florida. Rabbi Rose also served as the first president of the Cantors Assembly and the Department of Music of the United Synagogue of America. Both of his sons Emanuel Rose and David Hillel Rose, followed in their father's footsteps and became rabbis.
Collection ID: PMC00014
Charna Larkin World's Fair Collection, 1849 - 1993, bulk 1893 - 1964
This collection of World's Fair memorabilia was donated to Florida Atlantic University by Charna Larkin. The Larkin family established an endowment in 2004 tosupport the study of the American presidency at FAU. The endowment also supports the annual Alan B. Larkin Symposium on the American Presidency, which hosts public lectures by best-selling authors and distinguished scholars. In addition to collecting original signed letters from every U.S. president from George Washington to George W. Bush, Alan B. Larkin also collected memorabilia from World's Fairs.
Collection ID: SPC00010
Mona Greenberg Magazine Collection, 1968-2004
This collection contains a series of magazines published by LIFE, TIME, People, Newsweek, and George. Magazines typically include editorial articles and photographs focusing on politics, current events, pop culture, and international and national news. Many of the magazines focus on the deaths of John F. Kennedy, Princess Diana, and John F. Kennedy Jr. Other magazines focus on notable events and people throughout specific decades.
Collection ID: SPC00034
Jack London Manuscript, 1902, bulk 1902
Noted American author Jack London (1876-1916) wrote a 31-page hand-written, manuscript-letter to Orlando Smith, offering a critique of his book, Eternalism. Topics discussed in this manuscript include evolution, eternal justice, morality, reason, social justice, survival of the fittest, determinism, and free will. Throughout the manuscript, London argues that justice is not innate but that it is in fact something developed by man through evolution. London explains that man imposes justice to achieve social control. In response to Smith's notion that the soul is eternal, London attests that if that is so, then man cannot be blamed for their actions, or sins, as goodness and badness is inherent in their souls. London asks such philosophical questions, like why bad things happen to innocent people, among other questions and comments he interjects in his meticulous response to Smith.
Collection ID: SPC00004
Jonathan Williams Postcards, 1962-1965, bulk 1962
In October 1962, American poet and essayist Jonathan Williams traveled around England.  Nearly every day during his month-long trip, he wrote a hand-written postcard to Jessie McGullie discussing his observations and comments about the many places that he visited, the people he interacted with, and the environment around him.
Collection ID: SPC00003
Historical Newspapers Collection
The Historical Newspaper Collection was donated by the History Department to FAU Libraries. The newspapers cover important historical events such as: World War II; Space; and the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy
Collection ID: SPC00038
Father Don Milligan 9/11 Memorial Collection
Father Don Milligan was serving as chaplain for the Winthrop Fire Department and Massachusetts State Police on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. That morning, he went to Boston's Logan Airport Hilton Hotel to counsel with the families of loved ones who were on American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175. Father Milligan spent five days there offering his support and counsel to the families. On Sunday, September 16, his presence was requested by International Association of Fire Fighters and Governors of Massachusetts and New York: Father Milligan along with other members of the Massachusetts Corps of Fire Chaplains went to Ground Zero to offer their services. Father Milligan arrived in New York and went directly to Ground Zero working 12 to 18 hours shifts giving last rites to the remains of the 9/11 victims and offering comfort and counsel to those searching for the 343 missing active duty firefighters. Father Milligan had a small camera and took the photos in this collection which document the devastation of the impact sites and Ground Zero. Father Milligan is now retired and lives with his wife in Boca Raton. He donated his 9/11 Photograph Collection to FAU Libraries in 2018.
Collection ID: SPC00037
Collection ID: UA00003
Historical Newspapers Collection, 1776-2000
The Historical Newspaper Collection was donated by the History Department to FAU Libraries. The newspapers cover important historical events such as: World War II; Space; and the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy.
Collection ID: SPC00035
FAU 35mm Slides Collection
This collection contains 35mm slides of various FAU programs, events, buildings, people, and activities. The collection is 13 boxes and over 3500 slides. To view the collection, please contact lysca@fau.edu
Collection ID: UAP00013
Collection ID: PMC00029
Collection ID: UA00030
Virginia Huber World War II Letters, 1943-1946
This collection contains the correspondence of Virginia Huber (1927 – 2014) to and from six servicemen from the vicinity of her hometown in Forrest, Illinois during World War II. The correspondence was carefully collected, arranged, and preserved by Virginia who was a senior in high school when she began writing to several of these young men. Virginia's letters to the servicemen were originally handwritten but she carefully typed and preserved a copy on onion skin paper which she housed in brown folders with each man's name, rank, and location. After graduating from high school, Virginia held the position of secretary to the Traffic Manager at Honnegers' Feeds located in Fairbury, Illinois. She was active in her local church and community, which she writes about in her letters. Because Virginia and the servicemen were united by geographic location, the letters represent a wide range of American military experience during World War II. The six men include: Norman Funk, a Naval airman from Roanoke, Illinois stationed in Jacksonville, FL; Roy Funk, an Army serviceman from Gridley, Illinois stationed in Camp Crowder and Camp Polk; Art Hartman, an Army serviceman from Strawn, Illinois stationed in Camp Lee, Virginia; Raymond Johnson, a Naval serviceman from Illinois; Howard Sauder, an Army sergeant from Roanoke, Illinois stationed in Aleutian Islands; Albert Steffen, a Naval serviceman from Elgin, Illinois stationed in Okinawa. This collection is remarkable for its inclusion of letters by Virginia, providing a complete picture of the correspondence between this woman and the soldiers of World War II.
Collection ID: SPC00042
Test Hyams, 1800-2200
Collection ID: PMC00030
Collection ID: UA00004
Collection ID: UA00027
Collection ID: testspc2
FAU Student Newspapers Collection, 1964 - 2017
The student newspapers at Florida Atlantic University document various events, politics, and opinions at FAU.  Overall there are seven different publishing histories: The Atlantic Sun (1964 - 1989),  Student Newspapers - Self Published (1969 - 1973), The Independent Atlantic Sun (1989 - 1991), "All New" Atlantic Sun (1991 - 1992), Free Press at Florida Atlantic University (1994 - 1995), The University Press at Florida Atlantic University (1996 - 1999), and The University Press (1999 - Active).
Collection ID: UA00017
Dr. John O'Sullivan Faculty Papers, 1831-1999, bulk 1940-1980
John O'Sullivan (1939-2000) was a professor of history at Florida Atlantic University. Dr. O'Sullivan attended Fordham University for his undergraduate studies and then Columbia University where he attained a M.A. and Ph.D. After graduating in 1971, he came to Florida Atlantic University where he served as chair of the History Department (1975-1978) and devoted his entire academic career. Dr. O'Sullivan received numerous research fellowships including the American Philosophical Society, the American Historical Association, and the Sloan Foundation.
Collection ID: UAFP0007
Walter Wadepuhl Faculty Papers Collection, 1781-1989
Walter Wadepuhl (1895-1989) is well-known for his scholarship on German poets Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Heinrich Heine. Born in Germany in 1895, he immigrated to the United States at the age of twelve. He held a Master of Arts degree from Columbia University and a Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin. Dr. Wadepuhl was head of the Department of Languages and Comparative Literature at Elmhurst College where he also taught German for nineteen years. In 1964, he was appointed Distinguished Visiting Professor of German at Florida Atlantic University. Dr. Wadepuhl authored many articles and several books on Goethe and Heine, including Goethe's Interest in the New World (1934) and Heine: Sein Leben und seine Werke (1974).
Collection ID: SPC00019
Students Photograph Collection, 1960s, 1964-1969
In 2018, this collection was added into the FAU Students, 1960s to 2000s Collection and is no longer updated. This finding aid was retained to provide researchers with a guide for boxes 1 through 3 in the updated FAU Students, 1960s to 2000s Collection. Please follow this link to access the new collection.
Collection ID: UAP00016
Florida Atlantic University School of Social Work Collection, 1977-2006
This collection contains the office files for the School of Social Work documenting 29 years of the school's history. It includes correspondence, self study reports for accreditation, statistics about all aspects of the school, the development of the Master in School Work degree, and the development and implementation of the field experience in social work for the majors in the field.
Collection ID: UA00019
James A. Harper Photographs Collection, [Boca Raton Campus], June 6, 1964, Date acquired: 01/01/2007
On June 6, 1964, James A. Harper photographed the university before it was scheduled to open in August, 1964. The photographs document the exterior of the buildings, the breezeway, the interior of the Utilities Building, and e campus. Mr. Harper, 1918-2004, was a veteran of WWII. He had a photography business and was a professional photographer in the Delray/Boca Raton area from the mid-1950s and to 1972 when he moved to Sebring, Florida.
Collection ID: UAP0006
FAU Alumni Association Events and Portraits, 1977-2001
This collection contains FAU Alumni Association events and portraits. A selection of photographs from each box was described to provide a sample of the collection. To see more photographs, please contact lysca@fau.edu to make an appointment.
Collection ID: UAP00048
Construction Photograph Collection (Boca Raton Campus), 1962-1969, 1962-1969
These photographs document the construction of the buildings and the Breezeway of the Boca Raton Campus from 1962 to 1969. In 2010 Algonquin was renamed to Nations North Residence Hall, Modoc is gone, Humanities Building was renamed to the Arts and Letters Building, Biological Science was renamed to Behavioral Sciences Building.
Collection ID: UAP0005
FAU Anniversaries and Celebratory Events, 1965-2004
This collection contains FAU anniversaries and celebratory events. A selection of photographs from each box was described to provide a sample of the collection. To see more photographs, please contact lysca@fau.edu to make an appointment.
Collection ID: UAP00049
FAU Library Photograph Collection, 1964-2010, 1964-2010, bulk 1964-1998
This collection is a visual history of the the Library that shows its many physical changes including the 1984-1986 expansion of the west wing. The Library has always been used by students for resarch and studying but in addition to that it is also a social area were students mingle and talk. These photographs also show the changes in the ways the library is used by students while maintaining the same goal of studying and research. There are 242 items in this collection consisting photographs, transparencies, contact sheets, and negatives.
Collection ID: UAP00036
Dr. Donald W. Curl's "Florida Atlantic University" Photograph Collection, 1941-2000
This collection consists of 224 photographs used by Dr. Donald W. Curl when writing his book, "Florida Atlantic University," Charleston, South Carolina: Arcadia Press, 2000.  This collection of photographs were gathered by Dr. Curl from the University Archives Photograph Collections. The selected photographs represent the period from 1960's through the FAU administration of Dr. Anthony James Catanese. Most photographs have information written by an unknown person on the protective sleeve, and, in some cases, the information was identified by the archivist as incorrect. Other information on the protective sleeve may also be incorrect.
Collection ID: UAP00020
Student Activities, [Boca Raton Campus], 1969, 1969
This collection consists of three series containing 313 photographs, negatives and contact sheets. The photographs document various student activities.  Series 1 documents activities such as lectures and labs, and registration. Included in Series 2 are photographs of Dr. Kenneth R. Williams with students.  Series 3 depicts students reading and talking on the Breezeway.
Collection ID: UAP00014
Marvin and Sybil Weiner Spirit of America Collection Pamphlets -- French Revolution, 1789 - 1793, bulk 1789 - 1793
The Marvin and Sybil Weiner Spirit of America Collection at Florida Atlantic University offers a wide variety of primary source materials suitable for research in the disciplines of history, political science, philosophy, pre-law and linguistics. With more than 13,000 items, the collection consists of printed and manuscript materials dating from the fifteenth century to the modern era. Materials include rare books, pamphlets, historical newspapers and journals, broadsides and cartoons, and documents.
Collection ID: SPCW0002
FAU Commencement Photographs, 1995-2012
This collection contains photographs of FAU commencement ceremonies. A selection of photographs from each box were described to provide a sample of the collection. If you would like to see more photographs, please contact lysca@fau.edu and make an appointment. A collection of FAU Commencement Programs has also been processed; to view the FAU Commencement Programs collection, please follow the link under "Related Materials."
Collection ID: UAP00046
FAU Commencement Programs, 1965-2015
This collection contains FAU commencement programs and honors convocation programs starting from the 1960s. A collection of FAU Commencement Photographs has also been processed; to view the FAU Commencement Photographs collection, please follow the link under "Related Materials."
Collection ID: UA00002
Students - MBA Program for American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), 1970, Date acquired: 00/00/2007
The photographs and contact prints depict activities of students and faculty from the College of Business--the Master of Business Administration Program (MBA) and members of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE).
Collection ID: UAP00021
Bernard L. Weiss Print Collection, 1578-1778
The print collection donated to FAU Libraries by Major General Bernard L. Weiss, U.S. Air Force, consists of seventeen lithographs and/or printed renditions from the Renaissance period, from artists Jost Amman, Wenceslaus Hollar, and Adriaen van Ostade. The collection includes a letter in French from 1693.
Collection ID: SPC00014
Dr. John Early Faculty Papers Collection, 1927 - 2012, bulk 1960 - 2000
John D. Early is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at Florida Atlantic University. Dr. Early joined the faculty of the Anthropology Department in 1969. He was chair of the department for several years and retired in 1993. His educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Master of Arts in Social Philosophy from St. Louis University, a Master of Arts in Theology from Woodstock College (a Jesuit Seminary), a Master of Arts in Sociology from Fordham University, and a PhD in Anthropology-Sociology from Harvard University (1965). Dr. Early began his career as a Jesuit priest, although he resigned from the priesthood in 1969. As a member of the Harvard-Chiapas Research Project, he went to Zinacantán to study Maya worldview and its Catholic elements. Later, his interest turned to demographic research as a planning basis for the literacy, cooperative and health programs in which he was involved among the Maya in Guatemala. It was also intended to bring to national and international attention to the severe malnutrition and high mortality among the Maya primarily as a result of social injustice. This interest then turned into fulltime research on the evolution of human population dynamics: for hunter-gathering groups as exemplified by the Agta in the Philippines, for tribal groups as exemplified by the Yanomami in Brazil, for peasants by the Maya in Mexico and Guatemala.
Collection ID: UAFP0003
FAU Men's Baseball Team Photograph Collection, 1970-1999
This collection contains photographs of the FAU Men's Basball Team
Collection ID: UAP00039
FAU Founding Documents, 1959-1965, bulk 1959-1965
The Founding Documents collection span the years 1959-1965, with the bulk of the material dating from 1960 to 1964.  The collection highlights the planning and development of Florida Atlantic University and it is organized in six series: Early Planning, Planning, Groundbreaking, Media Relations, Dedication, and Inauguration. 
Collection ID: UA00001
FAU Dedication Photograph Collection, 1964, Date acquired: 01/01/2007
The collection contains photographs, one contact sheet, and one slide.  On October 25, 1964, U.S. President Lyndon Baines Johnson dedicated Florida Atlantic University. The photos record the activities of the dedication: finding seats, being an attendee, President Johnson's arrival, President Johnson's receiving an honorary doctorate, and President Johnson's speech. On the platform with the President Johnson were the following people: FAU President Kenneth Williams, Florida Governor Farris Bryant, Florida Congressmen Claude Pepper, Dante Fascell, and Paul Rogers, and Florida Senators George Smathers and Spessard Holland.
Collection ID: UAP0003
Office of the President -- Dr. Glenwood L. Creech, 1973-1983, bulk 1973-1983
In 1973, Dr. Glenwood L. Creech became Florida Atlantic University's second president.  The new president hailed from the University of Kentucky, where he had been vice president of university relations. Dr. Creech was ideally suited to tackle the urgent challenge of increasing financial support for FAU. To encourage substantial private donations, the state had introduced a program that would match every gift of $600,000 made to endow an Eminent Scholar Chair with $400,000 in state funds, boosting the value of the donation to $1 million. Dr. Creech used this leveraging tool with great success, and FAU soon became the state leader in the procurement of these endowed chairs.
Collection ID: UA00009
Office of the President, 1965-2006
The Office of the President consists of official records that document the activities and operations of the chief administrative officer of the University from the opening of FAU to the present. The records include memoranda, reports, publications, and other materials created and compiled by the office of the President.  The records of individual FAU presidents are listed separately.
Collection ID: UA00007
FAU Planning Photograph Collection, 1961-1964, 1961-1964
The photographs in this collection document the planning of Florida Atlantic University. The collection includes photographs of the ground breaking by state and local dignitaries, architectural drawings depicting the early concept of campus buildings, and group portraits of the early administrators in planning meetings. The university opened in August 1964.
Collection ID: UAP0002
Campus Photographs, October 1970 Collection, 1970, bulk 1970
These photographs were created to document activities by the staff at Florida Atlantic University. A photo book was created by taping the photograph(s) to a leaf of bond paper. Twenty-one pages had information about the photograph(s) typed at the top of the page. The pages were punched with a three hole punch and put into a thin notebook. The photographer was not identified. Upon receiving the photo book from Ms. Elfriede Lynch, the pages were removed from the book and placed in a clamshell box until the collection was processed in 2012.
Collection ID: UAP00019
Office of the President -- Dr. Kenneth R. Williams, 1962-1973, bulk 1965-1972
On November 12, 1964, Florida Atlantic University's first president, Dr. Kenneth Rast Williams was formally inaugurated. In 1962, two years before FAU opened, he took the helm of an institution with a small but dedicated faculty that quickly became known for outstanding classroom teaching and mentorship of students
Collection ID: UA00008
Dr. Jane Caputi Collection--Political Circus, 2007-2008, bulk 2008
The collections Political Circus and Political Sideshow focuses on the Presidential Campaigns of 2008 and 2016 where identity has played a part in the rhetoric of some candidates, but more so in some of the general public's response to various candidates. Through the acquisition of popular consumer items produced for the Presidential campaigns, Caputi organized two exhibitions teasing out issues to do with gender, racism, identity, class, sexuality.
Collection ID: UAFP0009
Dr. Jane Caputi Collection--Political Sideshow, 2015-2016, bulk 2016
The collections Political Circus and Political Sideshow focuses on the Presidential Campaigns of 2008 and 2016 where identity has played a part in the rhetoric of some candidates, but more so in some of the general public's response to various candidates. Through the acquisition of popular consumer items produced for the Presidential campaigns, Caputi organized two exhibitions teasing out issues to do with gender, racism, identity, class, sexuality.
Collection ID: UAFP0010
FAU Swimming Team Photograph Collection, 1976-1999
This collection contains photographs of the FAU Swimming Team.
Collection ID: UAP00041
FAU Men's Tennis Team Photograph Collection, 1980-2002
This collection contains photographs of the FAU Men's Tennis team.
Collection ID: UAP00038
Office of the President -- Dr. Anthony J. Catanese, 1990-2002, bulk 1990-2002
In 1990, Dr. Anthony J. Catanese became Florida Atlantic University's fourth president.  During his presidency the student body more than doubled, four new campuses were built, three dozen new degree programs were introduced and the Owls -including a football team that made its debut in 2001 - began competing in Division I of the NCAA.  Most notably, Dr. Catanese led the first capital campaign in the university's history, and this, too, was highly successful, increasing the assets of the FAU Foundation from $18 million to $150 million.
Collection ID: UA00011
FAU Men's Soccer Team Photograph Collection, 1990-1994
This collection contains photographs of the FAU Men's Soccer team. There are over 200 4x5 black and white portraits, over 214 4x6 color photos, and multiple 35mm negatives and 8x10 contact sheets. To provide a sample of the collection, 140 photographs were described.  If you would like to see more photographs, please contact lysca@fau.edu and make an appointment.
Collection ID: UAP00037
FAU Men's Football Team Photograph Collection, 2000-2003
This collection contains photographs of FAU Men's Football Team players, team members, athletics staff, and athletics complexes. Boxes 4 and 5 contain CDs. There are 741 4x6 photographs, 9 8x10 contact sheets, and 78 35mm negatives. Some materials from boxes 1 through 3 were described to provide a sample of the collection. If you would like to see more photographs, please contact lysca@fau.edu and make an appointment.
Collection ID: UAP00040