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Frances Field Haynes War Ration Books
This collection consists of two 1942 war ration books, issued by the United States of America, and belonging to Ms. Frances F. Haynes. A physical description of Haynes is recorded as identification.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 86-14
Thomas Howard will and inquisition post mortem, Date acquired: 11/22/1978
The last will and testament of Thomas Howard, 3rd duke of Norfolk along with the inquisition post mortem. Items are photocopies of originals housed in the London Public Records Office.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 0-331
Toni Fuss Kirkwood-Tucker Photographic Slides, 1985
35mm color film slides featuring photographs created and collected by Toni Fuss Kirkwood-Tucker. Photos document daily life, monuments, schools, and museums in China, predominately taken during a Fulbright Scholar Program in 1985. Note to researchers: This collection is in process, and portions remain unavailable to researchers at this time. Please contact FSU Libraries Special Collections & Archives for more information.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2017-003
Framed Fox and the Grapes Seychelles Lace, Date acquired: 02/01/2015
Note to researchers: This collection is in process, and portions remain unavailable to researchers at this time. Please contact FSU Libraries Special Collections & Archives for more information.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2015-001
Marion L. Stine Collection, 1917-1921
The Marion Laura Stine Collection consists of one photograph album, and one scrapbook.
Collection ID: HP-2007-094
Cora Cheney Papers, 1957-1961
Collection includes original manuscripts of Cheney's work with her edits, book jackets and illustrations from the publications and book galleys. One manuscript is accompanied with a letter from Cheney and a newspaper clipping about her and her family.
Collection ID: MSS 0-317
Peter Chester Paper
Document signed by Peter Chester, Colonial Governor of West Florida in Pensacola, dated 1772, and is an order directing Elias Durnford, Surveyour-General, to measure five hundred acres of land to be granted to Ephriam Wolfe. The order was issued at the Secretary's Office and is certified by Ph. Livingston. The quality of paper, size, form and signatures are the same as used on other orders, surveyors maps and land grants issued by Peter Chester during the same period, some of which were processed and filed in Special Collections in 1954. The official seal is attached.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 0-55
Kent Spriggs Papers, 1963-1976, bulk 1971-1976
Consists of Kent Spriggs' case files related to the 1973 retrial of Dave Keaton and Johnny Frederick of the Quincy Five and those related to Keaton et al. v. Townsend, a civil case brought by the Quincy Five against the State of Florida and Joe Townsend for the coerced testimony that implicated the men in the case. Included in these files are correspondence with Alfonse Figgers, Dave Keaton, David Charles Smith, Johnny Frederick, and Johnny Burns who were collectively known as the Quincy Five. Also contains files related to Clifford N. Steele, et al. v. Board of Public Instruction of Leon County, Florida, et al., including correspondence, newspaper clippings and trial notes and briefs.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2004-04
Florence Gregory Walker Collection, 1931-1962, bulk 1931-1947
Personal items of Florida State College for Women student Florence Gregory (B.A. Sociology, 1940) and Florida State University (M.S., Social Work, 1962). Items includes photographs, scrapbooks, and other ephemera related to her years as a student at FSCW/FSU.
Collection ID: 00.HP-2009-030
Ballads of Thomas Cobbe, 1878
Bound manuscript copy of Legends (After the Basque), containing nineteen "Tales of Faiëry" written in the winter of 1877-1878 by Thomas Cobbe, adapted from Basque Legends by Wentworth Webster (1877). They comprise 224 pages with 20 original drawings by Janet Finlay Cobbe. The back cover is in poor condition with two of the metal corner pieces still attached. Manuscript pages are in excellent condition and the handwriting is legible.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 0-65
Major Clark Collection, 1938-1956
This collection consists of four letters, one post card, a picture and a program. The post card is from Fannie Hurst of New York City, and it is addressed to Major Clark of Tallahassee, Florida, and dated April of 1954. There is a manuscript letter by Mary C. Rockefeller of New York City, to Major Clark, dated 1956. Three letters are from Mari Sandoz of New York City, to Major Clark, and they date from 1954-1956. These three letters included a picture of Ms. Rockefeller and a souvenir program from "Old Jules" as presented by the Alliance Little Theater at Alliance, Nebraska, on June 27, 1938. This play was written by Mari Sandoz, and the program contains many historical facts and a number of pictures of this area in Nebraska, as well as a picture of the author. The gloss photograph in this collection is of Miss Sandoz, and it is appreciated for her autograph on the back, as well as the autographs of her friends.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 0-64
The Alumni Comment, 1966-1973, bulk 1969
The Alumni Comment newsletters includes issues published from 1966-1967 and several published from 1969-1973. There are gaps in the collection between 1967 and 1969 and 1971 and 1973. Topics include administrative and faculty appointments; enrollment growth; FSU's 20th birthday in 1967; fund raising; grants received; Homecoming; the 1969 inauguration of President Stanley Marshall; the 1969 Westcott Building fire; new and renovated facilities; FSU's placement service; student activism; student services; university administrative changes. Related materials in this repository include the Alumni Bulletin, Alumni Focus, Alumnae News, Florida State Magazine, and Florida State Times. Holdings: April 1966, no. 3; June 1967 (2 copies); January-September, 1969 (2 copies); December 1969; Spring 1970; Winter-Spring, 1971 (2 copies); Fall 1971; Spring 1973 (Vol. 7. No. 2, 2 copies)-Fall 1973 (Vol. 7, No. 3, 2 copies).
Collection ID: 00.MSS 2007-034
William S. Coker Papers, 1973-1975
This collection consists of two photocopied typescripts. The first is entitled From Loyalists to Rebels: Panton, Leslie and Company and John Forbes and Company. This paper was read at the St. Augustine meeting of the Conference Group for Social and Administrative History on "Loyalists and American Loyalism," February 7, 1975, and was to be published with other papers from that conference. The other typescript is Enterpreneures in the British and Spanish Floridas, 1775-1821. This paper was read at the second Florida American Revolution Bicentennial Commission (FARBC) meeting in Miami Beach, June 1, 1973, and was to be published with other papers from that meeting.
Collection ID: MSS 75-7
Letter from Buckingham Smith to W. P. Fessenden, Maine Senator and soon to be Secretary of the Treas, May 10, 1864
Letter from Buckingham Smith to W. P. Fessenden, Maine Senator and soon to be Secretary of the Treasury, May 10, 1864 sent from New York during the Civil War. 3 pages, 8vo, New York. With a copy written by Smith of his letter to Secretary of War Stanton, reporting to the government on Florida affairs. Smith refers to the mission of Lincoln's Assistant Secretary John Hay, who failed in his attempt to bring Florida back into the Union. 6 1/2 pages, 8vo (New York, April 18, 1864). Includes transcript. A combined 9 1/2 pages of an important Floridian's Unionist views of the Civil War to date. Smith's Unionist activities are evident in this letter with close connections to Lincoln's cabinet. Fessenden had been a friend and benefactor who had earlier secured for Smith a diplomatic position in Spain.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2011-003
Alicia Korenman Graphic Novels Collection, 1983-2007, bulk 1990-2007
Includes small press and alternative publications, with a focus on content related to everyday experiences and societal norms. Publishers include Alternative Comics, Fantagraphics Books, Slave Labor Graphics, Vertigo Comics, and independently produced zines, as well as Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Oni Press, and Marvel Comics.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2007-047
Robert E. Hancock Jr. Antarctic Collection, 1907-1976, bulk 1956-1958
The Hancock Antarctic Collection consists of correspondence, photographs, books, pamphlets, film reels, and memorabilia collected by Robert E. Hancock, Jr. during and after his stay in the Antarctic. The collection gives some insight into the problems of supply, storage, food, housing, and entertainment required for work in such a remote environment.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 1976-022
Rondeau Boyd Laffitte General Store Merchandise Account Books, 1890-1913, bulk 1902-1907
The Rondeau Boyd Laffitte General Merchandise Account Books are significant to Southern business history researchers because they document purchases of dry goods, foods, and agricultural produce at one of several general stores in Lloyd, Florida during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2005-012
Barbara Boling Anderson Collection, 1947-1950
Items include three photographs, FSU Artist Series programs, and other assorted documents, publications and ephemera relating to Barbara Boling Anderson's college life at Florida State College for Women and Florida State University, from 1947-1950.
Collection ID: 00.HP-2009-046
Land patent - U.S.A. to Pul-sey, one of the Creek Tribe of Indians
This item is a United States certificate of transfer of public land in "The Tallapoosa Land District Alabama," (1845) to Pul-sey, one of the Creek Tribe of Indians. The transfer of land to Pul-Sey was, "by virtue of a Treaty between the United States and the said Creek Tribe of Indians, made by the 24th day of March 1832." The certificate is dated July 9, 1845. Other names mentioned were: Nat Macon Thornton & Co., Henry Meadows, J. Knox Walker, Secretary of the President, and S. H. Laughlin, Recorder of the General Land Office.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 0-159
Admiral Richard H. Leigh Papers, 1870-1944
This collection consists of the papers of United States Navy Admiral Richard H. Leigh. They include a 17-volume holograph diary, dating 1917-1944, containing official orders, holograph and typed letters, newspaper clippings, printed programs, maps, pictures, and other related items. Also included is a four volume set of personal papers, and a book which Leigh entitled, Whereas, which consists of newspaper clippings, family pictures, programs, doctor bills, and other materials. Many of these documents relate to the history and development of the United States Navy, World War I, and events leading to the conflict with Japan and World War II. Other subjects covered by this collection includes: United States, England, Ireland, France, Navy life at sea, California, New York, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park, Orlando, San Diego, Claremont, California, submarine chasers, detection devices, Siwash Indians, USS Oregon, map of Pacific Islands, Franklin Delano Roosevelt photograph, Honolulu, San Francisco, and naval training.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 0-165
J. S. Lester Plantation Papers, 1868-1895
The J.S. Lester Plantation Papers include an 1895 doctor's bill, a transmittal letter, and a 4-page list of receipts (1868) for money received by fourteen ex-slaves; the plantation was located in Leon County, Fla. Also known as MSS 0-167.
Collection ID: MSS 1965-167
Cinema Corporation of America Collection, 1925-1981, bulk 1925-1932
The Cinema Corporation of America Collection documents the history of this film distribution company, and American producer and director Cecil B. DeMille's role in its founding.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2004-008
LeRoy Collins Letters, 1966-1968
This collection consists of letters from LeRoy Collins to Dr. Daisy Parker. Among the subjects mentioned are Judge Taylor and Parker's campaign assistance. The fifth item in the collection is a copy of a letter to Malcolm Johnson that was enclosed in a 1968 letter to Dr. Parker.
Collection ID: MSS 1985-001
Richard Garnett and Sir Edmund Gosse Letters, 1896 and undated
This collection is comprised of two letters. The first letter, dated 1896 and written on British Museum stationary bearing an impression of the British Arms, was written by Garnett to "My dear Forman," regarding a Museum copy of Hero and Leander. Forman is probably Henry Buxton Forman (1842-1917), most famous for his editions of the work of Shelley and Keats. The second letter, not dated, was written by Edmund Gosse of London to "Dear Le Gallienne.", possibly Richard Le Gallienne (1866-1947). Also know as MSS 0-123.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 1964-123
Facsimile Pages From Rare Books, undated
Collection containing facsimile pages from rare books. One page is from the "Life of St. Dorothy" and the "Life of St. Brandon." The second page is written in Latin; source unknown. The third page appears to be from a historical narrative concerning an undetermined tribe of Indians. Each page has note they were purchased from Dawson's Book Shop in 1951.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 1991-004
Flagler Enterprises Letters, 1893
The two manuscript letters, dated 1893, are by George F. Miles, St. Augustine, Florida to Landford Fleming, Esq., C.M.G., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and refer to matters pertaining to Flagler enterprises. Mr. Miles at that time was general manager and director of the Florida Coast Line Canal and Transportation Company with headquarters at St. Augustine, and Mr. Fleming was a stockholder in the "Boston and Florida Land Company." In his letter of March 21, 1893, Mr. Miles expressed concern about the health of Mr. Fleming, and suggested that the delightful climate in Florida could be beneficial to him. About business matters, he wrote: "The country along our waterway is making rapid progress just now. The Canal works are going on, and a railway is being pushed as vigorously as possible through our land grant. In addition to this, Mr. Flagler is just about commencing the construction of a hotel to hold 500 people at Lake Worth and which will be open next winter. And the pine-apple industry on the West Shore of the Indian River is making quite a boom in the price of land. Mr. Flagler bought two places on Lake Worth last week, amounting in all to about 50 acres, for which he paid $103.00. I was with him when he closed the transaction and therefore know the particulars. This place is on the levi of our waterway about 260 miles South of St. Augustine... we effected the reorganization of our company on the 14th inst.; Mr. Flagler was elected president and I was appointed general manager and placed on the board of directors..." On May 1, 1893, Mr. Miles informed Mr. Fleming that he had spent "The last couple of weeks at the Capital of the State arranging for some additional Legislation in connection with our Canal Company... I succeeded in getting our bill through the Senate by a unanimous vote, but it will take a few days before it will be seriously considered in the lower house." He then stated that he had returned to St. Augustine to see about, "starting up our first new dredge which is just about completed, and have to send down the coast for about 150 men... We intend to operate our dredges night and day and hope to have Biscayne Bay connected with the Southern terminals of the new railway - now under construction - by the early part of next season." In closing his letter, he expressed the hope that Mr. Fleming had quite recovered from his illness and urged him to "pay us a visit here." Again, he praised the Florida climate.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 1964-107
Mrs. S. L. Cawthon Letter, October 2, 1914
The letter was written on genuine birch bark by Mrs. S. L. Cawthon, October 2, 1914, while on vacation at Springfield, Vermont, and was addressed to "My Dear Girls." The letter is quite legible and contains some excellent descriptions of the areas in Vermont where she was vacationing. Also known as MSS 0-51.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 1964-051
Florida State College for Women in the 1920s, 1967
"Florida State College for Women in the 1920s" is a term paper written by Mary Ellen Smith in 1967 for her History 427 course. The paper is 15 pages long and includes footnotes and maps of the school from the 1920s. It contains information about the formation of FSCW, its location, and general information about student life.
Collection ID: 00.MSS 96-09
Joseph Carter Papers
This collection is comprised of receipts for payment for dancing lessons made out to and signed by Dr. Joseph Carter. The printed forms are filled out in pen and ink.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 84-08
Venila Lovina Shores papers, 1800-1895
This collection consists of various examples of stationery used during the mid-1800s. The collection contains samples of embossed stationery from 1850-1860 and Rewards of Merrit related to her grandfather, Isaac Gage, and great, great uncle, Horace Randall, both of Vermont. Other names appearing are: Louise Austin, Master Charles Cleveland, Alba Southard, and Albert Egerton. These materials are good examples of the types of envelopes and embossed stationery in use during this time period, and the Rewards of Merrit are especially unique. Also included in the collection are some 30 courtesy cards and a booklet, entitled "Floral Album and Ladies' Companion." There is an envelope addressed to Mr. James Shores of Vermont, showing post mark West Burke, Vermont, 1895, with a two cents stamp, with a return address of E. A. Smith & Co., Spruce and Hard Wood Lumber, West Burke, Vermont. Items in this collection were formerly cataloged under MSS 0-226 containing MSS 0-225.
Collection ID: MSS 1958-225
Mode L. Stone Collection, 1940-1978
Items belonging to FSU professor (1946-1973) and Dean of Education (1956-1967).  Items include correspondence, programs, booklets, photographs, slides and personal papers.
Collection ID: HP-2011-018
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2011-0616
Nikola R. Pribic Papers, 1954-1964, bulk 1964-1988
The Nikola R. Pribic Collection consists of correspondence and news clippings in the following languages: English, Czech, German, and Russian. The papers highlight his work as a professor teaching, conducting research within the field of modern languages and literature, and on how he was of service to the University and community.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2011-0515
Florida Letters, 1846-1920
Photocopies of letters:
Collection ID: MSS 0-172
Mack McElderry Papers, 1963-2004
Manuscripts, music CDs, and books by Mack McElderry.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2010-1022a
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2010-1022
Ann Kirn Collection, 1939-1974
The collection consists of books, with corresponding manuscripts, galleys and artwork related to each book. The books are accompanied by different versions of manuscripts, and both author's and editor's galleys, along with layout sketches and early drawings for each book.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2011-0928
Bartholomew Lynch Journal, 1836-1839
Journal in manuscript kept by US Army Private Bartholomew M. Lynch, commanded by Lieutenant John Graham during the Florida War. Early entries document his training and travel from New York to Florida on board the "Southern liner called America." Includes an eyewitness description of the captive Seminole leader Osceola, dated May 2, 1837. Pages one and two are missing; page three begins with an entry for October 3, 1836.
Collection ID: MSS 0-180
Mary Cobb Nelson Scrapbook, 1923-1952
The Mary Cobb Nelson Scrapbook consists of photographs and ephemeral items related to her years as a Florida State College for Women student from 1923 to 1928.
Collection ID: 00.HP-2010-037
S. E. Gontarski Norman Mailer Collection, 1954-1995
Periodicals, posters, and postcard which include articles, reviews, profiles, essays, fiction, and images by and about Norman Mailer.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 1996-1226
Lewis Family Reunion Collection
Collection consists of three items: 1.) Framed photograph of a group of Tallahassee citizens assembled on the porch of Mrs. B. C. Lewis for the Lewis family reunion. Pictured are Hale T. Blocker, George W. Betton, Mrs. Reinette J. Gamble, Mrs. Sarah L. Lewis, Mrs. M. L. Demilly and others. 2.) Housed in an open frame, a handwritten booklet containing a collection of biographies and signatures of Tallahassee citizens, many of whom attended the Lewis family reunion. 3.) Also housed in the same frame with item 2, typed transcript from "The Floridian" 1896, describing the reunion.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 91-8
Collection ID: MSS 0-182
May McNeer Up a Crooked River manuscript, 1952
An edited manuscript and galley sheets for Up a Crooked River.
Collection ID: MSS 0-336
James Madison Message and Picture
Dated December 7, 1813.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 0-278
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2011-0519b
W. H. Lindsey account books, Undated
General store ledgers for household merchandise. Stores appeared to exist in the vicinity of Tallahassee, FL. Items are part of Southern Business History Center collections.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2014-0211
Dorothea Leona Dubler Papers, 1959-2010, bulk 1985-1998
Published and unpublished poetry, chapbooks, documents, scrapbooks, photographs, and slides documenting the life and work of poet Dorothea Leona Dubler, 1959-2010.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2011-0503
Design of the Washington Monument
A lithograph of the design by Robert Mills for the Washington National Monument was given to contributors to the fund for the building of the monument. This copy is dated February 28, 1867.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 1-03
Scrapbook, 1942-1943
A scrapbook donated to the Alumni Association. The creator of the scrapbook is unknown, but was most likely an education major at Florida State College for Women.
Collection ID: HP-2007-088
Journal of Library History Editorial Board Records, 1967-1973
Agenda and minutes of meetings of the Journal of Library History editorial board. Includes some correspondence, a Directory of Library Historians Preliminary Edition, and an agenda of the Fourth Library History Seminar from 1971.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 1992-011
Victoria J. Lewis Scrapbook, 1940-1944, bulk 1940-1944
Scrapbook of Florida State College for Women student, Victoria J. Lewis, class of 1944 (BS, Education). Items include photographs of her friends, and memorabilia related to her participation in the F Club, Evens, Esteren, and other student organizations.
Collection ID: 00.HP-2007-079
Helen Smoyer Pope Collection, 1927-1930
The collection contains photographs and memorabilia related to Florida State College for Women, 1927-1930.
Collection ID: HP-2008-020
Cromartie Land Records, 1868, 1870
Documentation of the land holdings of Alexander Cromartie (1807-1870) of Leon County, Florida.  Includes an 1868 manuscript land indenture transferring two parcels of land to Cromartie's son, Alexander G. Cromartie; and an 1870 map by surveyor W. L. Robeson, detailing the division of Cromartie's 978 acres near Lake Iamonia after his death.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2017-001
Katherine Moore Morse Collection, 1891 - 2007, bulk 1943 - 1947
The Katherine Moore Morse Collection includes several playbills and photographs from productions at Florida State College for Women (FSCW); mementos from Miss Sarah Thomson, an FSCW distinguished faculty member; class work from her Speech and Theater classes; various scripts; newspaper clippings related to Morse herself or FSCW; general memorabilia from Zeta Phi Eta, an honorary fraternity related to the Speech and Communication Arts; general memorabilia from FSCW during the 1940s; and correspondence from one of her aunts.
Collection ID: MSS 2007-027
Lee David Bowen Collection, 1990-2005, bulk 1999-2004
The Lee Bowen Collection contains Bowen's broadcast notebooks, game scorecards, game statistics charts, player statistics notebooks, and memorabilia documenting the broadcast career at Florida State University of a leading collegiate sportscaster and baseball statistician. It is a significant resource for researchers studying collegiate baseball broadcasting and history.
Collection ID: 00.MSS 2005-010
Committee of 30 Scrapbooks, 1998-2004
The Committee of 30 Scrapbooks document the activities of this group, formed in 1998, for the purpose of recognizing the 30th year celebration of women's intercollegiate athletics at Florida State University. Contents include articles from the Florida State Times, Report to Boosters, and Tallahassee Democrat newspapers, fact sheets, invitations, and programs. Covers 1998-2005.
Collection ID: 00.MSS 2008-021
David G. Hortin Collection, 1955-1956
The collection consists of the 1955 freshman Rat Cap, and the 1955-1956 freshman basketball uniform (number 54) belonging to David G. Hortin when he was a member of the team. The freshman basketball team uniforms were the "hand-me-downs" from the varsity team. At the end of the season the players were permitted to keep the uniforms.
Collection ID: 00.HP-2010-052
Letter from Samuel W. Wolcott to his brother, Eben P. Wolcott, May 26, 1863
Letter from Union soldier Samuel W. Wolcott to his brother, Eben P. Wolcott, a soldier elsewhere, May 26, 1863, sent from St. Augustine during the Civil War. 3 ¼ pages, 4to, St. Augustine. Letter describes conditions in St. Augustine and the possibility of furloughs, as well as Samuel's recent duty as census-taker for the area. Includes transcript. The Wolcotts were from Litchfield County, Connecticut.  Sam Wolcott was a Private in Co. F, 7th CT Vols., and his younger brother Eben was in the 28th CT Vols. Eben died of disease in 1863, and Samuel was killed in action in August 1864.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2011-004
Florida State University Role and Scope Reports, 1939-1976
Correspondence, questionnaires, reports and various publications. The materials in this collection consist of role and scope reports from various parts of Florida State University. Subjects covered by these materials include: academic affairs, budget, business operations, course development, research bibliography, faculty, internal questionnaires, organization and administration, goals, physical plant facilities, physical education, research, students, student life, College of Arts and Sciences, student welfare, enrollment data, alumni, Florida Council of 100, graduate school, letters to department heads, Library School, Library self-study, public relations, School of Business, School of Social Welfare, School of Education, School of Home Economics, School of Music, School of Nursing, higher education in Florida, Texas Christian University, University of Florida, and questionnaires to students.
Collection ID: 00.MSS 90-32
Verlie T. Robinson Collection, 1916-1970, bulk 1919-1925
This collection consists of materials collected by Verlie T. Robinson, a 1925 graduate of Florida State College for Women. Included are bills, certificates, notebooks, grade reports, field day materials, and a memory book.
Collection ID: HP-2007-126
Scarborough Gifts: Morgan and Carn Papers, 1892-1924
Several booklets, pamphlets, and other catalogues pertaining to past history of Florida State University and its predecessor institutions. Especially interesting is a catalogue of the Seminary West of the Suwannee River, 1892-1893, and a Programme of the 42nd Annual Commencement of the Seminary held at Munro's Opera House, June 9, 1893. Many names familiar to Tallahassee appear on this program and in the catalogue. At this time the Board of Visitors was made up of four prominent citizens of north Florida: E.P. Dismukes of Quincy, William Miller of Port Washington, Samuel Pasco of Monticello, and E.J. Vann of Madison. Unique among Mr. Scarborough's gifts is one of Hazeltine's miniature Almanacs, the Pocketbook Almanac of 1893, measuring 1.5x2 inches, apparently distributed by Dr. J.M. Carn. However, this particular tiny Almanac bears evidence of having been kept by Dr. Carn as a sort of Birthday Book, as family names were written on a number of the pages.
Collection ID: MSS 0-215
N. Orwin Rush Letters, 1956-1966
This collection consists of letters to and from Dr. Orwin Rush concerning such matters as book fund allocations and experimental colleges.
Collection ID: MSS 92-12
Lillian M. Mandyck Photograph Album, 1947-1951
The personal photographs of Florida State University student Lillian M. Mandyck (formerly Lillian Mook), class of 1951 (BA, Spanish), loaned to Heritage Protocol for digitization.
Collection ID: 00.HP-2009-010
Moses and Esther Dametry Collection of Books and Memorabilia, Dummy Date
Note to researchers: This collection is in process, and portions remain unavailable to researchers at this time. Please contact FSU Libraries Special Collections & Archives for more information.
Collection ID: 01.##qt8
Edward and Marion Aitchison European Tour Diary, 1938
Diary of European Tour of Edward and Marion Aitchison, St. Petersburg, FL. Sailing Sept. 22, 1938 from New York City, aboard Hamburg-American Express for Hamburg, Germany. Returning Oct. 15, 1938 from Southampton, England aboard Nord Lloyd Liner Europa for New York City. Diary includes photographs of scenes in Berlin, Munich, London, and Paris.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2011-0606
Collection ID: 00.HPUA 2014-073
Dr. Bertram Davis Newspaper Collection, 1682-1810
Collection of 17th-19th century newspapers from London and Nottingham, England and Edinburgh, Scotland. Includes MSS 90-13, MSS 90-14, MSS 90-15 and MSS 90-16.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 1990-012
Sir Leon Radzinowicz Papers, 1938-2003, bulk 1940-1965
The Sir Leon Radzinowicz Papers consists of materials created or collected by Radzinowicz from the time he immigrated to the United Kingdom in 1938 until just before his death in 1999. It principally reflects his work as a criminologist during the period and his extensive work as a legal scholar and author.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2013-0729
Ella Scoble Opperman Papers, 1719-1963, bulk 1900-1963
Correspondence, articles, speech material, notebooks, daybooks, music record books, photographs, memorabilia, and legal records documenting the personal and professional life of Ella Scoble Opperman, the first Dean of the Florida State College for Women School of Music. Includes Opperman family papers.
Collection ID: 00.MSS 1969-196
Barbara McCrimmon Research Collection, 1895-1993, bulk 1975-1993
Letters and research materials of Barbara McCrimmon, Florida State University alumna, mainly concerning her time spent drafting the biography of Dr. Richard Garnett.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2001-01
Florida Archaeology Scrapbook, 1928-1937
The scrapbook consists of newspaper clippings, from 1928 through 1937, which are not arranged in chronological order, relating to Indian mounds and relics found in Florida. A label on the cover reads: "Archaeology, Ethnology, Indian Mounds."
Collection ID: 01.MSS 1967-111
Lucile Gregory Papers, 1911-1961, bulk 1907-1911
Text of an oration by Lucile Gregory given when she was a senior at Florida State College for Women (FSCW) in 1911. Includes a typed transcript and explanatory sheet, signed by Elizabeth Levin Rosenquist, July 22, 1976. Class record of Lucile Gregory at FSCW, 1907-1908. She was awarded B.S. degree in 1911. Photocopy included.
Collection ID: 00.MSS 1976-011
Louise Richardson Night Before Christmas Collection, 1861-1995
Includes periodicals, articles, musical works, greeting cards, and artifacts related to Clement C. Moore's poem "A Visit From St. Nicholas" (frequently published as "The Night Before Christmas"). Content includes full or partial reproductions of the poem, parodies, histories, and commentaries, as well as adaptations of the poem to advertisements and popular music.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 12-24
Nonesuch Press Collection, 1924-1963, bulk 1924-1939
Book prospectus pamphlets from Nonesuch Press (1924-1963) and two letters of correspondence from the Nonesuch Press to book buyers. The prospectuses include detailed descriptions of the selections of literary works that will be made available through the Nonesuch Press for the determined year. Information about each publication includes the original author, the quality of the paper, the materials used to bind the book, the size of the book, and information about the illustrations.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2011-0518
William Thomas (W. T.) Cash Papers, approximately 1878-1951
A collection of papers by William Thomas (W.T.) Cash. Notably, this collection contains the manuscript for his book Biennials. Personal business ledgers and other short manuscripts are also housed in this collection.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 2011-0614a
L. Janet Wells Collection, 1932-1970
The collection includes pins relating to Janet Wells' involvement in FSCW athletics, the Esterens (the honor society for the Evens), and the FSU Garnet Key Honor Society. The collection also features the L. Janet Wells Scrapbook, which contains photographs and ephemeral items and documents relating to Janet Wells' time as a student at Florida State College for Women. Lastly, two Odd caps and a trash bin labeled "FSCW" are part of the collection.
Collection ID: HP-2009-002
Henry Simpson papers, 1849-1919
This collection contains a holograph letter from Henry Simpson to George Bancroft, dated December 21, 1849, and is accompanied by a typed transcription. Also in the collection is a handwritten note from Winston Churchill of the University Club, to W. H. Lowdenmilk and Company, dated May 1, 1919. Another handwritten note is from J. Sparks to "Dear P." concerning the return of "Mr. Cooledge" from Europe. As well, there is a handwritten statement in Latin.
Collection ID: MSS 95-7
Janet Price Collection, 1917-1919
This collection includes memorabilia and photographs from the Florida State College for Women (FSCW) dated 1917 to 1919. Many items are attached to sheets of black construction paper including a Liberty Day Program, a Grade Report for Lois A. Turner, a supper menu from the Leon Hotel, and a FSCW Christmas Vespers church program. The collection also contains many photos including a few that were probably taken at a sea-side excursion and some that portray Lois Turner Burke.
Collection ID: MSS 1996-024
Hardy Bryan Croom Papers, 1831-1837
Photocopies of pages from letterbook containing correspondence, mostly from Hardy B. Croom to his brother Bryan Croom. There is also correspondence from Hardy B. Croom to his wife, Frances, to Seth P. Lewis, Thomas Baltrell, Dr. John Torrey, John B. Carrol, Henry Gaskins, and Samuel C. Bellamy. The letters were written from Newboern and Ruston, N.C., New Orleans, La., Baltimore, Md., Philadelphia, Pa., New York, Tallahassee, Fl., Charleston, S.C., and Augusta, Ga.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 1991-010
Florida postcard collection, 1952-1954
This collection consists of four postcards related to Tallahassee and Florida State University history. One card is of the John Ringling Mansion in Sarasota, Florida, postmarked 1952. One is a greeting card from Florida State University in Tallahassee, postmarked 1953. One is of the Tomb of Prince and Princess Murat in Tallahassee, postmarked 1954. The last card is of Trinity Methodist Church in Tallahassee, postmarked 1953.
Collection ID: MSS 2000-08
Richard Harding Davis Letter, undated
This collection consists of one letter written by Davis on May 21, but the year is not given. It is addressed to a Mrs. Fairchild, and regards typed copies of a manuscript to be delivered to the Hotel Webster. The photograph in the collection is of Davis and his dogs.
Collection ID: MSS 2000-01
Richard Alan Nelson collection, 1898-1980
This collection contains newspaper articles on the movie industry in Florida from 1898 to 1980.
Collection ID: 01.MSS 85-17
Proposed Rules of the Florida State University, 1975
The proposed rules were created by the Office of the Vice President of University Relations for Florida State University. The many topics covered by the rules changes include admission requirements; degree requirements; departmental bylaws; disbursement of tax-free alcohol; faculty tenure and promotion; parking regulations; program requirements; and University property regulations. The collection is divided by rule subsection, each folder containing one subsection. However, the last six folders in the collection contain all the subsections of a rule in one folder.
Collection ID: 00.MSS 2007-025
George L. Waas Collection, Date acquired: 10/01/2015
The collection was given by George L. Waas in October of 2015. It contains materials related to his time serving as the Editor in Chief of the Florida Flambeau, a member of the Florida Bar Association, and document his long career as a litigator in the State of Florida. Included in the collection are correspondence, newspaper articles, photographs and monographs written by Mr. Waas.
Collection ID: 03.MSS 2015-1001
Eva Mae Atwood Papers, 1902-1969
The Eva Mae Atwood Papers consist of correspondence dated 1902-1969, memorabilia, photographs and negatives, postcards, a funeral memory book for Dr. Edward Leland Atwood, scrapbooks, and a publication entitled, "A Brief Guide to the Collections of the Art Institute of Chicago."
Collection ID: 00.MSS 1986-001
Hampton Dunn Papers
This collection consists of an advance set of unbound sheets, including dust jacket, of Yesterday's Tallahassee, by Hampton Dunn. They are accompanied by a letter from Ernest A. Seeman, President of E. A. Seemann Publishing, Inc., of Miami, Florida, to Malcolm B. Johnson, Editor of the Tallahassee Democrat.
Collection ID: MSS 96-1
Seminary West of the Suwannee Receipts, 1899-1902
Consists of drafts from the Seminary West of the Suwanne River. From 1899 to 1901. Includes a draft to the First National Bank of Tallahassee, Florida, an itemized disbursement schedule, and a report of Treasurer of Dormitories, Arthur Williams, to President A. A. Murphree.
Collection ID: MSS 1996-019
Barbara Morrison Secretary of State war ballot scrapbook, November 7, 1942
Scrapbook of the Administration of the Official War Ballot in the Office of Secretary of State. A project done by Barbara Morrison, 'intern' in the Office of the Secretary of State. Subject is World War II absentee war ballots. It documents the administration of Public Law 712 (Federal) which provides for absentee voting by service personnel serving away from place of residence.
Collection ID: MSS 1-19
Odd Demonstration Play, 1940
One typed manuscript; believed to be an Odd demonstration play. A parody of royal court drama featuring the efforts of Prince Evenskey to prevent Prince Oddwin's ascension to the throne of Flastacovia.
Collection ID: MSS 1996-022
Northrup Collection
One leather-bound photo album inscribed 'Compliments of Mr. M M Northrup to Mrs. M M Northrup, Utica, N. Y., Dec 25th 186(?)' Album contains family portraits in tin-type, ferro-type and sepia-prints, as well as Mr. Northrup's signed Temperance League pledge card counter-signed by J. B. Van (V?)orst, President, and (J?) E. (J?)ady, Secretary, dated Oct, 1863.
Collection ID: MSS 96-18
Catherine Welch Collection, Dummy Date
Brown leather binder with zipper, Florida State College for Women (FSCW) logo on cover. ID tag inside identifies Ms. Catherine Welch of Renolds Hall, 2nd floor, rm. 145 as the owner. Also in collection is a small white vinyl wallet with Ms. Welch's home address and the logo of FSCW embossed on front.
Collection ID: MSS 96-21
Beulah Pipkin Papers, 1924-1985
The Beulah Pipkin papers include clippings, correspondence, and memorabilia. The clippings, dated from 1924 to 1985, concern Florida State University (FSU) history and include some from the Polk County Quarterly. Among the correspondence are letters from Ella Bisbee to Pipkin regarding a fifty year reunion class biography book and letter from FSU to Pipkin. The majority of the correspondence is from the 1970s. Included in the memorabilia is a citation from FSU and a letter from the director of the Alumni Association to Beulah Pipkin dated October 1969.
Collection ID: MSS 1996-016
Roscoe Ralph Oglesby Collection, 1924-1945
The Roscoe Ralph Oglesby Collection is comprised of personal correspondence and memorabilia. The correspondence, dated November 26, 1928 to May 17, 1934, includes letters from Harrel N. Tague and representatives of the YMCA as well as a letter from Governor George C. Perry of Virginia (18 items). The memorabilia, dated 1929 to 1945, includes programs from various stage productions and YMCA functions and a signed appointment from Governor Perry (44 items).
Collection ID: MSS 1996-014
Photos of 3 Governor's Wives
This collection consists of 3 photos of governor's wives: Mary Call Collins on porch of the Columns, Julia Burnett Bryant in North garden at Governor's Mansion, Mary Agnes Groover (Mrs. Spessard Holland). There is also a piece of paper describing the dress that Julia Burnett Bryant is wearing. The photo of Mary Agnes Groover is dated 1941-1945 but the others are undated.
Collection ID: MSS 2001-06
Margaret Stout Collection, 1934-1938
This collection consists of photographs from the Florida State College for Women, including Camp Flastacowo, clippings and memorabilia.
Collection ID: MSS 96-17
Biography of J.T. Bernard, undated
This collection consists of a three page handwritten biography of J.T. Bernard (born August 20, 1829-died 1909).
Collection ID: MSS 2001-09
Florida State University Planning Committee Minutes, March 26, 1948 - March 28, 1949
The Florida State University Planning Committee Minutes contains not only the minutes of this organization for the March 26, 1948 through March 28, 1949 period, but also related items, such as reports from the Functions Sub-Committee and the Sub-Committees on Housing, Committees, and General Education. Two letters from Chairman Hogarth to President Campbell are also included, as well as a questionnaire from civil engineering company Bail, Horton and Associates regarding future University facility functions and needs, and two memoranda from the Library staff, signed by Director Louise Richardson, to the Planning Committee regarding current and future library facility needs. Among topics covered in the items of the collection are facilities, curricula, and housing issues.
Collection ID: MSS 2003-010
Matriculation Book, 1887-1888
Matriculation book, Session 1887-88, Seminary West of the Suwannee. Inscribed on end paper: "Miss Susie E. Cameron."
Collection ID: MSS 1995-002
Mary Ellen Smith Papers, December 4, 1967
Florida State College for Women in the 1920s" is a term paper written by Mary Ellen Smith in 1967 for her History 427 course. The paper is 15 pages long and includes footnotes and maps of the school from the 1920s. It contains information about the formation of FSCW, its location, and general information about student life.
Collection ID: MSS 96-9