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Sheldon Abend American Theater Collection, date unknown
Sheldon Abend was a colorful executive producer who also served as an estate representative for such literary luminaries as George Bernard Shaw and Tennessee Williams. He made a name for himself by winning an intense copyright battle with MCA. A New York native who later fought in the ring and worked as a tugboat coal-stoker, Abend went to work for the American Play Country in 1957 with little education and an over-abundance of initiative. He rose through the ranks to own the organization in three short years, and after establishing the Author's Research Company, served as a literary consultant and rights negotiator for David O. Selznick, among many others. Gaining notoriety for taking on MCA, Alfred Hitchcock, and Jimmy Stewart in 1983 to establish what has come to be known as the "Abend Rule," the tenacious negotiator went to the Supreme Court to clarify copyright law for instances in which the author dies during the copyright's term.  Abend died on August 24, 2003. Approximately 300+ titles
Collection ID: SPC6030
International Association of Fire Fighters
This collection contains union disputes involving the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) and counties and cities across the United States, such as Los Angeles, Coral Gables, and Buffalo. The documents used to understand the terms of these negotiations include bargaining agreements, contracts, case files, court hearings, personal statements, wage statistics, and salary negotiations. Additional disputes relate to age discrimination, retroactive pay, and grievances.
Collection ID: SPC5040-1
Labor Schools and Conventions
This collection includes training manuals, invitations, and information from the conventions of the Florida AFL-CO (American Federation of Labor – Congress of Industrial Organizations), representing the Teachers Union.
Collection ID: SPC5041-4
Contracts Private Industry. Collective Bargain
This collection contains various labor and personal lawsuits and contracts against corporations such as American Airlines, Coca-Cola Company Foods, and Lee County Electric Cooperative. These lawsuits mostly deal with violations of worker rights as well as complaints against the parent companies for better wages, benefits, and work conditions under the right for all workers to form unions. Additionally, these documents include the agreements achieved, the alleged violations, and memorandums of understanding without the courts.
Collection ID: SPC5041-3
Charles A. Hall Collection of Union Arbitration Cases, 1987-1994
This collection contains cassettes and documents pertaining to legal lawsuits and disputes between unions and laborers. This includes but is not limited to the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) v. Florida, Transports Workers Union (TWU) v. Eastern Air Lines, Leon County Teachers Association v. Leon County Schools, PBA v. City of El Portal, PBA v. Homestead, and Teamsters Local v. Coca Cola Foods.
Collection ID: SPC5041-2
The Cuban Human Rights Collection, 1983-2004, bulk 1990-1999
The Cuban Human Right Collection date from 1961 to 2004, primarily covering issues of human rights on Cuba. In addition to Cuban newspaper clippings from the 1980s to the early 2000s, published in The Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald, and other periodicals, the collection also includes audio interviews with Cuban dissidents, which include key members of the dissident movement in Cuba. Radio programs from Cuba en vivo y en directo, the first U.S. radio program to feature the perspectives of dissidents, created by Ariel Hidalgo in 1989. Documents written by jailed dissidents in Cuba. Photographs of Cuban dissidents. Television programs from Cuba, recorded from government-run TV stations on the island during the 1980s and 90s.
Collection ID: SPC7035
Elaine Gordon Papers, 1966-1994
This collection details the legal struggle for women's rights regarding fairer wages, equal opportunities as men, as well as the right for more say in legal affairs regarding women directly. The documents in the collection include but are not limited to legal documents involving rape, abortion, healthcare, allegations of sexual misconduct against women, child care, and the right to speak. Additional content includes memos of speeches, legal testimonies, and news clippings regarding the advancements and progress of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).
Collection ID: SPC5060
William Rios Collection, 1895-1984
This collection contains information from the political perspective of Puerto Rico starting in the late 19th Century, briefly when it was still a Spanish territory but later an American territory. While mostly being articles, it also details what the economic, political, and health factors were on the island with additional articles on how U.S. politics were represented and perceived, such as when John F. Kennedy became president.
Collection ID: SPC5015
Florida Labor: Union Memorabilia of Henry Petrel, date unknown
This collection contains an assortment of documents, all written by various individuals.
Collection ID: SPC5040
The Maria Alexander Callinicos Collection
This collection contains production orders and brochures from plays featured at the Coral Gables and Parker Playhouses. Such examples include renditions of Bram Stoker's Dracula, Agatha Christie's Go Back for Murder, and Shelden Epp's Blues in the Night. There are over 100 play accounts in this collection, and these plays are based on more than just books, but classic plays as well, such as Neil Simon's The Gingerbread Lady. Here, individuals can grasp the creative reactions and perspectives from great writers of the past as they brought their masterpieces to South Florida.
Collection ID: SPC7060
Burnett Roth Anti-Defamation League Collection, 1958-1998
This collection includes newspaper clippings, financial records, legal documents, and personal letters from Burnett Roth to inform and persuade the public that there is no reason for antisemitism or hatred towards African Americans. Additionally, there are invitations to equal-rights galas, brochures for events, audio cassettes involving oral memoirs on the situation in Israel and the Middle East, and documents reporting terrorist attacks on the Jewish community itself from Israel. Additionally, there are documents relating to Israeli-Arab relations as results of various conflicts, including the First Gulf War.
Collection ID: SPC5025
Collection ID: SPC499
Juan Martinez Collection
This collection contains artistic catalogues from various Latin American and Caribbean artists such as Leonardo Acosta, Luis Cruz Azaceta, Ricardo Benaim, and Margarita Cano. With so many artists and artistic works accumulated, the Juan Martinez Collection helps portray the vast diversity of different artists across the Americas.
Collection ID: SPC8020
Agustín Villegas Collection, date unknown
This collection personal papers, newspaper clippings, and personal papers from various authors and representatives influencing Cuban policy, including Florida Representative Mary Ann MacKenzie. Additionally, there are personal documents by Agustin Villegas, such as resumes, copy of diplomas, certificates of education, and select documents incorporating religion and communism, such as selected writings by Karl Marx.
Collection ID: SPC7050
Barnett Family Collection
This collection contains an assortment of personal belongings of Carlos Barnett and his family and their transition to the United States. This includes personal letters, immigration papers, photographs, negatives of photographs, obituaries, and personal mementos, including of religious beliefs.
Collection ID: SPC8045
Rob Boyte Collection
This collection contains pictures and negatives from photographer Rob Boyte during his time in Miami, Florida. The significance in the beauty of these photographs is more than what is being captured, but what it symbolizes. For instance, the photographs capturing the essence of the individual person also captures their story. The area they live in, the city, the daily lives, and even the vehicles and local animal life. Additionally captured are images representing global events that relate close to home in the 1980s, such as race relations and even the Iraq War a few years later.
Collection ID: SPC8030
Doll Collection, date unknown
A collection of dolls was donated to the Special Collections Department at Florida International University. In this collection of dolls the cultures represented vary from Latin America to Europe. With some having their own stands, while others are made of soft cloth that do not hold their shape, to some being made of organic materials.
Collection ID: SPC8040
Collection ID: SPC7045
Collection ID: 400
Collection ID: ##36n
Zoo Miami Collection, 1967-2017, bulk 1980-2006
Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens, colloquially known as Zoo Miami, is the largest and oldest zoological park in the state of Florida. The zoo is the only zoological garden in the continental United States with a tropical climate, which allows it to house a large array of animals from different continents. Previously known as Miami Metrozoo and Crandon Park Zoological Gardens, this collection offers a progressive chronology of the Zoo. Emphasis on the instrumental role played by benefactors, volunteers, zoo keepers and administrative staff is captured in the collection, from their early days in Key Biscayne, to their historic relocation to South Miami. The collection is comprised of newsletters, ephemeral objects, promotional materials, and photographic materials
Collection ID: SFC1701
Michael Heinl Collection, 1915-1971
The Heinl Collection is primarily concerned with Haiti. It includes photographs, print materials, and artwork from the late eighteenth century through to the late twentieth century. The photograph series contains images of Haiti from two periods: the U.S. occupation (1915-1934) and 1957-1971. Both sets have a strong focus on matters of military and diplomatic interest. The print materials include rare books, pamphlets, and letters, most of which are concerned with Haitian history. The art collection includes maps, prints, paintings, and drawings, including a number from colonial Saint Domingue.
Collection ID: 8065
Mana-Zucca Collection, 1912-1989
The Mana-Zucca Collection contains the works, personal papers, photograph albums, scrapbooks, handwritten music and compositions of the American actress, singer, pianist and composer Augusta Zuckerman. This collection is comprised of eight series, spanning over 100 boxes is housed in the Special Collections and University Archives Department at Florida International University.
Collection ID: SPC7005
Barbara Parker Collection, date unknown
This collection contains original manuscripts with editorial notes notes (including those pertaining to chapters), drafts, research, promotions of her works,photographs and personal comments to several of her novels, including Suspicion of Guilt, Criminal Justice, Blood Relations, Suspicion of Deceit, Suspicion of Innocence, and Suspicion of Betrayal. Additionally, this collection contains select unabridged audiobooks to Suspicion of Guilt and Suspicion of Betrayal.
Collection ID: SPC5095
Erica Koehler Collection
The Erica Koehler Collection is a 3 box collection donated to the Florida International University Special Collections and Archives Department from the School of Nursing. This collection includes items collected by Ms. Koehler and mainly covers the area of Industrial Nursing. Items include historic training manuals, photographs, correspondence, magazines and other items related to the field of Occupational Health Nursing.
Collection ID: SPC6025
South Florida AFL-CIO
This collection contains notes, newspaper clippings, articles, photographs, pictures, and resolutions filed for and against the AFL-CIO during labor negotiations. Additionally, notebooks and certificates are used here to help individuals comprehend the process that goes through contract negotiations, as well as the consequences for those who can be affected by change (directly or indirectly), not affected at all, or affected in a positive rather than negative manner.
Collection ID: SPC5045
UAW Newspaper Bound Volume
This collection contains documents pertaining to the labor union United Automobile Workers (UAW) and its eventual unification with the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO) becoming the UAW-CIO. Included in this archive are negotiation research, group research in the specific fields, directories, and publications regarding wages, growth, and pension.
Collection ID: SPC5043
Public Service Contracts
This collection contains agreements and contracts pertaining to public employees such as the Police Benevolent Association. Included in these agreements are settlements concerning contracts, grievance law handbooks, and motivational doctrines. It relates to the necessity of labor unions in receiving fair compensation and allowing individuals the right to state any concerns on how they are being managed both in the public and private sector. Additional documents include manuals on how to bargain and what collective bargaining is, and why individuals have the right to bargain.
Collection ID: SPC5041-5
Collective Bargaining
This program contains documents, such as inspection division statistics, personal contracts, conflict resolutions, and Attorney General reports regarding the general rights of fire fighters in Tampa. While fire fighters are paid by the state, they have a right to be part of a union and agree upon their own contracts to bargain for health benefits, salary, pension, and the constitutional right to strike if the need arises. Additionally, this collection contains manuals on how collective bargaining works and the manuals that were used by the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) for collective bargaining.
Collection ID: SPC5050
William Straight Collection, 1763-1992
The Dr. William Straight Collection held in the Special Collections and University Archives Department at Florida International University is an extremely fascinating and well researched collection that contains an extensive history of the first and founding doctors in Miami beginning in the late 1800's. This collection was the personal research of his collection is the result of years of comprehensive research about individuals, organizations, and topics such as James M. Jackson, Jackson Memorial Hospital, Victoria Hospital, various medical societies throughout the state of Florida, epidemics, military medicine, South Florida memoirs, and other unique and interesting memorabilia and ephemera relating to Florida doctors, history and medicine. This collection contains personal research and papers, photographs, antique medical cases, and index cards with historic and biographical information on each topic that Dr. Straight researched.
Collection ID: SPC6040
Junta de Fortificacion Papers
This collection details historical fortifications in Central and South America in the late 18th Century, with emphasis on the defense of Santo Domingo during colonial times when the Dominican Republic was controlled by Spain. While Spain did control large colonies in early American history, there was also colonization amongst England, France, Portugal, and the Netherlands in the Americas until the end of the Revolutionary War in 1783; officially ending in the early 19th century.
Collection ID: SPC7085
Rogelio Caparros Photograph Collection, 1957-1963
Rogelio Caparros was a writer and photographer for the Cuban magazine, Bohemia. The photograph collection reflects Cuban life during the Revolution, in Nicaragua, Panama and includes a number of photographs taken in New York during Caparros' tenure as a photographer for the United Nations in the early 1960s. There are also a number of photographs of car and motorcycle races in the Caribbean and North America covering the period from 1957 to 1975. Included are thousands of negatives, contact prints and large photographic prints.
Collection ID: SPC504
Memorabilia from Flag Raising Ceremony United States- Havana, 2015
In this collection there are only two items. One being a pamphlet that explains the significance of the United States Embassy-Havana Flag Raising Ceremony on August 14, 2015. While the second object is a paper fan that when unfurled shows a depiction of an American Flag.
Collection ID: SPC7080
Tucker Collection, 1941-1991
This collection contains documentations such as audio files, legal documents, personal documents, and video documentations from Jan L. tucker depicting the global impact of the educational system based on different events and cultures. Such examples include comparison to the Chinese curriculum and relations within Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War and how the United States schools were adjusting, such as at Miami Edison Middle School. Additional content emphasizes on Global Awareness Programs (GAP) to help students of South Florida relate to the curriculum over schools on the international scale.
Collection ID: SPC5005
Bidegain Papers, 1917-1998
This collection contains various documents from Central and South America, including Brazil, in relation to the church and how society around is changing, and what the views from the church are regarding those changes. Most of the collection is written documents pertaining to the churches view on these changes and how it is related to their personal values, including from the Vatican, such as Vaticano de Obispas (Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazon Region, on: "New paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology").
Collection ID: SPC7030
Ahlander Collection, date unknown
This collection consists of brochures and general information on various artists from Latin America and the Caribbean Islands donated by the Florida International University Art Museum from Miami Herald art critic Leslie Judd Ahlander. This includes Cuban artist Felippe Abbreu and Argentinean artist Marta Minujin. The area of these artists include Cuba, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Jamaica.
Collection ID: SPC5000
Bruce Epperson Collection, 1899-1953
This collection includes a manuscript of Bruce D. Epperson's book about the finance and technology of the first modern highways in the South including: Ingraham Highway, Tamiami Trail, and Conners Highway. It includes news articles and magazine clippings, ranging from 1899 to 1953, that detail the advancement of the road systems through Florida due to the 1920s Florida land boom and the creation of a highway funding system based on fuel taxes. The collection also details maps that show highways as they were before and after their development.
Collection ID: SPC8055
Daniel J. Casagrande Collection, 1950-1980
Photographic study of the Florida Everglades circa 1950-1980, commissioned to study modern organic sediments as a means to understanding the origin of coal. Geographic regions covered include the following: Little Banana River, Shark River Headquarters, Tamiami Trail, Bay Head, Paurotis Pond, Harvey River, Cape Sable. Photographs cover the following subjects: mangrove peat, pyrite content, distribution of rhizophora pollen, benzo-alcohol extractive, ether extractives, sulfur in stream loads.
Collection ID: SPC8050
International Association of Machinist Aerospace Workers
This collection depicts the legal disputes of the International Association of Machinist Aerospace Workers (IAM) labor union. This includes conferences, sourcebooks, organizer tool kits, manuals, voting records, and records of board meetings. Additionally, statistics are held in the rise and fall of memberships based on national circumstances, such as Reagans increased military spending in the 1980s.
Collection ID: SPC5041-6
Durbin C. Tabb  Collection, 1959-1988
This collection contains an assortment of boxes where the individual files all relate to marine biology. Focusing on preservation, this collection is aimed towards enlightening those who read the content about various locations and species, through the eyes of a renowned marine biologist.
Collection ID: SPC6050
James Nelson Goodsell Collection, 1958-1975
The James Nelson Goodsell Collection documents four decades of Latin American and Caribbean history. Mr. Goodsell was the Latin American correspondent for The Christian Science Monitor news organization from 1964-1985. His archival legacy includes photographs of and transcripts with regional leaders from all across the region, from South America to the Caribbean and Central America.
Collection ID: SPC7015
Elena Kurstin Cuban Memorabilia Collection, date unknown
This collection contains assorted examples of Cuban life prior to the revolution that depicts how the average Cuban lived on the average day. This includes photographs of the nation, postcards, advertisements for cigars and cigarettes, maps, advertisements of American products sold to the Cuban people, such as Coca-Cola, and letters to former U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt.
Collection ID: SPC8000
Collection ID: SPC5081
International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union (ILGWU), date unknown
This collection, the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union (ILGWU) contains highlights, newspaper clippings, union decisions, and negotiations between garment union workers in South Florida and the companies they worked for. This includes companies such Stolberg's Tailors, Disco Manufacturing Co., and Nora Corporation. Additionally, this collection maintains bank statements, ledgers, and plaques to detail how the workers were paid, motivated, and acknowledged in the workforce.
Collection ID: SPC5044
Collection ID: SPC6095
Miami Metropolitan Museum and Art Center Manuscript Collection, Date acquired: 00/00/1989
This collection contains manuscripts depicting various newspaper articles and headlines from publishers such as the San Francisco Evening Post, the Chico Enterprise, New York Times, and the Newbury Herald and County Gazette. Additionally, this collection is home to local city receipts and invoices regarding property transitions, such as the New York Central Railroad company and the Arlington Street Church.
Collection ID: SPC4085
Judge Mattie Belle Davis Collection, 1942-1994
This collection is comprised of various papers and memorabilia to commemorate the life of Judge Mattie Belle Davis.
Collection ID: SPC5020
Police Collective Bargaining Agreement # 3
This collection entails bargaining agreements, contracts, and complaints between the state and local police officers of Florida involving the Florida Police Benevolent Association, one of many labor unions involving police officers. Additionally, in this collection are listed manuals and demands during collective bargaining negotiations to ensure all police officers received fair pay, benefits, and pension.
Collection ID: SPC5042
Miami Metropolitan Museum and Art Center Collection, 1968-1988
This collection contains documents including but not limited to exhibit brochures, video gallery exhibitions, select artifacts from sunken ships, photographs, sculptures, and prints. This includes the Quicksilver Galleons believed to have sunk near the Dominican Republic in the early 18th century. Additionally, these archives are not limited to Latin America, but do contain select workings from the Far East, such as Japanese ceramic art.
Collection ID: SPC4080
Lawrence J. Smith Papers, 1983-1992
This collection contains personal letters and documents from Lawrence J. Smith, a former United States House of Representative from Florida. Some of these letters relate directly to Middle-East policy before and after the 1991 Persian Gulf War, such as sells of arms to Kuwait, and actions of sanctions against Iraq for its attack on Israel. Additional documents and letters depict policy towards Soviet and Central and South American immigration, NRA policy, and enforcement/crackdown of illegal narcotics.
Collection ID: SPC501
Ralph Renick Collection, 1934-1991, bulk 1955-1991
The Collection of Ralph Renick includes correspondence, trip reports, programs, invitations, newspapers, bills, photographs, clippings, handbook, certificates, directories, passports, speeches, notebooks, maps, tapes. This collection contains materials regarding the life and career of Ralph Renick. Subjects covered by the collection include Los Angeles, China, D-Day, England, Florida Broadcast Pioneers, Florida International University, France, Governor Bob Graham, Greater Miami Jewish Federation, gun control, Israel, Italy, Miami Press Club, Russia, Orient Express, Salvation Army, Secom Foundation, Statue of Liberty, Tallahassee, University of Florida, University of Miami, University of South Florida, World Media Association, Challenger, Miami, Key Club, Tom Brokaw, CBS, NBC, faculty, Dallas, viewer attitudes research, television history, television news, Volkswagen, Pennsylvania State University, Hispanic journalism, Mercy Hospital, riots, Jacksonville, Florida Senate, senior citizens, Iran oil platform, Key West, prayer, Sierra Club, Dean Junior College commencement, Florida Motion Picture and TV Association, hurricanes broadcast, map of Miami, Astronauts Memorial Foundation, journalism education in Central America, governor campaign materials, lottery, Margate, Florida, soldiers, Carnival Cruise Lines, Sons of the American Revolution, John F. Kennedy, map of the USSR, United Cerebral Palsy of Miami, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, Papanicolauo Cancer Research Institute, Boy Scouts, and Gerald Ford.
Collection ID: SPC650
Sadoff Collection of Cashbooks and Banking Records, 1805 - 1972
This collection contains banking records from various businesses and banks dating back to the early 19th century. Included are bank receipts, record books, cash and receipt books, and financial ledgers. Such records are from the Gradner Maine General Store, Edwin Robinson, and the York County Water County.
Collection ID: SPC7095
Manuscripts – Single Items Collection, 1818-1971
The items in this collection represent single or small donations to the division. These are original manuscripts of historical significance.
Collection ID: SPC7075
Leo Clark Collection, 1841-1921
This collection contains documents, momentos and manuscripts about Jose De la Puente.
Collection ID: SPC8035
Jesús María de Alba Castellanos Collection, 1945 - 2013
Jesús María de Alba Castellanos was an Executive Music Director, composer, arranger of polyphonic digitized music, in charge of public relations, fourth voice of the Rondalla group, who also played the guitar and clarinet. He began his musical studies at an early age, in the Musical Chair of The Conference Conciliate of Barranquilla, Colombia, where he studied four years of Gregorian chant and sacred music, music theory, and basic piano. He used both Latin and French languages on his historical research projects. Simultaneously with his studies of Bachelor of Philosophy and Humanities, professional studies perfected his musical skills at the School of fine arts in Barranquilla, Colombia, where he studied music theory and composition with his mentor Pietro Biava, as well as classical guitar with experts Joseph Mazzilli and Calixto González. In an autodidact manner he studied Spanish guitar and Flamenco by taking private lessons with Paco de Lucia, Emilio de Diego, and Juan Marote. The first two discs of Latin American titles by Paco de Lucia were recorded using "three guitars" arrangements  by Jesús de Alba for the themes: Moliendo café, La flor de la canela, Alma, corazón y vida, Manha do carnaval y Jarabe tapatio. Along with his studies in Business Administration and professional activities in the pharmaceutical industry, he continued his studies in music composition, classical guitar, and folk guitar at the Conservatory in Santiago de Cali, Colombia and the Institute of Culture in the same city, with professors Alvaro Ramirez, Hernán Moncada, Henry Rivas, and Valdiri. In addition to his musical activities and professional routine, he devoted much of his time to musical composition and musical arrangements digitalized for vocal groups and orchestras. He was also a composer and researcher of history, author of several works of history, poetry, and children's literature. Furthermore, he wrote a book of traditions and historical legends, several historical cartographic monographs, an essay on Andrés Bello, and was a pioneer in graphic Venezuelan advertising. His legacy consists of seventy musical compositions written by the artist for vocal and instrumental groups. He passed away in October 15, 2013.
Collection ID: DAC6070
Jack Rubenstein Collection
This collection contains boxes that hold paperwork corresponding to specific meetings and the outcomes of the meetings in relation to unions and textile workers.
Collection ID: SPC5055
Lisandro Pérez Papers, 1985-2003
This collection of five boxes of papers represents the academic background of Dr. Lisandro Perez. The collection is a compilation of papers that represent his work as a professor from Louisiana State University and Florida International University. In addition, the collection has papers related to his research studies, the Cuban Research Institute (CRI), Hispanic Faculty Association, the Cuban American Foundation, migration Initiative, as well as articles written by him from Miami Herald.
Collection ID: SPC6000
British Guiana (Guyana) General Election Collection, 1953
General electionsin British Guiana on 27 April 1953 were the first held under universal suffrage. The  result was a victory for the People's Progressive Party (PPP), which won 18 of the 24 seats in the new House of Assembly. Its leader, Cheddi Jagan, became Premier.
Collection ID: SPC7040
Helen Kohen Collection
This collection involves various artifacts such as audio interviews, newspapers, brochures, and catalogs from various artists, particularly Cuban-American artists. This includes Cesar Trasobares, painter Alfonzo, Mexican abstract painter and architect Fernando Garcia, and Wilfredo Lam.
Collection ID: SPC6065
Abril Lamarque Collection, 1883-2001
The Abril Lamarque papers date from 1904-2002. The collection documents the life and career of Cuban-born cartoonist, designer, illustrator, graphic artist, caricaturist, and art director Abril Lamarque through printed materials, scrapbooks, writings, and original artwork. The collection includes examples of his cartoons and caricatures, these include clippings of the comic strip Monguito.
Collection ID: SPC6045
Levi Marrero Collection
Cuban historian Levi Marrero author of a multi-volume History of Cuba donated a large manuscript collection of the documents used to write his book. In addition he donated other research materials, items selected for inclusion in his books and correspondence. This archive represents his personal papers donated to FIU.
Collection ID: SPC5030
Vicentico Valdés Collection, 1959-1995, bulk 1965
Vicentico Valdés was born on December 10, 1919 in Havana, and died on June 26, 1995 in New York. His career began as a singer of "El Nacional". Later on, he became a member of "El Sexteto Jabón Candado" and "La Orquesta de Cheo Belén Puig y Cosmopolita". In the 40's he integrated the sextet of "Los Leones" in Cuba and he also recorded with "El Conjunto Tropical de Humberto Cané" in México. Upon moving to New York he sang at the Hispanic Theater, the Million Dollar, the Park Plaza, the Palladium, and Puerto Rico. Moreover, he joined the orchestras of famous artists such as Noro Morales, Tito Puente, and Bobby Valentine multiple times. Vicentico also recorded in Havana with "La Sonora Matancera" and years later he formed his own orchestra, which was directed by different artists until he finally decided to sing a solo and spread his music throughout different nations of Europe and Latin America. He was known as one of the best "Bolero" singers from all times, which earned him the popular title of "La voz romántica de Cuba" and "La voz elástica de Cuba".
Collection ID: DAC6020
Isle of Pines Collection, Date acquired: 00/00/2014
Isle of Pines (Isla de la Juventud) is the second-largest Cuban island and lies almost directly south of Havana and Pinar del Río.
Collection ID: SPC6080
League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County, 1939- 1997
Scrapbooks and papers of The League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County, including articles, correspondence, awards, certificates, descriptions of projects, proposed amendments, flyers, and accomplishments.
Collection ID: SPC6055
Guantanamo Bay Collection, 1994-1996
The Special Collections department at Florida International University (FIU) holds items collected by Kenneth (Allegro) Shartz aka Fr. Cyril Shartz between 1994 and 1996 in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he worked as an English teacher, through the World Relief Organization. An important part of the collection is 433 photographs taken by Kenneth (Allegro) Shartz that detail the daily life of the refugees. Images also include pictures of the humanitarian workers, the detention camps, the wildlife, and the naval base. The collections also contains t-shirts, personal items and newspapers such as El Balsero, El Bravo, El Futuro, Exodo, and Qué Pasa, printed by the U.S. military.
Collection ID: SPC6035
Brian Peterson: Education Reform Collection, 1981-2003
Collection includes papers, articles, research and personal correspondence by Brian Peterson, professor of history at Florida International University.
Collection ID: SPC6090
J. Floyd Monk Collection
J. Floyd Monk began amassing his book collection in the 1930's and continued collecting throughout his life. He was especially interested in books on Florida history, geography and wildlife. Most of his books were purchased from the used book stores he frequently visited. A large portion of his Florida book collection was compiled as part of his research while writing the two books and several articles he authored. Although his books went unpublished, several of his articles were accepted for publication. The J. Floyd Monk papers are comprised of 5 boxes of research in Florida history. Some of his frequently addressed topics include: The Seminole War, tourism in Florida, and the history of Cedar Key—one of Monk's special interests which also served as a vacation place for his family. The sub-topics within Cedar Key that he researched include: wildlife conservation (sea turtle habitat), industry (the pencil company) and racial tensions (Rosewood Massacre). Included are the manuscripts of his scholarly articles and works of fiction.
Collection ID: SPC 5075
Cuban Living History Project, 1990-1998, bulk 1993-1995
The Cuban Living History Project includes three documentaries and 114 personal interviews. The documentaries are named: Y los Quiero Conocer (And I Want to Meet Them) recounting the era of the Cuban Republic, Calle Ocho: Cuban Exiles Look at Themselves, an Emmy Award-winner, based on the Cuban American exile community and Ni Patria Ni Amo (Neither Motherland Nor Master) which focuses on the exile opposition to Fidel Castro's regime and is based on testimonies of exile leaders. The documentaries were created based on the personal interviews.
Collection ID: SPC2001
Alex and Carol Stepick Collection, 1976-2003, bulk 1981-1998
The Alex and Carol Stepick Collection consists of materials depicting the plight of the Cuban and Haitian refugees in the 1980s in Miami, Florida. The documents detail the treatment of refugees once on American soil and the condition in the countries they were escaping from; highlighting the contrasting experiences of Cuban and Haitian refugees. The collection demonstrates the work of Dr. Alex Stepick, Florida International University Professor of Anthropology and Sociology, in emphasizing the refugee situation on a local and national level. Materials also detail political lobbying on behalf of the Haitian refugees, and increasing awareness of their situation. The collection contains scholarly research, studies, and publications relating to the Cuban and Haitian refugees. The collection includes census-related materials, congressional records, economic reports, letters, newspaper articles, political materials, press releases, professional publications, research notes, surveys, etc.
Collection ID: SPC6015
The New Republic/Jorge Mas Canosa Collection, 1979-1996
The New Republic/Jorge Mas Canosa Collection in Special Collections in the Green Library at Florida International University consists of materials gathered by legal counsel retained by the New Republic magazine as part of trial preparation in a libel suit filed against the magazine by Mr. Mas Canosa, Chairman of the Cuban American National Foundation. The suit stemmed from an article that ran in the October 3, 1994 edition of the New Republic written by Anne Louise Bardach (pp. 20-25).
Collection ID: SPC5090
Florida Nurses Association Collection, date unknown
The Florida Nurses Association Collection is an extensive 36 box collection documenting the history and proceedings of the Florida Nurses Association. Contents of this collection include items such as the rules and bylaws, annual convention manuals, board of director minutes, historical photographs, and other miscellaneous items spanning the years of the early 1940's to the late 2000's.
Collection ID: SPC5085
Carmen Petsoules / Mary Brickell Collection, 1837- 2006
The collection consists of materials depicting the role of Mary Brickell as one of the "founding mothers" of the city of Miami, Florida. Documents detail her work as a landowner and real estate developer. The materials balance the personal and professional lives of Mary Brickell and her descendants. The collection demonstrates the growth and shaping of Miami, from the founding documents establishing the city of Miami to modern day developments in the Brickell area. The collection also documents the work of local Miami historian Carmen Petsoules and her efforts to revive public awareness of Mary Brickell and have her officially recognized as one of the founders of the city of Miami. The collection includes appraisal reports, architectural plans, bills, estate records, leases, maps, newspaper clippings, personal papers, photographs, property records, research materials, scrapbooks, silverware, tax records, warranty deeds, and wills.
Collection ID: SPC6010
Undine Sams Nursing Collection, date unknown
Born on July 21, 1919, in Wachula, Florida, Undine Sams graduated from Jackson Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in 1940 and received her BSN from Barry College (now Barry University), in 1961 she worked in emergency, industrial, school and private duty nursing and was a volunteer Red Cross nurse. Sams was one of the few nurses to win the Army-Navy Excellence Award at the Richmond Field Blimp Base during World War II. Her contributions to the profession were recognized earlier this year when she was listed in "Faces of the Century" in 100 Years of American Nursing. Sams' commitment to her professional association was equally significant. Her service in the Florida Nurses Association began in 1949 when she assumed the FNA presidency and in 1998 she was awarded the ANA Special Recognition Award for her 58 years of continued membership in FNA and her activism as an American Nursing Association delegate since 1942. Sams also served as chair of the FNA District V Charitable Trust and as founding president and eventually as life member of the Florida Nurses Foundation. Under the umbrella of the foundation, she established several funds in her name, personally matching any donations made to them. One of Sams' final achievements was receipt of an honorary Doctor of Public Service from Florida International University on April 23, 1999. In addition to her professional nursing responsibilities she kept personal scrapbooks and mementos of her roles within FNA and ANA, her volunteerism with the Red Cross, newspaper articles pertaining to nursing and activism, and her worldwide travels during her retirement. She passed away on May 24, 1999.
Collection ID: SPC5086
Bayside in the Park Portfolio
This portfolio was submitted by JMB/Federated Realty to the City of Miami's 1983 bidding competition to develop a waterfront marketplace in the Bayside area of downtown. They took their inspiration from Victorian gardens and glasshouses, and hoped to bring that particular aesthetic to the area. Ultimately it was rejected in favor of another project proposal from the Rouse Company, fresh off a wave of recent successes that they anticipated replicating in Miami.
Collection ID: SFC1811
Bernard Diederich Collection, 1945-2010
The Bernard Diederich Collection includes both papers and media. Diederich's papers constitute over 130 boxes (143 linear feet); they include Diederich's telegraphs and telexes, his reporter's notepads, and his interview notes, as well as historical documents, such as Central American and Caribbean newspapers and political posters and booklets. The papers also include his private correspondence, which reveals the many challenges encountered by journalists who work in Latin America and the Caribbean. The media collection contains over 20,000 slides and photos that document Diederich's travels. It also includes videotapes and audio cassettes with Diederich's many interviews with Central American and Caribbean leaders.
Collection ID: SPC7010
Cuban Archives Collection, 1800-1988
This collection contains different aspects and documents brought from Cuba directly and the influence created by the local Cuban community. This includes but not limited to posters from Cuban films, encyclopedias from Cuba, poems, photographs, clippings from the Miami Herald, surveys, and documents detailing the impact of the arrival of Cubans following the Cuban Revolution of 1959.
Collection ID: SPC2000
Geology Collection, date unknown
The Geology Collection is a 21 box collection donated to the Special Collections and University Archives Department by the Geology Club of Florida International University. The items in this collection are a wide variety of maps, correspondence, drilling locations, and geological surveys related to oil wells in the state of Florida, Louisiana, Texas and the surrounding Gulf and other waterways.
Collection ID: SPC5065
Carlos Ripoll Collection, 1939-2002
The Carlos Ripoll Collection contains material collected by Carlos Ripoll in the course of his research on the life and work of José Martí and other Cuban personalities.
Collection ID: SPC7025
Severo Sarduy Collection
This collection contains articles, both personal and from newspapers such as the El Nuevo Herald and ABC Madrid reflecting the local life of both Cuban and Hispanic cultures as well as personal documents detailing the life of Severo Sarduy and the political and social difficulties of Cuban life and of facing discrimination for homosexuality. Such documents are "Aprendizaje de la muerte" by Ignacio Echevarría, "En la muerte de Severo Sarduy" by Jose Miguel Ullan, and "Muere en Paris el escritor Severo Sarduy, figura emblemática del exilio cubano" by Juan Pedro Quiñonero.
Collection ID: SPC8015
Dr. E.K. Jaudon Collection, date unknown
Dr. Eugene Keene Jaudon (1867-1941) a Dade County physician for 27 years, was founder and superintendent of Miami's first charity hospital.
Collection ID: SPC7020
Richard Schwartz Collection on FBI Blacklist Cases, Date acquired: 03/23/1980
This collection contains documents pertaining to individuals being monitored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), such as Albert Einstein and his secretary, Helen Dukas, and stage actor Lenny by former FBI director John F. Sullivan. Such documents include biography and clearance information from those individuals. During the 1960s, and the Cold-War reigning on, the FBI often investigated or kept close-tabs on any individual who may be have construed as a domestic political threat. For instance, Lenny Bruce was kept under tabs because of his outspoken personality, and possibly pitting states' rights and authority against each other. Einstein by comparison was monitored since the 1930s and until his death in 1955. According to J. Edgar Hoover, Einstein was a potential communist and threat to radicalization on his political views, despite being said as he was preaching about his native Germany in the 1930s.
Collection ID: SPC8010
Arguelles Family Photo Albums, 1937-1948
This collection maintains vast photographs of the Arguelles family starting in the 1930s. The significance of this collection relates directly to what life was like for a typical Cuban family before the Revolution and before Fulgencio Batista seized power. This includes photographs of plantations, farms, local airfields, and even a typical day at the beach with the family. Digital images of these albums are available through the Digital Library of the Caribbean (Dloc). Physical copies are available at FIU Special Collections Department.
Collection ID: SPC8005
Marvin Dunn Collection
This collection contains photographs, manuscripts, newspaper articles, audio-interviews and journal articles dating back to the mid-19th century depicting life for African Americans in South Florida all the way to the present. This addresses racial relations amongst increasing Hispanic emigration, evolution in the legal system and local court houses, demands for fairer educational standards, and acknowledgment of racial bias for crimes against African Americans done by whites.
Collection ID: SPC5080
Dana A. Dorsey Collection, 1900-1966
The collection of Dana A. Dorsey is comprised of the legal and financial records of his vast real estate holdings. Mortgages, leases, rental and loans agreements represent the focus of the collection. Of special interest to researchers are those documents which detail the growth of both black and white Miami, deeds which describe in detail the properties and location of what were the newly created sub-divisions in the city. In a period of racial segregation these documents show a blurring of racial lines as exemplified by Dana Dorsey business relations with the founding families of the city.
Collection ID: SPC5070
Russian Manuscripts Collection, 1976-1985
This collection contains the manuscript for the novel A New World for Simon Ashkenazy by David Markish and the Collection of Orion Poetry by Michael Gendelev (Mikhail Gendelev). These works are inspired by Russian born writers, both of Jewish heritage, who emigrated to Israel for more permissive creative freedom in the 1970s.
Collection ID: SPC7070
Sammie Helm Collection, Date acquired: 06/20/2014
The collection is composed of a written pamphlet that Sammie Helm gave to her friend, Ann Bussel. The content of that piece is in the forward to the manuscript she left to her friend Ann. Melanie Camp transcribed, edited, and prepared Sammie's writing for print, and gave the title "Vanaya's Verity" which is also part of the collection.
Collection ID: SPC6075
Senator Jack Gordon Papers, Date acquired: 00/00/1993
These records document his work with the Dade County School Board and his service to Florida as a member of the Florida State Senate.
Collection ID: SPC7000
Alberto Bolet Collection, 1957-1998
This collection contains composed works of Cuban-American musical conductor and musician Alberto Bolet. Additionally, the archive includes an original typewriter belonging to him, posters from various performances, photographs of him as well as performances, and personal correspondences.
Collection ID: SPC5010