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Betty S. Gilson papers, 1943-1946, bulk 1943-1945
Betty S. and husband John Gilson were both medical doctors in residence in Cleveland, Ohio until John was called on active duty in the Navy. The letters in this collection were exchanged from 1944-1945 and discuss his experience in the Navy as well has her struggles on the homefront with balancing child care and professional duties while her husband served away in the U.S. Navy.
Collection ID: 02.00.0209
Frances and Lamar "Duke" Campbell collection, 1941-1963
This collection contains a Pre-World War II photograph album of Shanghai, a photograph album of construction of the base and social life on Samar, Philippines,  cruise books from 1958 and 1959 commemorative cruises of the USS Stribling, commissioned 1945. The collection also contains a Fall 1957 Oak Leaf yearbook of the US Navy Supply Corps School, Athens, GA, with biographies of students from former German and Japanese World War II navies as well as American students. A 1963 cruise book commemorates the USS Yancey, commissioned 1944. Also included is a U.S. Navy alpaca lined coat, white navy dress pants and jacket, white navy hat, two brand new green fatigue pants, new green fatigue shirt, three navy dress blue pants.
Collection ID: 02.15.0042
Marcia Watts papers, 1943
This collection consists of an oral history interview transcript of Marcia Wilkinson who served with the USO on the home front during World War II. This collection also contains personal photographs.
Collection ID: 02.03.0065
John R. Long papers, 1939-1992
This collection contains various materials that belonged to U.S. Navy Roman Catholic Chaplain John Robert Long, who served in the U.S. Navy from 1944-1966. The collection includes photographs, publications, religious literature and personal correspondence.
Collection ID: 02.00.0556
Natalia Grauer Rosenbald transcript, 1939-2004, bulk 1939-1945
Natalia Grauer Rosenbald's oral history outlines her life growing up in Krakow, Poland and her experiences in the Krakow ghetto, Mauthausen, and Ravensbrück. She speaks about hiding, dog attacks, working in the crematorium sorting clothes, stealing food, the Death March, how the SS tried disguising themselves with the advance of the Allies, liberation, reprisal shootings, finding her family after the war, living in Cyprus, Israel, Australia, and Germany before settling in the United States. She concludes her oral history with her experiences talking at schools about the Holocaust, visiting Auschwitz, and her message to the world about the Holocaust.
Collection ID: 02.04.0246
Melvin James Kelly papers, 1943-1945
This collection contains World War II locally published U.S. Navy Seabees news bulletins. which contain articles about the recruitment, expansion and war time activities of the Navy Construction Battalions, the CBs or Seabees.
Collection ID: 02.15.0029
Tallahassee World War II Historical Society photographs, 1942-1945, bulk 1944-1945
This collection contains seven World War II U.S. Army Air Corps related photographs: 1) Line of parked P-51s at unidentified airfield, 2) Ladd Army Airfield, 3) P-39s taking off (photo from Bell Aircraft Corporation),4) P-51 "Buffalo Belle," 5) A C-47 Sky Train, 6) Cartoon of Japanese occupation of Kiska Harbor, 7) B-24 "My Baby" and crew: John C. Bechtel, Navigator; Robert A. Weiss, Pilot; R. C. Murphy, Co-Pilot; E. R. Michael, Bombardier; A. Centore, Ball Turret Gunner; L.J. Binghold, Radio Operator; W. M. Leighton, Nose Gunner and Assistant Engineer; J.W. Shupping, Top Turret Gunner; E. R. Herron--Tail Turret Gunner and Assistant Radio Operator; J. E. Williamson, Engineer.
Collection ID: 02.15.0038
Raymond Lucitt collection, 1941-1947, bulk 1942-1945
Air Raid Warden Manual, Newark Defense Council, Red Cross First Aid Book, 1941 War Department Soldier's Manual, 1917 Soldier's French Course Book. In addition to Lucitt's Selective Service papers, this collection is of interest to anyone seeking to know what a GI might have carried on a daily basis. Well-worn papers include a Soldiers' Deposit Receipt, Notice of Classification, Army Exchange Service Ration Card European Theater of Operation United States Army (ETOUSA), leave permission slip, Army Exchange Ration Card, Meal Ticket, pay stub, United States Army 16 mm Projection Operators Permit. Also included are an air raid warden's pocket "Summary of Chemical Warfare Agents," and "Pocket Notes on Identification of German Units" dated January 1941, and a Individual Equipment List from Fort McClellan.
Collection ID: 02.15.0034
Jean Crosby Olsen collection, 1937-2007
This collection relates to Jean Crosby Olsen who served as an American Red Cross worker during and after World War II. This collection consists mostly of photographs taken by Olsen, personal artifacts from her deployments in France, Japan, and Guam (mainly pamphlets and booklets), as well as two nurses' caps, various Red Cross pins, and official I.D. card. This collection, in particular, reveals much about immediate post-war life in France and Japan, as well as an insight into China in the last year of Nationalist rule.
Collection ID: 02.12.0008
Guy M. Edwards photographs, 1941-1945, bulk 1944-1945
Untitled private photographs taken on the ground across Europe while Edwards served with the 10th Photographic Reconnaissance Group and the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Group.
Collection ID: 02.15.0043
Werner R. Ulrich collection, 1942-1948, bulk 1942-1945
Architectural drawings with narrative explanations prepared by Werner Ulrich about the United States Family Internment Camp, Crystal City, TX. Also provided are lists of internees by country of origin as well as copies of the death certificates of internees who died in the camp.
Collection ID: 02.15.0040
Laura Elizabeth Smith Hiott scrapbook, 1942-1945, bulk 1942-1945
Scrapbook of military base letterheads, booklets: The WAC, Manual for Civil Defense. Also included are newspaper articles from Miami Herald and the Jacksonville (Florida) Times-Union which reveal Ms. Smith Hiott's perspective on major events during the war and often focus on service women.
Collection ID: 02.15.0039
Roy S. and Viva Simmons papers, 1933-1999
This collection relates to Viva Simmons and husband Staff Sergeant Roy Samuel Simmons, 152nd Infantry Regiment, 38th Infantry Division who was killed in action on May 16, 1945 in Luzon, Philippines. This collection contains letters, documents, photographs, ephemera, artifacts, Silver Star Medal, and Purple Heart Medal related to U.S. Army Infantry service of Roy S. Simmons and homefront wife Viva Simmons.
Collection ID: 02.99.0052
Robert L. Wilson transcript, 1939-2005, bulk 1939-1946
The Sergeant Robert L. Wilson transcript describes his experiences as a truck driver in the 63rd Infantry Division in France and Germany during World War II.
Collection ID: 02.06.0130
Sylwester B. Knap papers, 1939-2002, bulk 1939-1945
The Sylwester B. Knap papers contain an oral history transcript and a political prisoner certificate. Knap's oral history focuses on his childhood during the time World War II began in Europe which includes attempting to find refuge in Czestochowa, his experiences in the Gross-Rosen concentration camp, forced labor, mistreatment, camp selections, contracting Typhus, liberation, becoming wounded, finding his family after the war, his uncles involvement in the resistance movement, and his feelings toward talking about the war.
Collection ID: 02.02.0507
Howard E. Morgan Collection, 1939-2002, bulk 1941-1945
The collection contains letters, photos, POW manuscripts, Morgan's Diary, newspaper articles, telegraphs, and prison camp postcards. Also contained are correspondence letters written between members of the 17th Pursuit Squadron throughout the decades following the end of the Second World War.  It covers the years 1939-2001.
Collection ID: 02.02.0077
Margery Ann Tully collection, 1933-2001, bulk 1933-1961
This collection contains materials related to Margery Ann Tully and her husband Horace L. Tully who served with the 31st Special Naval Construction Battalion during World War II on Saipan and Japan.  The collection contains newspapers; military newsletters/bulletins, including the "Sea Bee" and others; postcards, including a set from Seabee Training Camp at Camp Peary, VA; personal photographs at Saipan and various Japanese cities; photographs of the USS Saratoga (CV-3) and USS Lexington (CV-2) at the Panama Canal and crews; a large-scale group photograph and program from the USS Lexington Farewell Ball; Japanese currency and postage stamps; and ephemera.  Also included is a large scrapbook of pasted newspaper articles, newspaper photographs, and ephemera that document the expansion of the U.S. Navy battleships and aircraft carriers during the 1920's and early 1930's.
Collection ID: 02.13.0073
Charles P. Campbell papers, 1945-1997, bulk 1945
Charles Campbell was bombardier on a B-17 who was shot down over Linz, Austria and captured by the Germans. While in captivity, he was sent to Mauthausen concentration camp and managed to keep a journal of his experiences there. He served with the 483rd Bombardment Group. Just prior to the war's end, Campbell was transferred to an unidentified Stalag and credits this with saving his life. The collection includes reproductions of 483rd Bomb Group artwork, a statement and picture of the Mauthausen concentration camp from after the war, a World War II memoir with pictures and documents and a copy of his obituary.
Collection ID: 02.02.0288
Howard E. Carraway papers, 1942-1948
This collection includes the letters and correspondence of Naval Officer Howard E. Carraway, as well as one photograph of Carraway.
Collection ID: 02.97.0002
John Richard Pandora papers, 1945-1946, bulk 1945
John Richard Pandora served in the U.S. Army during World War II in Austria. This collection contains letters from a friend Richard Boucher, who served in the U.S. Navy, European currency, photographs, a postcard, and a copy of a newspaper article.
Collection ID: 02.00.0300
U.S.S. Maddox papers, 1942-1998
The U.S.S. Maddox Papers contain records pertaining to two destroyers named after Captain William A.T. Maddox of the United States Marine Corps. Maddox (DD-622) was launched September 15 1942, and sunk in the Mediterranean on July 10, 1943. Maddox (DD-731) was launched on March 19, 1944, and was decommissioned in 1969.
Collection ID: 02.97.0001
Raymond F. Bricker papers, 1940-1944, bulk 1941
This collection contains a transcript of an interview with Raymond F. Bricker conducted by David Gregory on April 17, 1999.  It details his time in the U.S. Army from 1941 through 1945. Raymond F. Bricker served with the 82nd Airborne Division during World War II.
Collection ID: 02.99.0472
James Wesley Fackler papers, 1943-1945
James Wesley Fackler served as a U.S. Navy corpsman during World War II in a medical company that directly supported the U.S. Marines during the Battle of Okinawa. The collection includes the daily log of Medical Company C for the period April-June 1945 while the company was in direct support of the 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division on Okinawa.
Collection ID: 02.98.0161
Russel L. Bruno transcript, 1944-1946, bulk 1945
This collection contains a copy of the manuscript A Tank Across Europe by Michael Bruno.  It is a record of his father, Russel L. Bruno's experiences in World War II who served with the 778th Tank Battalion.
Collection ID: 02.99.0385
Henry H. Marsh collection, 1940-1956, bulk 1940-1946
This collection relates to Henry H. Marsh who enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1940 and served with the 1st Marine Division, 1st Battalion, 11th Marine Regiment, in the Pacific on Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Oro Bay, New Guinea, Cape Gloucester, New Britain, and the Russell Island Group. The collection contains military records, a letter, ephemera, artifacts and a book.
Collection ID: 02.98.0342
Kenneth F. Cameron papers, 1941-1946, bulk 1943-1946
This collection relates to Kenneth F. Cameron of Portland, Maine who provided a telephone interview on February 8, 2001, concerning his experiences in the U.S. Navy during World War II. The collection contains an oral history interview transcript.
Collection ID: 02.08.0042
Arthur G. Johnson papers, 1942-2001, bulk 1942-1945
Arthur G. Johnson served in a U.S. Navy Construction Battalion (Seabee) from December 1942 through the end of World War II. This collection consists of an oral history interview transcript. In the transcript, Johnson recounts his experiences from basic training to North Africa, then on to Banica River in the South Pacific, Okinawa and back to Guam where he broke his neck, taking him out of the war. The interview also talks generally about the Seabees, family life after the war, camaraderie with the Marines, and censorship.
Collection ID: 02.02.0401
James E. Flynn collection, 1941-1957, bulk 1941-1945
This collection relates to Master Sergeant James E. Flynn who served as a technician gunner with the 12th Bombardment Group (Medium),  83rd Bombardment Squadron, in North Africa, Italy, and Burma, as well as a photo gunner with the 3rd Photo Reconnaissance Squadron on Guam during World War II. The collection consists of paper memorabilia and material objects from his service from 1942-1945. The medals included a Purple Heart and Air Medal. Flynn served as a member of the prewar U.S. Army and went on to serve in the Korean conflict. His collection consists of documents from his military service, newspaper articles, photographs, silk and cloth maps, medals, and patches.  Images of the North African Campaign include German Afrika Korps and allied equipment, as well as desert scenes.
Collection ID: 02.07.0041
Jack H. Heinzel transcript, 1941-2000, bulk 1941-1945
Oral history of U.S. Army Air Corps B-17 Co-Pilot Colonel Jack H. Heinzel, an American prisoner of war who survived the Bataan death march and subsequent "Hell Ships" starting in April of 1942. The collection contains one folder with fifteen pages detailing this airman's experience of these atrocities.
Collection ID: 02.00.0009
Kenneth D. Kelly papers, 1943-1999, bulk 1943-1945
Kenneth D. Kelly served in the 78th US Naval Construction Battalion during World War II on New Caledonia, the Admiralty Islands, and on Okinawa. Included in his collection are a number of news articles related to the Seabees, his typed memoir, and a copy of the unit's battalion log.
Collection ID: 02.00.0366
Edward L. Herp papers, 1942-1998
The Edward L. Herp papers document Captain Edward Herp's time spent as a radio operator for the 321st Fighter Control Squadron of the 9th Air Force for the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II. The collection contains an oral history, various photographs, the bulk of them taken at the Buchenwald concentration camp, a letter discussing the photographs, personal documents, postcards, and other items that illustrate his service in Great Britain, France, Belgium, Germany, and Czechoslovakia. Also in the oral history, Herp discusses his time spent working at Florida State University for WFSU-TV and as a professor of television production.
Collection ID: 02.97.0067
Walter and Fred Mynarkiewicz Collection, 1939-1945, bulk 1942-1945
This collection contains items from two brothers, Walter and Fred Mynarkiewicz. Walter served as a Machinist Mate Second Class in the U.S. Navy. He was stationed in Trinidad, Hawaii, China, and built landing fields in the Philippines. Fred served in the 346th Infantry Regiment, 87th Infantry Division and was awarded the Bronze Star for Meritorious Service as a Medical Technician. He served during the Battle of the Bulge and liberated concentration camps in Germany.
Collection ID: 02.98.0761
Hurtis "Jack" Lowell Enlow papers, 1943-1952
The Hurtis "Jack" Lowell Enlow papers consist of a diary and various documents relating to his service as an ambulance driver for the 482nd Medical Collection Company. Sergeant Enlow's diary illustrates what life was like as an ambulance driver during the war. He describes in detail the casualties he witnessed, fighting during the Battle of the Bulge, traveling through Europe, basic training, prisoners of war, and the Buchenwald concentration camp. While some descriptions are graphic, they depict the true nature of the war. His documents include photographs taken at Buchenwald, basic training notice, a German train ticket, German advertisement, one Victory Mail letter, post-war customs declarations, Czechoslovakian prayer card, military immunization records, general orders guidelines, letter from a chaplain, post-war mail, road movements map, and smaller certificates.
Collection ID: 02.98.0552
James H. Vander Laan papers, 1942-1953
This World War II collection relates to Sgt. James H. Vander Laan, who served in the United States Army Air Force and was assigned to the 511th bomber squadron in the 351st Bombardment Group. During his service, he trained as a ball-turret gunner and radio operator on a B-17 bomber. The collection consists of documents, letters, photographs, and memorabilia. The documents detail where James H. VanderLaan was stationed, inducted and discharged from service. The letters from James H. Vander Laan are addressed from Germany during his time as a Prisoner of War and are dated from November 7, 1943-November 5, 1944. The photographs are of James H. Vander Laan with his wife Marion Madeley and a photograph portrait of James H. Vander Laan. The memorabilia in the collection consist of newspaper clippings of James H. Vander Laan's capture and release and book clippings from Stalag 17B.
Collection ID: 02.01.0346
Philip Stockton May memoir, 1925-1965, bulk 1943-1948
The collection of Philip Stockton May contains a nine-page memoir. His memoir is about his experience from when he volunteered for the service in 1943 from Jacksonville, Florida to 1965 when he married a U.S. Navy widow.
Collection ID: 02.18.0023
David Westheimer papers, 1941-1945, bulk 1943
This collection relates to David Westheimer who served as a 1st Lieutenant Navigator on a B-24 Bomber with the 457th Bomb Group during World War II and was shot down over Italy where he became a POW. This collection consists of an oral history transcript of David Westheimer.
Collection ID: 02.01.0418
John W. Rockwood papers, 1944-1950, bulk 1944-1945
This collection relates to John W. Rockwood who served with the U.S. Navy during the Second World War in the 145th Construction Battalion Seabees. He served in the Solomon Islands and Okinawa.
Collection ID: 02.99.0321
Billy Thomas Miner collection, 1937-1992, bulk 1937-1945
This collection contains papers and artifacts collected by Billy Thomas Miner, who served during World War II as a Pharmacist's Mate, 1st Class, U.S.Navy. Miner's service brought him honors such as the Marine Expeditionary Force Ribbon, Point System, Victory Medal World War II, Presidential Unit Citation, Navy Good Conduct Medal, and Asiatic Pacific Medal with 4-Stars.
Collection ID: 02.13.0019
Barbara Lane Daley papers, 1944-1946, bulk 1944-1446
This collection pertains to Barbara Lane Daley who served in the US Coast Guard Women's Reserve (SPARS) from 1944 to 1946. She was stationed at the US Coast Guard Headquarters in Washington D.C. The collection contains a photocopy of a scrapbook, photographs, newspaper clippings, ephemera, and various documents including pamphlets, postcards, menus, a restaurant placemat, and certificates. The newspaper clippings in this collection include photocopies as well as the original newspaper clippings of major U.S. events during WWII, such as President Roosevelt's death, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and Japan's surrender. Daley's scrapbook includes photographs of herself, military friends, and other SPARS at the U.S. Coast Guard training station in Palm Beach, Florida.
Collection ID: 02.00.0608
Walter Phillips Collection, 1942
This collection includes a Japanse book, "Daitōa sensō hōdō shashinroku : Taishō kanpatsu 1 shūnen kinen", published by  Tōkyō : Yomiuri Shinbunsha, Shōwa 17 [1942], which was discovered by Walter Phillips in a public school in the northern part of Tokyowhen he was stationed with the 517th Field Artillery Battalion during the Occupation of Japan. The book contains forty plate photographs which commemorated the first year of World War II with the United States.
Collection ID: 02.98.0825
David H. Cole transcript, 1942-1946
This collection consists of an oral history interview transcript of an African American private in the 84th Aviation Squadron during World War II in the European Campaign as he details tensions between black soldiers and white officers.
Collection ID: 02.01.0455
Miller A. Trammell papers, 1943-1945, bulk 1943-1944
This collection contains papers related to Trammel's induction from the first draft notice as well as military issue identification, soldier's individual pay record, immminization register, and request for his job with the Continental Insurance Company to be held for the duration; War and Navy Department Guide Book to Civilian Life, map of New Guinea. Booklet "Memories of Moresby: A Collection of Verse from the Lively Pen of an Allied Serviceman" contains poetry and photographs of interest regarding GI's attitude toward the war as well as indiginous Papuan woman.
Collection ID: 02.15.0027
Martin L. Thach papers, 1943-1946, bulk 1943-1945
Copy of Presidential Unit Citation for Task Unit 78.29 and manuscript "Tall Tales of the South Pacific (and Southern California)." Manuscript describes training in Southern California, meeting Nat King Cole in Los Angeles, duty as a radar operator on a gun boat in the Pacific, and the return home.
Collection ID: 02.15.0026
Ronald D. Risner collection, 1941-1945
United States Office of Price Adminstration War Ration Books Two, Three and Four with many stamps attached.
Collection ID: 02.15.0028
Cecil Blumenstein transcript, 1925-1946, bulk 1944
Cecil Blumenstein (served 1943-1945) discusses his experiences in the 13th Armored Division in Germany in the winter and spring of 1945. Blumenstein was captured and spent a brief period of time in a POW camp before being liberated and sent back to the front. He fought in several engagements. This collection consists of an interview transcript.
Collection ID: 02.00.0597
Arnold Busch papers, 1934-1946, bulk 1943-1946
This collection includes letters written to Arnold Busch, a basketball coach for Calvary Methodist Church in Lakewood, Ohio, by the students he previously coached. Whether drafted or enlisted, many of the men kept up a correspondence with Busch throughout the war years. This collection also includes Calvary Church newsletters and pamphlets, pamphlets regarding persons registered for service, ration books and other rationing documents, and letters returned to Busch because their recipients were MIA, deceased, or relocated. Also included are photographs of Calvary Church activities on the Homefront, the basketball team, and the Calvary Church's V-J Day service as well as a copy of an article in which the photograph was featured. The letters included in this collection discuss subjects such as classes, training, camp life, and local towns wherever they are posted. Some letters contain some sexually explicit material.
Collection ID: 02.07.0102
Leroy Reece transcript, 1942-1945
This collection consists of an oral history interview transcript of Leroy Reece who served as a Private First Class in the United States Army during World War II in the all-black unit, Company B, 317th Engineer Battalion which served in the European Theater.
Collection ID: 02.04.0163
Charlotte D. Mansfield collection, 1915-2017, bulk 1942-1957
Charlotte Mansfield enlisted in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (W.A.A.C.) in 1942 to pursue work in photograph processing for the military. She was part of the first all-women graduating class from Lowry Field Photo School in Colorado, where she was trained to be a photo technician that developed primarily aerial shots in photography labs. Mansfield was stationed at various locations throughout the United States before being transferred to lab work overseas in England and Germany. By this time, W.A.A.C. had transitioned to Women's Army Corps (W.A.C.). Throughout her military service, Mansfield took numerous personal photographs that featured her friends and surroundings. They provide an unparalleled amount of insight into the private lives of W.A.C.s as they negotiated what it meant to serve in World War II. Mansfield reenlisted after the war, eventually becoming part of the Women in the Air Force (W.A.F.), and retired in 1973. Photography remained her passion until her death in 2007.
Collection ID: 02.08.0158
Wilburn Lewis West collection, 1943-1957
This collection relates to Private First Class Wilburn Lewis West who served with the 32nd Photographic Squadron, 5th Reconnaissance Group, U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II.  West was killed in action on April 20, 1944 while aboard a troop transport ship near Algiers, Algeria.  The collection contains letters, documents, and a Purple Heart medal.
Collection ID: 02.02.0163
James D. Hinchliff collection, 1942-1978, bulk 1943-1945
This collection relates to U.S. Army Major James D. Hinchliff who served with the 76th Division Artillery and Field Artillery Training Center (F.A.T.C.) in Kunming, China. He attained the rank of Major in the U.S. Army during his service in China from 1943-1945.  This collection contains two scrapbooks of Hinchliff, which include rich materials of his experiences during WWII in the China Burma India Theater. Those materials include photographs, maps, order books, newspaper cuts, letters, postcards, and artifacts. The materials in the scrapbooks were carefully arranged, and annotated by Hinchliff. Most of the materials of this collection relate to China and training the Chinese Nationalists. Hinchliff also includes many photographs he took during his trips to India.
Collection ID: 02.10.0086
Grafton W. Johnson papers, 1931-1994, bulk 1944-1956
Although the collection was donated in the name of Grafton W. Johnson, who served as a an Army Staff Sergeant in Florida during WWII, the bulk of the collection consists of private papers of his wife, Doris Hightower Johnson, from her childhood until Grafton's death in 1994.
Collection ID: 02.15.0030
Paul and Leonard Gordy collection, 1946-2012
This collection consists of published material, newspaper clippings, interviews, and published unit histories, collected by the Gordy brothers about their war time experience and so represents an important contribution to the field of memory and memorialization. Both brothers served in the U.S. Army Air Corps and as POW's in German camps.
Collection ID: 02.15.0031
Calvin T. Webb papers, 2012-2013, bulk 2013
This collection contains materials related to memory which includes: American Merchant Marine Veterans AMMV Magazine, Winter 2012/2013, Spring 2013, Summer 2013, and Winter 2013/2014; 2002 reprint of The United States Merchant Marine at War; November 5, 2006, The Salt Lake Tribune/Deseret Morning News, "A Tribute To Veterans"  advertising supplement newspaper;  and 2 Just Compensation Committee Merchant Marines lobbying advertisement postcards.
Collection ID: 02.15.0036
William R. Haussmann papers, 1946-2001
This collection relates to William R. Haussmann who served during World War II in the European Theater with the 4th Cavalry Group. This collection contains photographs and a memoir.
Collection ID: 02.01.0094
Edwin Ivy papers, 1941-2000, bulk 1941-1946
The Edwin Ivy papers illustrate 2nd Lieutenant Ivy's service in the Army Air Corps in the 485th Heavy Bombardment Group, 831st Squadron, from 1942-1945 in Italy, France, and Austria where he was shot down and became a prisoner of war in Stalag Luft III. Ivy's oral history encompasses the majority of his collection and provides detail of his military training, time spent in the Army Air Corps, as a prisoner of war, and being discharged. His papers also include the first chapter of Old Man in a Baseball Cap by Fred Rochlin. The chapter describes the significance of remembering the past and passing down experiences to others.
Collection ID: 02.00.0725
Roy Gerald King papers, 1941-1945
This collection of photographs and ship log documents relates to a U.S. Navy sailor who served in the Pacific Campaign on the U.S.S. Alchiba (AKA-6). The photographs depict Torpedo Squadron 3, Cavite Navy Yard, Philippines before, during, and after the December 10th, 1941 Japanese attack on Cavite Navy Yard. Included are images depicting the change of command ceremony for Admiral Francis W. Rockwell at Cavite Navy Yard on November 5, 1941. One image captures PT-31 and the other PT. The ship's log and photographs of the Alchiba reflect the activities of the Alchiba during the Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands landing on August 7, 1942, November 1942, and December 1942. Photographs also included in this collection depict Bob Hope and his Troupe, 310th B-25 Mitchell Bomb Group, Attu, Aleutian Islands, Miami Beach military parade, and troop landing ships.
Collection ID: 02.07.0140
Willard and Anna Carr Collection, 1942-1992, bulk 1942-1946
This collection relates to Samuel Rhea, M.D., Willard Carr, and Anna (Groover) Carr. Dr. Rhea served as a physician with the 377th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion attached to the 4th Infantry Division in the U.S. Army in the European Theater (ETO). Willard Carr served as an officer in the 377th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion and served in the European Theater of Operations. Anna (Groover) Carr served in the Red Cross as Director of the Enlisted Men's Club, Luchbal Barracks in Antwerp, Belgium.
Collection ID: 02.02.0165
Arthur Edwin Brenton papers, 1942-1945, bulk 1944
The collection relates to Arthur Edwin Brenton who served aboard the USS  Pennsylvania battleship during World War II in the Pacific Campaign as a member of the U.S. Marine Guard.  The collection includes a diary, typed transcript of the diary, personal papers, newspaper clippings, as well as ship's newsletters.
Collection ID: 02.98.0391
Roy Willard Meyer papers, 1945, bulk 1945
This collection contains the personal letters of Roy Willard Meyer sent to Clifford Benson, a lifelong friend, during and after World War II.  Though Meyer didn't enter military service until 1944, the letters begin in 1941.  Roy Willard Meyer served with the 15th Army Group as a Clerk typist during the occupation period.
Collection ID: 02.99.0370
Edward T. Burke Jr. Collection, 1940-2003, bulk 1940-1946
The materials in the Edward T. Burke Jr. collection document activities of a U.S. Navy Chief Torpedoman who served on the U.S.S. Broome in the Atlantic and Mediterranean theaters during World War II and his life after the war. i) This collection consists of personal correspondence between Mr. Burke and his wife from 1940 to 1946, military personnel orders, military certificates, a personal journal of Mr. Burke's regarding torpedo notes, photocopies and original copies of pictures depicting civilian life and naval life, papers covering post-war memorial involvement, Four Piper Destroyer Fellowship materials, video interviews of Edward T. Burke Jr., World War II documentaries, and military artifacts including lapel pins and medals.
Collection ID: 02.03.0139
Dr. Thaddeus M. Moseley journal, 1944-1945
These papers primarily consist of the 92 page handwritten WWII European Campaign U.S. Army surgeon's journal of Dr. Thaddeus M. Moseley who served with the 4th Auxiliary Surgical Group.  The journal details each surgical case attended to, including patient name, date of injury, and rank. Each case includes details about the type of injury, methods of treatment and various medications used. Moseley includes information regarding the movement of his unit and assignment to various hospitals throughout Europe. While the majority of cases Moseley attended to were U.S. Army casualties, there are entries that include German prisoners-of-war, several civilians, and a British soldier.  Also included with these papers are a headnote with annotations about Dr. Thaddeus M. Moseley, as well as transcriptions of the journal entries.
Collection ID: 02.00.0237
Robert Gates collection, 1942-1945, bulk 1944
This collection consists of WWII U.S. Army Air Corps 9th Bombardment Group photographs, letters, military papers, and documents. Also included in this collection are extensive aerial and personal photographs, date book, unit yearbook, and "buddy book" address book.
Collection ID: 02.12.0066
Clark and Kenneth Adams collection, 1943-1945
This World War II collection relates to two brothers who served in the U.S. Army and consists of letters, documents, photographs, memorabilia, army uniform items, equipment, personal items, and medals. The letters from one brother, primarily sent to his parents, detail his service from Mifflinburg, PA through his training in the United States at Camp Polk, LA, and Fort Sam Houston, TX. They also cover his overseas transfer to England, as well as France, Belgium, and Germany. The letters from the other brother detail service from Mifflinburg, PA to the North African Campaign, and then to the European Campaign.
Collection ID: 02.11.0018
Abraham Lifschitz collection, 1942-1946
Abraham Lifschitz, a Polish native, served in the US Army from 1942-1945. He served in Europe with the 100th Infantry Division until the end of the war. Collection is 1/2 box of 7 folders containing military service records, wartime publications, a few religious articles, and brief correspondence with his neice, Roberta, who donated this collection. Additionally, Lifschitz's artifacts are housed in the Artifact Collections. They consist of a veteran hat and handkerchief from an unknown relative who served in WWI, as well as Lifschitz's unit patch, cigarette case, marksmanship badge, a bracelet of French francs, his dog tags, and a banner commemorating his unit's history.
Collection ID: 02.10.0016
Ralph Chester Lapham papers, 1944-1945, bulk 1944-1945
Private Ralph Chester Lapham served with the 116th Evacuation Hospital during World War II in the European Theater of Operations. Chester assisted with providing care for former prisoners of Dachau concentration camp after the camp's liberation. The collection contains photographs of the camp and letters describing the unit's work setting up a hospital at Dachau and a Typhus epidemic.
Collection ID: 02.04.0253
Seth A. McKinney collection, 1917-1977, bulk 1942-1945
Technical Sergeant Seth A. McKinney served as a flight engineer and a gunner on a B-24 Liberator stationed at Cerignola, Italy. He completed over 40 missions as a part of the 767th Bombardment Squadron, 461st Bombardment Group of the 15th Air Force.  This collection includes photographs, documents, and artifacts.
Collection ID: 02.99.0191
Richard Bruce Watkins papers, 1941-1946
This collection relates to Richard Bruce Watkins who served two years in the Pacific Theater of Operations as a U.S. Marine platoon leader, then as a commander of the E Company, 2nd Battalion, 1st Marine Division at Cape Gloucester, Peleliu, and Okinawa. Immediately after the war in August 1945, Watkins also served in China. The collection contains a manuscript entitled "Brothers in Battle--One Marine's Account of War in the Pacific" written by Watkins that concerns his time in the Pacific Theater.
Collection ID: 02.00.0155
Carlton H. Stauffer memoir, 1944-2010, bulk 1944-1945
This privately printed memoir relates to Private First Class Carlton H. Stauffer who served with Company G, 12th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division during World War II and was awarded the Bronze Star Medal.
Collection ID: 02.18.0026
Harry L. Andrews Papers, 1944-1946
This collection relates to Harry L. Andrews who served as a U.S. naval officer aboard the USS LST-569 during WWII in the Pacific Theater of Operations. This collection contains a letter from Andrews to Dr. William Oldson in which he describes the route his ship takes throughout World War II. The USS LST-569 initially departed from New Orleans on 29 May 1944 and ended in Shanghai, China before being transferred.
Collection ID: 02.00.0134
Lloyd McDuffie Hicks, Jr. collection, 1939-1981, bulk 1942-1945
The Lloyd M. Hicks Jr. Collection includes personal artifacts such as medals, ribbons, and various pins. The collection also contains scrapbooks containing news clippings and photographs detailing the actions of the 2nd Armored Division and 41st Armored Infantry Regiment in their overseas campaigns, as well as Lloyd Hicks Jr.'s own personal photographs from his time overseas and those taken during periods of leave spent in Florida.
Collection ID: 02.13.0021
Frank B. Hodges collection, 1942-2009
The collection contains papers and artifacts pertaining to Frank B. Hodges' experiences during World War II as a Merchant Marine on the SS Jacksonville, SS Philip F. Tomas, SS Kofreski, SS Alcoa Mariner, SS Falmouth, and SS Delrio. The collection contains letters, newspaper articles, photographs, official documents, Veteran Information, Hospital records, Ship Information, a recording of Frank B. Hodges' interview with the BBC, and Hodges' personal papers.
Collection ID: 02.09.0032
Leroy Charles Heinse Collection, 1920-2008, bulk 1941-1945
This collection contains papers pertaining to Leroy Charles Heinse's experiences at Pass Christian training school in Mississippi, and as a United States Merchant Marine during World War II, and as an injured veteran after the Mustard Gas bombings of the SS John Bascom. The papers include photographs, letters, short stories, drawings, certificates, mustard gas information, medical documents, information about Merchant Marine Veterans, newspapers, military documents, photographs of medals, booklets, foreign money, Merchant Marine songs, magazines, and official logbooks from the SS John Bascom.
Collection ID: 02.00.0459
Robert H. Dodd papers, 1936-2009, bulk 1941-1945
Robert H. Dodd was in the Army Air Force during World War II and served with the 459th Bombardment Group. His collection includes handwritten letters to his parents about his Air Force training in the USA and time overseas in Italy and North Africa. The collection also includes an oral history about his upbringing, time in Yugoslavia, Austria and Italy during the war and his retirement in Florida. Aerial photographs of Italian and Romanian cities and newspaper photocopies are also included.
Collection ID: 02.09.0033
John F. Cawley Collection, 1944-2010
This collection contains personal papers pertaining to John F. Cawley and his experiences aboard the S.S. John W. Brown during World War II. The small box contains calendars, magazines, and photographs.
Collection ID: 02.09.0101
James W. Green Collection, 1943
This collection relates James W. Green who served as the Assistant Chief of Staff, United States Army Services of Supply, G-2 during the Philippine Island campaign during World War II. This collection includes a captured Japanese propaganda history book of the Japanese Philippine Islands invasion during World War II, plus U.S. Army translations of the book and the military provision that James W. Green could keep the book.
Collection ID: 02.00.0707
Omer E. Englehart collection, 1939-1967, bulk 1940-1947
The materials in the Omer E. Englehart collection document activities of a U.S. Army Air Forces Corporal who served in the European theater during World War II. This collection consists of an extensive compilation of personal correspondence between Omer E. Englehart and his family, friends from home, and friends from abroad between the predominant dates of 1940 to 1947. The collection also includes, various copies of newspapers regarding military happenings, original wartime books, training pamphlets and booklets for the U.S. Army Air Corps, travel guides, original photographs and postcards depicting life on base as well as Omer E. Englehart's personal travels while deployed, three 78 rpm voicegrams, wartime ration booklets, both U.S. and German Air Force military clothing, road maps, and church related material for the Methodist Church.
Collection ID: 02.00.0535
Frank S. Hopkins Papers, 1942-1945, bulk 1942-1945
This collection contains papers pertaining to Frank S. Hopkins and his experiences with the Maritime field during World War II. The papers include an autobiography, confidential correspondence, 14 lectures and examinations given to workers in training, and instructional manuals pertaining to training and organization at the Maryland DryDock Company.
Collection ID: 02.00.0001
Wayne Mixson transcript, 1999
The collection of Wayne Mixson contains an oral history transcript of an interview provided by the Reichelt Program for Oral History. Mixson, who would later serve as the 39th Governor of Florida, served in the United States Navy from 1942-1946 and participated in the Lighter-Than-Air Project; he worked with a crew in EP Squadron 14, a blimp squadron.
Collection ID: 02.01.0483
Willie Mae Williams collection, 1943-1945, bulk 1945
This collection relates to Willie Mae Williams, an African American woman, who served in the Women's Army Corps during World War II. The collection includes an oral history interview, photographs, newspaper clippings, a cassette tape of the oral history, a woman's veterans hat, a Women's Army Corps souvenir tray, a Women's Army Corps tag, and a yearbook for the 1881st Service Command unit.
Collection ID: 02.04.0144
Tom Brokaw collection, 1941-1997, bulk 1998-2007
Originally donated to the Institute on World War II and the Human Experience at FSU in 2001, the Tom Brokaw Collection is comprised of material sent to Tom Brokaw by World War II veterans before, during and after the publishing of his books, The Greatest Generation (1998) and The Greatest Generation Speaks (1999). Contained within the Tom Brokaw Collection are reminiscences from World War II veterans and those who were alive during the conflict, correspondence written to families back home during the war years, publications from various World War II veterans associations, poems written by veterans and their families commemorating their service in the war, photographs as well as artifacts and ephemera from the war years.
Collection ID: 02.01.0171
James R. Pemberton papers, 1942-2000, bulk 1942-1945
The James R. Pemberton oral history interview transcript includes his time as a sergeant in the 103rd Infantry Division, 410th Regiment, Company K, 3rd Platoon, 3rd Squadron. He served as an engineer in France, Germany, and Austria from 1943-1945 and participated at D-Day and Battle of the Bulge. He documents his experiences during the war in regards to his military training, losing friends, taking German prisoners, how he earned his Bronze Star Medal, specific events in which he participated, and his pre/post-war activities.
Collection ID: 02.01.0476
Johnson Wood papers, 1943-1999, bulk 1943-1947
This collection relates to Staff Sergeant Johnson Wood's experiences during World War II as a machine gunner in the 100th Infantry Division, 398th Regiment, Company K. His papers include a lengthy and detailed oral history transcript, poems, and a short manuscript. These materials focus on his actions and thoughts during the war, as well as World War II in public memory and his personal relationships with friends and family.
Collection ID: 02.01.0397
Maxine Newlander papers, 1944-1945, bulk 1944-1945
Maxine Newlander served as a U.S. Navy nurse during World War II. Serving in the United States as well as in Guam, Newlander wrote almost daily to her family back home describing her experiences in the Navy and the nature of her work. In letters she sent home to her family during the war, she describes her social life on the island of Guam, her life as a Navy Nurse, and her longing for the war to be over. The letters span from 1944 to 1945. The photographs illustrate Maxine Newlander's life in the Navy.
Collection ID: 02.02.0166
Robert Otto Bauer collection, 1941-2004
This collection relates to Technician Fifth Grade Robert Otto Bauer who served with the 100th Infantry Division Band and subsequently Company C, 8th Armored Infantry Battalion, 20th Armored Division, in the European Theater during World War II. The collection includes artifacts, German World War II pilot flying helmets, photographs, veteran association newsletters, and ephemera. One unpublished photograph includes actress Ingrid Bergman posing with Bauer during the war. Photographs and memorabilia related to Bauer's wife, Joyce Ann Bauer, are also included in the collections.
Collection ID: 02.18.0015
Roger Luther Peters papers, 1945-2007, bulk 1945, 2002, 2007
This collection relates to Private First Class Roger Luther Peters who served with the 1143rd Engineer Combat Group in the European Theater during World War II. The collection contains three short memoirs.
Collection ID: 02.18.0017
William Carrier papers, 1942-1998
William Carrier served as an Assistant Turret Officer aboard the USS Nashville from 1944-46 in the Pacific Theater during World War II. During Carrier's time aboard the Nashville, General Douglas MacArthur was transported twice by the Nashville. At this time, Carrier was able to capture candid photographs of MacArthur. This collection contains those photographs as well as photographs of Pacific scenery and crew, along with handwritten notes by Carrier of battles in which the USS Nashville participated. A photograph book is also included that details the history, Combat, the Aleutians, Pacific coast and crew during the 1942-1945 cruise. Also included are two reunion books that contain the names, addresses, and status of those who served on the Nashville.
Collection ID: 02.08.0092
Charles Crampton papers, 1943-2006
This collection consists of an oral history interview transcript of a U.S. Army Air Corps cook and baker, who served in England during World War II in the 2003rd Ordnance Unit at Melchbourne Park. This collection also contains a unit history.
Collection ID: 02.06.0008
Bascom Walden Sparkman collection, 1942-1975, bulk 1942-1946
This collection relates to Staff Sergeant Bascom Walden Sparkman who served with Service Company, 753rd Tank Battalion, in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Southern France, and Germany during World War II. The 753rd served as a detached unit assigned as armored support for both the 36th and 45th Infantry Divisions.  The collection includes letters sent from Sparkman to his wife Eleanor and his family.  Letters from his family to Sparkman are also included.  Furthermore, the collection includes documents, unit newspapers, diaries, postcards, personal items carried by Sparkman, and artifacts.
Collection ID: 02.18.0019
William Ernest Spence papers, 1939-1945, bulk 1942-1945
This collection relates to First Sergeant William Ernest Spence who served with the 11th Antiaircraft Auto Weapons Group in the European Theater during the World War II. The collection includes letters, foreign currency, military service documents, photographs, a newspaper, postcards, and ephemera.
Collection ID: 02.06.0144
Roy M. Holt papers, 1921-1947, bulk 1941-1946
This collection consists of an oral history interview transcript of Roy Mack Holt, who was enlisted in the U.S. Navy and worked as a Navy aircraft pilot during World War II, serving on anti-submarine patrols on the Atlantic coast and the Caribbean Sea (Cuba, Brazil, and Morocco). The interview covers his life before and after service. The interview also describes his years after the war studying at Florida State University. This collection also includes a small fragment of his obituary.
Collection ID: 02.03.0095
Francis P. Rondinone Jr. papers, 1942-1945, bulk 1943-1944
The bulk of this collection consists of log transcriptions of the missions in which Francis P. Rondinone participated. Rondinone was a staff sergeant in the 8th Air Force where he worked as a B-24 Flight Engineer. The log entries cover information such as date, mission purpose, flying time and place. The file also includes a picture of Rondinone in uniform, a scan of his Certificate of Valor, photocopies of documents regarding his Honorable Discharge certificate, his obituary and two poems of unknown authorship related to his squadron.
Collection ID: 02.08.0066
Wrightson Ely Clinton, Sr. collection, 1943-1946, bulk 1944-1945
This collection pertains to Corporal Wrightson Ely Clinton Sr., who served in the 116th Field Artillery Battalion of the United States Army National Guard's 31st Infantry Division. He served in the Netherland East Indies and the Philippines from 1944 to 1945 as a clerk of the Battery.
Collection ID: 02.09.0005
Richard Frakes papers, 1943-1946, bulk 1944
The collection is from PFC (T/Sgt) Richard Frake's military records and ephemera, including training certificates for Pre-RADAR VIII, Bomb Reconnaissance School, and Radio/Radar Repairman. The collection also has unofficial certificates proving that Frakes "officially" passed the equator and became a "shellback" on board the USAT Pemant. There are also documents and ephemera about Japanese POWs surrendering.
Collection ID: 02.08.0178
Allen Jere Tillery collection, 1943-1945
This collection relates to Allen Jere Tillery who served with the United States Marine Corps in the 22nd Marine Regiment, 6th Marine Division, in the Pacific Theater at the battles for Kwajalein, Eniwetok, Guam, and Tinian. This collection includes a published memoir of Tillery's time in service: Well and Smartly Done: a remembrance of war 1943-1945.
Collection ID: 02.18.0008
Joseph Peters papers, 1941-1945, bulk 1943
This collection contains an unpublished biography of Joseph Peters entitled "An Ordinary Hero." Peters served as a medical doctor in the Philippines during World War II and retired a Colonel. The collection also includes a letter about his 1952 retirement and a letter to his daughter about an injury stating that the initial injury was sustained upon capture by the Japanese in 1942.
Collection ID: 02.07.0073
Robert Hoffmann papers, 1927-1987, bulk 1944
The collection of Robert Hoffmann contains an oral history transcript provided by the Reichelt Oral History Program. Hoffmann served with the United State Marine Corps during World War II on the island of Guam.
Collection ID: 02.09.0069
George Mills Harper collection, 1943-1990
This collection relates to Lt. Commander and later Commander George Mills Harper who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II as commander of the U.S. Naval Detachment in Naples, Italy. He also continued to serve in the U.S. Naval Reserves until his retirement at the rank of Commander in 1974. He served as a distinguished professor of English at Florida State University. The collection contains U.S. Navy official documents, uniforms, badges, and pins.
Collection ID: 02.18.0009
Rawls Family papers, 1937-1946, bulk 1942-1945
The bulk of this collection consists of letters written by John Rawls during his time in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II in Brazil. He achieved the rank of Major. These letters, primarily to his mother, give details on his time in training and daily life while stationed in Brazil. He tells stories of friends, the tedium of his work, and mentions the various girls he sees throughout the war. Also included is a photograph album consisting of photographs taken by Rawls while in the service.
Collection ID: 02.18.0005
Frank Facente transcript, 1942-2000, bulk 1942-1945
The Frank Facente transcript describes medic Frank Facente's service in the 4th Medical Battalion, 4th Infantry Division, as a part of the United States Army during World War II. Facente participated in the landing at Normandy, attacking the Siegfried Line, Battle of Huertgen Forest, Battle of the Bulge, and visiting the concentration camp at Dachau.
Collection ID: 02.01.0295
Sheldon Nead collection, 1944-1945, bulk 1944-1945
The Sheldon Nead collection focuses on Nead's service in the Persian Gulf Command from 1944-1945. He was assigned to help transfer supplies from the United States to Russia through Iran. His collection consists of photographs, a book on the Persian Gulf Command, a Russian commemorative medal, a letter accompanying the medal, and a contemporary map of the Middle East.
Collection ID: 02.99.0462