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Dr. Thomas William Hoffer Papers, 1920-2005
Professional and personal files of Dr. Thomas William Hoffer, documenting his prolific and creative activities in animation studies, broadcasting, communication education, and documentary production.
Collection ID: MSS 2008-024
Dr. Earl R. Beck Papers, 1918-1986
Contains both holograph and typescripts of Beck's work, Under the Bombs: The German Home Front, 1942-1945. The papers also include a couple of maps, a 1987 essay exam, articles and newsclippings, research notes on various subjects, and many publications by others. This last area is especially strong in works by German authors including a handful by Schonemann. Collection includes MSS 92-21.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 1987-002
Florida State College for Women Surveys and Reports, 1911-1941, bulk 1920-1939
Includes reports and surveys provided by the Florida State College for Women to various accreditation, educational, and government agencies from 1911 to 1941.
Collection ID: MSS 2003-003
Florida State College for Women Tenth Anniversary Pennant, 1915
A small pennant celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Florida State College for Women.
Collection ID: 00.HP-2007-091
Isaac Backus Letter, 1751-1752
This collection consists of a letter by Isaac Backus and its transcription, as well as a description of the letter and books from Kenneth Nebenzahl, a book vendor. The letter discusses Samuel Alden and Robert Washburn in their dealings with the Church of Christ in Bridgewater and Middleborough. On November 8, 1751, the two men refused to receive and restore a pastor of the church because he could not practice infant Baptism, and they had a difference in judgement about the Bar of Communion. For this, the two men were punished and separated from the church. The letter is enclosed in Isaac Backus's A History of New England, purchased from Kenneth Nebenzahl Inc. These items are undated, but refer to events in 1751-1752.
Collection ID: MSS 2000-02
Canter Brown History of the Florida Supreme Court Collection, 1917-2005
The Canter Brown History of the Florida Supreme Court Collection contains news and correspondence, and research materials for Brown's publications about the history of the Florida Supreme Court.
Collection ID: MSS 2013-0610
Donald D. Horward Papers, 1961-2011
Professional files of Dr. Donald D. Horward, including addresses and speeches, awards, committee files, correspondence, research materials, writings, operational and financial records of the Institute on Napoleon and the French Revolution, consortia, conference and congress files, and publications.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2011-0415
French Revolution Collection on Camille Desmoulins, Lucile Duplessis, and Arthur Dillon, 1702-1876
Cahier Rouge by Lucile Duplessis Desmoulins (red homemade manuscript book/diary by Duplessis, wife of Camille Desmoulins, undated); manuscript letter from General Arthur Dillon to Camille Desmoulins (1793); a small collection relating to General Arthur Dillon's regiment before, during and after the French Revolution (1702-1847); unbound pamphlets including Desmoulins' Le Vieux Cordelier (1793), Desmoulins' Lettre de Camille Desmoulins (1793), and Observations due Comte De Lally-Tolendal Sur La Letre Erite Par M Le Comte De Mirabeau (1789); and an extra-illustrated copy of the English translation of Claretie's biography, Camille Desmoulins and His Wife (1876).
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2011-0329
C. Farris Bryant Campaign News Clippings, August 31, 1960 - November 8, 1960
Clippings from Florida Clipping Service and unmarked clippings (some no source noted) concerning Farris Bryant's campaign as Democratic candidate for Governor of Florida and the campaigns of other Florida Democratic candidates.
Collection ID: MSS 98-4
Florida State University Costs Project, 1956-1957
University costs project, 1956-1957.
Collection ID: MSS 1996-025
Thomas LeRoy Collins Papers, 1909-1991
The Thomas LeRoy Collins Papers, 1903-1991, largely document this prominent Florida statesman's post-Gubernatorial career (1961-1991). While these materials are predominantly from this period, there are also files from his earlier years as Florida Representative, Florida Senator, and Florida Governor. The collection includes campaign materials, correspondence, newsclippings, records from organizations in which he served, speeches, and press releases. In addition, there are articles written by Collins, books, personal memorabilia, photographs, and sound and video recordings. Miscellaneous items include articles about Collins and personal reference (information) files. The three largest groups of materials in the collection are LeRoy Collins' post-gubernatorial correspondence, organization files, and speeches. His correspondence documents his work with such groups as the Leon County (Florida) Research and Development Authority, the "Five for Florida's Future" campaign, and the Southern Legal Council in the 1970s and 1980s; his "V.I.P." files include correspondence from such prominent individuals as President Lyndon Baines Johnson, U.S. Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, Eleanor Roosevelt, and economist John Kenneth Galbraith. The post-gubernatorial speeches contain addresses and interviews given by LeRoy Collins to various groups and individuals. The largest volume of speeches are those he gave as President of the National Association of Broadcasters. His post-gubernatorial organization papers include background information, correspondence, meeting files, proposals, and reports from those groups in which he participated during the 1970s and 1980s. These files include the Collins Center for Public Policy, Commission on the Future of the South, Community Relations Service, Florida Commission on Ethics, Governor's Advisory Council on Productivity, and the Legislative and Executive Joint Commission on Postsecondary Education. His post-gubernatorial organization papers include background information, correspondence, meeting files, proposals, and reports from those groups in which he participated during the 1970s and 1980s. These files include the Collins Center for Public Policy, Commission on the Future of the South, Community Relations Service, Florida Commission on Ethics, Governor's Advisory Council on Productivity, and the Legislative and Executive Joint Commission on Postsecondary Education.
Collection ID: MSS 1991-012
Samuel A. Gordon Speech, 1938
"The Career of a Country Practitioner," by Dr. Samuel A. Gordon, Marion Alabama. Delivered at the annual banquet  of Alpha Epsilon Delta, honorary pre-medical fraternity, University of Alabama, october 18, 1938.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2011-0614
J. L. and G. L. Smith Court Docket Book, 1876-1883
Part of Southern Business History Center
Collection ID: MSS 2011-0519c
James A. Taylor papers, 1886-1900
Tax receipts and other business papers of James A. Taylor.
Collection ID: MSS 80-07
Treaty Between the United States of America and the Seminole Nation of Indians, 1866
Treaty between the United States of America and the Seminole Nation of Indians. Concluded March 21, 1866. Ratification advised August 16, 1866. Proclaimed by Andrew Johnson, President of the United States of America, Washington, in the District of Columbia, March 21, 1866. Articles of a treaty made and concluded between the United States Government, by its Commissioners, D.N. Cooley, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Elijah Sells, Superintendent of Indian Affairs, and Ely S. Parker, and the Seminole Indians, by their Chiefs, John Chu-co, or Long John, Cho-cote-harjo, Fos-ha(r)-jo, John F. Brown. Witnesses were: Robert Johnson, U.S. Interpreter for the Seminole Indians, Geo. A. Reynolds, U.S. Indian Agent for Seminoles; Ok-tus-sus-har-jo, or sands; Cow-e-to-me-ko, Che-chu-chee, Harry Island; U.S. Interpreter for Creek Nation, J.W. Dunn, and U.S. Indian Agent for the Creek Nation, Perry Fuller. Signed by John F. Brown, Special Delegate for Southern Seminoles, in presence of, this June 30th, 1866: W.R. Irwin, J.M. Tebbetts, Geo. A. Reynolds, U.S. Indian Agent, and Robert Johnson, U.S. Interpreter. The six-page printed copy of the document is in good condition with the exception that the cover page - front and back - are loose and apart from the content. In Executive Session, Senate of the United States, July 19, 1866 ratification of the articles of the treaty was attested by J.W. Forney, Secretary, signed by Andrew Johnson, President of the United States, and by William H. Seward, Secretary of State. Also known as MSS 0-219.
Collection ID: MSS 1964-219
'Up Periscope' screenplay, September 4, 1957
Typescript of screenplay for "Up Periscope," dated September 4, 1957. Screenplay by Richard H. Landau from the novel by Robb White. Property of Lakeside Pictures, Inc., Warner Bros. Studio, Burbank, California. 123 pages.
Collection ID: MSS 0-314
United States Department of State Diplomatic Document
Diplomatic document issued by the Department of State to Max Furchgott, dated May 18, 1914. Document No. 30566 bears the Dept. of State seal and gives a full description of Max Furchgott and includes his signature as well as the signature of W. J. Bryan. On the reverse side is the seal and signature of the American Consul General, D. F. Wilburn, Zurich, Switzerland, and signature and seal of the Commissaire de Police, Ville de Paris.
Collection ID: MSS 0-248
Augustus B. Turnbull Papers, 1971-1990
This collection contains a variety of materials about the life and career of Augustus B. Turnbull III. Subjects covered by these materials include: Tallahassee, bicycling, conservation, land use, Lake Bradford, public opinion, schools, citizens, housing, drainage, sewers, traffic, Florida, Society of Civil Engineers, Council of Neighborhood Associations, parks and recreation, town meetings, transportation, Florida State University, Charles Joe Carter, and a White House luncheon menu. There are also a series of photographs: Switzerland, Augustus Turnbull, President John F. Kennedy, George Smathers, Marjorie Turnbull, and others. As well, there are 24 blueprints, showing geographical area in Leon County.
Collection ID: MSS 93-1
United States Land Patents - Sales of Land in Gadsden County, Florida, 1856
Two U. S. Certificates of sale of public land in Gadsden County, Florida. Certificate No. 11,824 was issued by the U. S. Land Office at Tallahassee, Florida to Brinkley G. Poppell dated June 16, 1856. Certificate No. 11,922 was issued to Brinkley G. Poppell as well, and is dated June 16, 1856. Also known as MSS 0-157 and MSS 76-16.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 1965-157
This is Arabia Scrapbook and Pictures, Undated
This collection consists of one scrapbook, entitled "This is Arabia", and thirty photographs of Arabia taken by James T. Goodbread while living and working there. The scrapbook has an embossed camel-hide cover and contains many snapshots of places and people in Arabia.
Collection ID: MSS 1978-049
David Y. Thomas Collection, 1916-1943, bulk 1916-1920, 1943
Collection of printed booklets and pamphlets on the race relations.
Collection ID: MSS 83-1
Jerry Stern Papers, undated
Correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, sketches, press clippings, posters, and other materials documenting the writing, scholarship, and personal interests of Jerry Stern.
Collection ID: MSS 2016-007
Susan Fiorito Papers, undated
Periodicals, sound recordings, photographic materials, and digital media containing correspondence, research materials, organizational records, and publications, documenting the career of Dr. Susan Fiorito at Florida State University. Note to researchers: This collection is in process, and portions remain unavailable to researchers at this time. Please contact FSU Libraries Special Collections & Archives for more information.
Collection ID: MSS 2016-008
California Poetry in the Schools Program Collection (Shaw Collection addition), Date acquired: 07/01/2011
1 folder of California Poetry in the Schools (CPIT) Newsletters, 1 folder of correspondence related to orders of CPIT poetry anthologies with lists of items purchased for the Shaw Collection. Note to researchers: This collection is in process, and portions remain unavailable to researchers at this time. Please contact FSU Libraries Special Collections & Archives for more information.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2011-0701
Store account books, 1929-1939
Two account books which record purchases of dry goods, food, seed, wagons, and guano (fertilizer). There are indications from accounts carried forward that earlier and later account books existed. There is no evidence of ownership; because of the locations of the accounts near Metcalfe, Georgia or just over the Leon County, Florida line, there may have been a country store in business at the time. Includes accounts for L. E. Bradley, T. P. Strickland, Henry Vickers, Springwood Plantation owned by Percy Chubb, Elsoma Plantation owned by C. Merrill Chapin, Norias Hunting Club, Pebble Hill Plantation owned by Elizabeth Ireland Poe, Friendship Church in Metcalfe, Colored School in Metcalfe, Ross Hill School, and Maloy Plantation.
Collection ID: MSS 1986-005
Memorial to Dr. Robert Stevens, approximately 1832
This collection consists of memorial items for Dr. Robert Stevens of Ely, Cambridge, England. The majority of the memorial materials are in the form of a poem, reading, "Lines addressed to Dr. Robert Stevens, on the Presentation of a Silver Cup by the poor of Ely, on Wednesday the 23rd of May, 1832, in Grateful Rememberance of his Unwearied Exertion to their Recovery and Comfort During the Fatal Epidemic in that Year." Printed by "Hills, Printer, Ely." Photocopies of the ten pages of information originating from the Cambridgeshire Record Office at Cambridge were obtained by Miss Frances F. Haynes of Darien, Georgia, with the cooperation of Mr. R. Holmes and Mrs. Christine Sindell of the Public Library at Ely. The book in this collection is entitled, That alarming malady, by Reginald Holmes, 1974. It is inscribed and signed by Reg Holmes. Contains MSS 0-237a.
Collection ID: MSS 0-237
Arthur and Mayce Seymour Collection, 1899-1965
The Arthur and Mayce Seymour Collection, in addition to containing correspondence between them, other family members, and friends, has articles written by the Seymours and many poems by Mayce. A major portion of the collection consists of photographs taken by the Seymours during their trips to India and China in the 1920s. Numerous paintings and sketches made by Mayce during these travels are also included.
Collection ID: MSS 82-5
May Ryburn Papers, 1880-2003, bulk 1925-2003
The May Ryburn Papers contain a variety of materials related to Ryburn's personal and professional life. Ryburn lived in both Chicago and Miami and worked as a journalist and English teacher. Included are her personal and travel journals, correspondence, materials used in her teaching career, photographs, published works, and genealogy information and records. The collection contains letters to Ryburn from Eleanor Roosevelt and Florida Governor Leroy Collins.
Collection ID: MSS 2006-001
Autograph note from Lord Shelburne to Andrew Millar and clipping, June 21
Autograph note from Lord Shelburne to Mr. Andrew Millar, complimenting the "...two setts of Hume's History of England he sent him...", and asking "...to subscribe for a sett of that work of Mr. Adams..." It is signed "Bowood Park, June 21st." Bowood Park is in Calne, Wiltshire, England. The note is probably dated between 1761 and 1784 when he was called Lord Shelburne, and before he became Marquis of Lansdowne.
Collection ID: MSS 1990-023
Mary Jane Ryals Papers, 1999
This collection contains literary manuscripts of the American writer Mary Jane Ryals. It includes manuscripts of her short sory collection A Messy Job I Never Did See a Girl Do, a handwritten outline of "Swallows Dance" and the beginning of this story, and the manuscript of the short story "Where the Shadows Tangle and Snare and Sing."
Collection ID: MSS 2002-8
Stephen S. Winters Papers, 1942-2005
Correspondence, speeches, lecture, newsclippings, photographs, geology field notes, and journals from his service in World War II primarily documenting Dr. Winters' distinguished career as a geology instructor at Florida State University and his work as dean of its honors programs.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2013-0627
Harrison Sayre Circus Collection, 1863-2001, bulk 1949-1994
Materials about circuses, circus performers, and circus industry from all over the world, mainly North and South America and Europe. Includes photographs, books, posters, flyers, pamphlets, circus programs, and related materials dating primarily from the 1940s-1990s..
Collection ID: MSS 2010-007
Rabindranath Tagore Collection, ca. 1900-1965, bulk ca. 1910-1940
The collection contains correspondence between Rabindranath Tagore and Dr. Arthur and Mayce Seymour, as well as other friends and family. Also included in the collection are biographical materials related to Tagore's life in both India and the United States. Tagore's writings are included in the collection with works of literary criticism and analysis of his writing. The collection also contains artwork by the Tagores and photographs.
Collection ID: MSS 1982-006
Frank P. Sherwood Papers, Date acquired: 04/17/2006
Lectures, articles, anthologies, monographs, reports, and other publications created by Frank Sherwood as Professor of Public Administration and Policy at Florida State University.
Collection ID: MSS 2006-017
West Yellow Pine Lumber Company Records, 1855-1916, 1855-1916, bulk 1900-1916
The West Yellow Pine Company records include correspondence, letterpress books, time books, invoices, account records, lumber orders, lumber reports, and railway waybills. The collection also includes the records of the Madison Southern Railway, owned by the West Yellow Pine Company.
Collection ID: MSS 1-25
Florida State University Historical Photograph Collection, 1880s - 2010s
The Florida State University Historical Photograph Collection is a large and diverse array of visual materials ranging from the late-19th to the 21st century. Formats represented include black and white and color photographic prints; 35mm, 120mm, and 4x5 acetate negatives; and other various kinds of small photographic ephemera including postcards, leaflets, and promotional materials. The bulk of this collection was produced by an official Florida State University entity or department with the express purpose of publication, dissemination, or otherwise public-facing service for the University. The majority of photographs pertain to specific academic departments, student clubs and activities, athletics organizations, and faculty and staff. The collection mostly covers the 20th century, encompassing the formation and existence of Florida State College for Women (FSCW, 1905 - 1947) to the creation and growth of Florida State University (1947 – Present). There are also some materials related to West Florida Seminary (1884-1901) and Florida State College (1901-1905). Date ranges for specific folders have been provided where appropriate and applicable.
Collection ID: 00.HPUA 2016-003
Florida State University Graduate School DVD Designs and Covers, 2002-2009
The Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) DVD creation began once the Florida State University Graduate School transitioned ETD forms from paper copies to electronic copies. A DVD of a student's manuscript was only provided to the student and major professor(s). The DVD covers in this collection were created in 2002 to serve as the designs for the ETD DVD case. The Graduate School stopped using the covers in 2009 when the ETD DVD creation process at FSU was discontinued.
Collection ID: MSS 2010-008
The Free Tattler, 1928-1929
The Free Tattler was a newsletter documenting the activities among a group of friends at the Florida State College for Women between 1928-29. The group referred to themselves as the "Tattlerettes" and published the newsletter "every two weeks" for "five (5) cents [a] copy." Among the activities described are the group attending church, recitals, and lecture series; having picnics and eating in the dining hall; studying for exams; and visiting with eachother on the weekends. The newsletter also included satirical columns, puzzle activities, and gossip about fellow Tattlerettes. This collection includes 3 issues of The Free Tattler and a group photograph of the Tattlerettes with their names inscribed on the back side.
Collection ID: HPUA 2015-094
Susan Branch Music Books, circa 1850
These music books belonged to the donor's grandmother, Susan Branch. Both are quarter leather bound books of sheet music. The first has "Susan Branch" on the cover label. The second has "Susan Branch, Live Oak" and is 215 pages in length.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 1986-011
Janet Burroway Papers, 1985-1999
The Janet Burroway Papers contains her class materials, manuscripts of plays and short stories, book reviews, articles, student writings, and writings by others
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2003-022
Justice Glenn Terrell Papers, 1775-1985, bulk 1920-1970
Collection includes Judge Terrell's official papers, speeches, newspaper articles by and about the Judge, correspondence & legal files pertaining to the Florida Bar, court rules, impeachments, campaigns, law books, bulletins, journals, & maps; most of the items are legal files, opinions and per curiams; also includes personal papers, photos, scrapbooks & memorabilia. Approximately 7,663 items including opinions and per curiams, speeches, court rules, official papers and private correspondence.
Collection ID: MSS 92-25
Circus Collection, 1794-1980
Posters and promotional materials. Note to researchers: This collection is in process, and portions remain unavailable to researchers at this time. Please contact FSU Libraries Special Collections & Archives for more information.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2012-1102
Dr. Thomas M. Campbell Papers, 1963-1987, bulk 1970-1975
Manuscripts of Campbell's book, Masquerade Peace, and other publications. Includes his class materials.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2006-007
Milton S. Carothers Sermons, 1956-1999
Typed drafts, handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, event programs, and note cards documenting sermons written and delivered by Milton S. Carothers. Some sermons were later collected in Letters & Lessons of Faith and More Letters & Lessons of Faith.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2014-005
National Organization for Women, Tallahassee Chapter records, 1971-1997
The Records of the Tallahassee Chapter of the Florida National Organization for Women include official NOW correspondence, meeting minutes and agendas, reports, budgets, newsletters, and other records which chronicle the development and activities of Tallahassee NOW from its founding in 1971 until 1997.
Collection ID: MSS 2008-033
Dale W. Lick Papers, 1991-1994
Includes President's Committees files from Lick's term as FSU President.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2011-0818
Weymouth Tyree Jordan Papers, 1822-1970
This collection contains a wide variety of materials realted to Weymouth Tyree Jordan, his life and his career. Includes biographical materials, correspondence, articles, photographs, writings, research materials, announcements, books, and related materials.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 79-7
Collection ID: HUA 2019-092
Greek and Latin Ostraka, circa 150 CE
Thirty-three clay pottery fragments comprising thirty-two texts in Greek and Latin documenting the activities of a Roman Army unit stationed near Edfu, Egypt.
Collection ID: MSS 2015-012
Joan Cunningham Collection, 1953-1957, 1974-1975
Personal items of Florida State University student Joan Cunningham (BS, English, 1957). Items include her "Rat Cap," personal photographs, and assorted ephemera and memorabilia.
Collection ID: 00.HP-2007-002
Memoirs of Edward Conradi, undated
'Memoirs of Edward Conradi: President of Florida State College for Women, 1909-1941.'
Collection ID: 00.HP-2007-063
Carrie Forehand Crocker Collection, 1931-1947, bulk 1938-1942
Personal items of Florida State College for Women student Carrie Forehand Crocker (formerly Carrie Lee Crocker) (BA, Home Economics, 1942). Items include papers and memorabilia related to her participation in student organizations, the Dining Room Girls, and assorted student related activities. (See box list.)
Collection ID: 00.HP-2007-025
Jack Crothers Collection, 1962-2004
The collection, donated by Jack Crothers to Heritage Protocol, consists primarily of ephemera relating to Florida State sports teams, especially football. The collection includes pennants, a variety of ticket stubs spanning much of the history of Florida State football, and pompons for every ACC team as of 2004. Other items include a jacket acquired from a Seminole Indian reservation and a program for the 1964 commencement ceremony at Florida State University.
Collection ID: 00.HP-2007-093
Marie Elston Scrapbook, circa 1927-1929
Five individual scrapbook pages of Florida State College for Women student Marje Alice Elston (circa 1927-1929).  The pages include faculty, and buildings and grounds, as well as a few personal photographs.  There are also newspaper clippings and two menus ("Banquet 1927" and the Summer School Banquet, 28 July 1928).
Collection ID: 00.HP-2007-017
Dr. Raymond F. Bellamy papers, 1918-1970
This collection includes unpublished manuscripts of several of Dr. Bellamy's publications, papers he read before various groups, verses he composed on different occasions and a collection of Christmas cards, letters and wrappings.
Collection ID: MSS 1988-007
Eva Dean Fisher Collection, 1960
Eva Dean Fisher (formerly Eva Dean) was a Florida State College for Women student, class of 1910 (BA, Home Economics).  The items in the collection relate to her 50 year reunion in 1960. (See box list.)
Collection ID: 00.HP-2007-036
Florida State College for Women/Florida State University School of Home Economics Florida Extension Services Collection, 1937-1969, bulk 1951-1964
This small collection documents the history of the Florida extension service program from its beginnings at the Florida State College for Women (FSCW) / Florida State University (FSU) School of Home Economics. The collection includes reference materials about other statewide agricultural extension service agencies and home economics, articles about Florida 4-H Clubs and the history of Florida home demonstration work, and publicity brochures about Florida home demonstration work published by the Florida State Home Demonstration Office at FSU. It is historically significant to researchers studying the cooperative extension movement in Florida and the United States and its relationship to higher education programs.
Collection ID: MSS 2005-016
Florida State College for Women Pi Delta Phi Collection, 1944
The collection contains items related to Pi Delta Phi, the French National Honor Society at Florida State College for Women from the early 1940s.
Collection ID: 00.HP-2007-065
Florida State College for Women Sign, undated
Historical marker constructed by the city of Tallahassee to designate the site of the Florida State College for Women.
Collection ID: 00.HP-2007-008
Palmer Family papers, 1924-1968
The collection contains materials about the history of the Palmer family in Halifax County, Virginia, poetry of Mary Bebecca Gassaway Palmer, and an issue of the Florida Medical Association's journal, with an article by Theresa Yaeger Palmer and Hugh Archer Palmer about physicians as a family tradition. There is a Civil War history by Mrs. Clarence W. Maxwell that mentions Dr. T. M. Palmer. There are newspaper clippings about Mary Martha Reid, a friend of Dr. Thomas Palmer, dated September 29, 1968. There are also letters from John C. Hill to Dr. Palmer at the Florida State Hospital, from Richmond, Virginia. Some of these materials are photocopies of a typescript or manuscript.
Collection ID: MSS 1-18
Plantation Record Book, 1836-1841
This item is a plantation record book and appears to be the financial records of William Armistead, who either owned or managed one or more large plantations or farms. He also acted as guardian for several children, as indicated by entries for tuition and books, as well as entries for Orphans Court. He was also involved in land deals and skilled blacksmith work. Some places mentioned, Candy's Landing and Greensboro, can be located on an early map of Alabama, indicating that the activities recorded took place somewhere in west Alabama. A large number of persons are named in the record book, and some of the locations and subjects mentioned include: cotton, Candy's Landing, Fenwick Plantation, Greenboro, Linwood farm, Macon farm, Macon plantation, Mobile, groceries from Mobile, Plymouth, Sumter, and Tuskaloosa Bank.
Collection ID: MSS 1-10
Moravian Missionary Diaries, 1800-1836
English-language summaries and translations by Charles T. Lawson and Carl Manelshagen of German-language diaries kept by missionaries of the Moravian Church while active near Springplace, Georgia from 1800 to 1836. The diaries recount daily activities of the missionaries, especially concerning missionary activities among members of the Cherokee Nation.
Collection ID: MSS 0-186
Orwin Rush Newspaper Collection, 1861-1920, bulk 1860-1869
Collection of mostly Southern newspapers. Originally under NWP 0-1 in catalog records.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2015-004
Frances Elizabeth Brown Douglass Memoirs, 1894-1905
A bound photocopy of the handwritten memoirs of Frances Elizabeth Brown Douglass, daughter of Governor Thomas Brown of Florida. On the first page appears the following note:
Collection ID: 01.MSS 1978-058
Dry and Smith Papers, 1779-1826
This collection consists of abstracts of the wills of Colonel Dry (1779), G. Benjamin Smith (1824), and his wife, Sarah Dry Smith (1824), who was the daughter of Colonel Dry. Also included in the collection is a letter from Smithville, North Carolina, dated June 22, 1826, pertaining to the wills.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 0-98
Facsimile of the first print of the Declaration of Independence, July 26, 1776
Published by the Williamsburg Virginia Gazette. This is a facsimile copy the exact size of the original. Distributed by the Virginia State Chamber of Commerce to delegates attending the National Editorial Association Convention in Virginia. The Virgina Gazette, July 26, 1776. No. 78. 4 pages
Collection ID: MSS 0-84
Michael Kasha Papers, Date acquired: 02/28/2014
Personal papers, journal publications, and handwritten notebooks of Professor Michael Kasha. Note to researchers: This collection is in process, and portions remain unavailable to researchers at this time. Please contact FSU Libraries Special Collections & Archives for more information.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2014-006
Esther Frieden Papers, Date acquired: 02/13/2014
Correspondence, minutes, and newspapers from her files documenting her work with Florida Common Cause during the 1970s and early 1980s.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2014-003
Proctor Jones Manuscripts: A Year in the Life of Napoleon I, 1814-1815, Date acquired: 01/01/1999
Note to researchers: This collection is in process, and portions remain unavailable to researchers at this time. Please contact FSU Libraries Special Collections & Archives for more information.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 1999-003
The Martin Dyckman Leroy Collins Research Collection, 1909-2005, bulk 1950-1970
This collection contains research materials used by Martin Dyckman for his 2006 book about former Governor Leroy Collins titled Floridian of His Century. Research materials include speeches from Leroy Collins before he became governor; an interview transcript with Premier Khrushchev during Collins' trip to the Soviet Union; newspaper columns written by Collins for the St. Peterburg Times and transcripts and audio recordings of interviews conducted by Dyckman.
Collection ID: MSS 2008-011
Dr. Elston Roady Collection, 1920-1988, bulk 1968-1973
The Elston Roady Collection documents Dr. Roady's studies of elections on the local (Leon County, Florida), state (Florida), and national levels and his research in political campaign finance. The materials include typescripts and reference materials used in creating his revised edition of Florida Votes (1972), background information and letters to Florida Secretary of State Firestone from Roady and Annie Mary Hartsfield about their proposal to update the 2nd edition through the 1980 elections (an updated version was not published); a speech Roady delivered when he was given the "Distinguished Alumni Award" by the Illinois State University Alumni Association; a Florida Supreme Court Petition for Rehearing involving Florida Governor Claude Kirk; election materials; a scrapbook compiled for the 1956 Florida gubernatorial campaign of Fuller Warren; reference materials pertaining to the Watergate issue, and memorabilia.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2005-002
Fallschase Development Reference Files, 1974-2007, bulk 2004-2007
The Fallschase Development Reference Files includes newspaper articles which documented the Fallschase development process; agreements and other legal materials; minutes from public meetings held in 2005 and 2006; Fallschase development proposals, maps/surveys of the land of the proposed Fallschase community; memorandums to and from the Board of County Commissions; correspondence to and from Robert Rackleff and other Leon County commissioners.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2009-006
Hoffer Florida Primary collection, 1972-1996
Yearbooks, proceedings, textbooks, books, press releases, political files, political cartoons, newspaper clippings, journals, pamphlets, and survey research materials. The materials in this collection relate to the Florida Primary election activities during the 1970s. Included in the collection are broadcasting yearbooks, Naval institute proceedings, textbooks, materials related to Watergate, news materials, Baptist, Buddhist, Catholic, Christian, Episcopalian, and Islamic religious materials, publications of the United States Department of State, press releases by Presidents Carter and Reagan, materials about President Nixon and China, materials about Billy James Hargis, Herbert Armstrong, and Charles Blair, pamphlets from Ambassador College, and a large amount of survey study materials about Tallahassee.
Collection ID: MSS 86-24
Steve Whitaker Papers, 1960-2019
Press clippings and correspondence received and collected by Whitaker, relating to Emmett Till and racism in the American South, including poll tax receipts and a 1962 pamphlet on the integration of the University of Mississippi campus.
Collection ID: MSS 2019-007
Confederate States Tax Collector's Receipt, December 7, 1864
Item is a Confederate States Tax Collector's Receipt dated December 7, 1864 for the amount of $13,746.20 in Montgomery, North Carolina.
Collection ID: MSS 0-74
Bank of Florida Letter, Date acquired: 04/01/1952
The three page letter, signed by E.G. Booth, secretary to D.S. Kennedy, Esq. of New York, gives a list of drafts drawn on several individuals and then the details of a bill of lading covering 41 bales of cotton, all being sent for discount. The postscript refers to the financial difficulties then existing in Florida banking circles.
Collection ID: MSS 0-13
Florida business letterhead collection, 1879-1896
This collection contains a selection of business letters that serve as examples of early business letterheads from various places in Florida. They are quite elaborate and contain pictures, maps and extensive advertising. They are from different towns and cities in Florida and date from 1879-1896. The letters are mostly to W.D. Bloxham and W.D. Barnes, both comptrollers for the state of Florida. Barnes was comptroller from 1881-1890 and Bloxham from 1890-1897.
Collection ID: MSS 1-09
Mary Simpson Yarbrough Collection, 1926-1927
This collection is significant to researchers studying the history of Leon County, the history of the Florida State College for Women, and women's colleges because it documents the academic activities of Mary Simpson Yarbrough, who attended Florida State College for Women during the 1920s.
Collection ID: MSS 2005-007
Lilia C. Winthrop Business Ledger, 1884-1898
Business ledger book of Mrs. Lilia C. Winthrop
Collection ID: MSS 2003-015
Douglas and Jeannette Windham Papers, Date acquired: 09/30/2015
Publications, correspondence, news clippings, awards, photographs, maps, and memorabilia documenting the academic career of Douglas M. Windham, as well as global travel undertaken with his wife Jeannette Windham. Note to researchers: This collection is in process, and portions remain unavailable to researchers at this time. Please contact FSU Libraries Special Collections & Archives for more information.
Collection ID: MSS 2015-011
Ina VanStan Printing Plates, 1955-1964
Twenty-three printing plates depicting illustrations and photographs used in scholarly publications by Ina VanStan (1901-1989), Professor of Clothing and Textiles. Includes plates and figures from "Peruvian Domestic Fabrics from Supe" (1955), "A Peruvian Ikat From Pachacamac" (1957), "Three Feather Ornaments from Peru" (1959), "An Ancient Peruvian Rag Doll" (1962), and "Ancient Peruvian Tapestries with Reed Warps" (1964).
Collection ID: MSS 0-333
Adeline Wilkes Collection of Dr. Doris Clack Research Materials, 1975-1997, bulk 1995-1997
Research materials and correspondence used by FSU faculty member Adeline W. WIlkes in writing biographical materials about Dr. Doris Clack.
Collection ID: MSS 2014-002
Elizabeth "Budd" Bell Collection, 1944-2012, bulk 1971-2005
The Elizabeth "Budd" Bell collection mostly consists of research materials and administrative documents related to her work on human services issues in Florida as an activist and coordinator of the Clearinghouse on Human Services.  Research materials include news and scholarly articles, policy papers, reports, draft legislation, bill summaries and analysis. Administrative materials for the Clearinghouse and Budd Bell Foundation include establishment papers, public issue statements, memos, correspondence with advocacy organizations and lawmakers, and conference planning materials.Budd Bell's personal works include academic articles, opinion pieces, conference presentations, speeches, and handwritten notes. The collection also contains several award letters, plaques, and certificates as well as posthumous recognitions.
Collection ID: MSS 2013-0621
James Velma Keen Papers, 1922-1967, bulk 1955-1967
Correspondence, memorabilia, newspaper clippings, photographs, and speeches documenting the career of attorney, Florida legislator, educator, and businessman James Velma Keen, from 1926 when he began practicing law in Sarasota, Florida, until his death in Tallahassee, Florida, in March 1963.
Collection ID: MSS 1970-150
Senator Duncan U. Fletcher Papers, 1860-1936
Correspondence, books, photographs, newspaper clippings. The collection is largely comprised of correspondence sent to Duncan Fletcher from various United States presidents, senators, heads of departments of state and other related officials as well as information about his family and estate. There are also other materials such as books from his senate office, a group photograph of the Jacksonville Kiwanis Club, and photocopies of newspaper clippings about Fletcher. Some of the principal correspondents include James P. Burns, Tom Fletcher, W. J. Fletcher, Mrs. J. Z. Gladney, B. F. Johnson, Zollie Maynard, Judge L. W. Rigsby, Frank A. Shelton, Calvin Coolidge, Warren G. Harding, Herbert Hoover, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, William H. Taft, Woodrow Wilson, Hiram Bingham, James Couzens, Pat Harrison, J. Edgar Hoover, John J. Pershing, Albert W. Gilchrist, Cary A. Hardee, Park Trammell, and Booker T. Washington.
Collection ID: MSS 0-110
Florida State College for Women Department of Botany and Bacteriology Ledger Book, June 4, 1918-October 20, 1940
The Florida State College for Women Department of Botany and Bacteriology Ledger Book documents equipment purchased for this department.
Collection ID: MSS 2003-009
John Forbes journal and letter by Dr. Coker, 1803-1977, bulk 1803, 1977
Photocopy of a typescript of a letter written to Mr. William Simpson containing the second half of the Forbes Journal. The first half of the journal was published in the Florida Historical Quarterly. The journal covers the period of Friday May 27, 1803 to Friday June 3, 1803. Concerned with Mr. Forbes talks to the Creek Chiefs at Hickory Ground, May 1803, Indian debts and William Bowles. Photocopy of the letter from Dr. William S. Coker to Dr. J. Leitch Wright, July 6, 1977, telling about the journal.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 77-14
Florida Constitutional Convention Papers
Photostats of selected printed pages of the Florida Constitutional Convention, 1868. Pages 34-51, 74-81, 94-103, 110-117.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 0-112
Thomas D. Bailey Papers (Photocopies), 1951-1972
This collection contains photocopied materials related to Thomas D. Bailey's time as Florida Superintendent of Public Instruction. It contains correspondence from 1955-1971, personal and biographical data about Bailey, as well as a large number of speeches and statements made while in office. These speeches cover a wide array of topics including graduation speeches for the Naval Air Station Civilian Apprentices in Pensacola; aid to children; Bible reading and prayer in public schools; the House Committee of Public and Higher Education; the necessity of community junior colleges as presented at the Southern States Work Conference in Daytona Beach; opposition to close sessions of public bodies; the Easter Seal Center in Tallahassee; the Conference of County Superintendents in Gainesville; propery tax; the Tallahassee Rotary Club; educational administration in Florida; the Ocala Junior College; public education; and segregation in schools. Also known as MSS 0-299.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 1-22
Edward J. Gurney Correspondence, June 8, 1970
This collection contains two typescript copies of a letter from U.S. Senator Edward J. Gurney to FSU Library Director N. Orwin Rush on the subject of Title II funding.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 85-07
Claude Kirk Letter, 1968-03-18
A letter from then Florida Governor Claude Kirk inviting N. Orwin Rush to participate at a statewide Conference on Historical Development at Florida State University on March 29, 1968.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 85-04
Lucyle Werkmeister Collection, Date acquired: 01/01/2000
Literary publications, miniatures, newspapers. Note to researchers: This collection is in process, and portions remain unavailable to researchers at this time. Please contact FSU Libraries Special Collections & Archives for more information.
Collection ID: MSS 2000-06
The Yeti Collection, 2005-2011
The Yeti Collection documents the history and activities of The Yeti, an independent student organization publishing a newspaper at Florida State University and in the local Tallahassee community. The collection includes published student newspapers (2005-2011), postcards with artwork (2010-2011), handbooks for editors (2008-2010), information on advertising in The Yeti, and a Yeti t-shirt.
Collection ID: MSS 2011-0323
Waties Family papers, 1844-1874
Typescript copies of Waties family letters that include those written by Anna Waties, oldest daughter of Chancellor Thomas Waites and the three children of Dr. Thomas Waties and his wife Maria Huger Rutledge Waties. Family genealogy notes, holograph letters and notes. Includes photocopy of "the Waties Family of South Carolina" compiled by H. D. Bull, pages 12-22.
Collection ID: MSS 80-08
Dr. James A. Leitch Wright, Jr. Papers, approximately 1968-1986
The papers of Dr. James A. Leitch Wright, Jr., noted historian who taught at Florida State University from 1968 to 1986. Wright received acclaim for his Colonial American research. His papers include correspondence, research materials, and manuscripts for his publications related to Southern Indian tribes. Includes MSS 88-1, 86-26 and 92-19.
Collection ID: MSS 1981-001
Advertisements for Walt Whitman works, 1855-1889
Two prints of Walt Whitman advertisements from 1889 and 1855.
Collection ID: MSS 0-262
World War I and II Papers, 1918-1945, bulk 1918, 1945
This collection consists of two groups of items. There are three army regulations post cards dated "Somewhere in France," which are acknowledgement of thanks from soldiers at the front, and they are addressed to Miss C. Tracey at Erie, Pennsylvania, 1918. The other part of this collection is a newspaper, The Stars and Stripes, dated Tuesday, May 8, 1945, with headlines "Nazis Quit." With the newspaper are two arm bands of the Nazi armed forces, one red and black and one black on yellow.
Collection ID: MSS 0-273
John Calvin Wright papers and addresses, 1917-1946
This collection consists of 17 bound volumes of papers and addresses by Wright. They are typescripts with clippings, pamphlets and mounted material relating to Wright's career with the U.S. Office of Education. The date range is from 1917 to 1946. Each volume has a table of contents and each article has separate pagination. There is a duplicate volume for volume 7. The volumes have been catalogued and are shelved with Special Collections rare books. The call number is LC1045 .W75 1923
Collection ID: MSS 2001-07
Florida State University Libraries Proposed Amendments to Florida State University Constitution, 1956-1958
This collection is comprised of documents pertaining to librarian faculty status dating from 1956-1958. The documents contained in the collection include letters between Florida State University (FSU)'s assistant librarian, Florence Bethea and the Constitution Committee's Chairman, Robert Miller, notes and suggestions for proposed amendments to the constitution, and copies of proposed constitutions. There are significant gaps in the collection. The earliest dated document is February 23, 1956 and the remainder covers the last few months in 1958.
Collection ID: MSS 2009-002