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Collection ID: 02.0073
William J. Arlet collection, 1933-1945
William J. Arlet served with the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II. This collection includes photographs and documents related to William J. Arlet. This collection also includes captured Japanese photographs, which were acquired in 1943 on Guadacanal, Solomon Islands from a United States Marine who was about to deploy to his next assignment.
Collection ID: 02.98.0708
Sheridan S. Winkelman papers, 1941-1945
These papers relate to Sheridan S. Winkelman, who served in the China Burma India (CBI) Theater during World War II in the U.S. Army Air Corps with the 12 Bombardment Group. The manuscript covers many topics, such as training and US activities in CA, Myrtle Beach, SC, and then in the CBI Theater, life in India, the economic crisis, prostitution, anti-Japanese sentiment, and gender concepts in China. He also discusses coming home and peace at the end of the war.
Collection ID: 02.01.0529
George Langford collection, 1941-2003, bulk 1941-1954
This collection contains seven boxes pertaining to George, Daniel, and William Langford's experiences during World War II and life post-war. The papers include personal documents, military documents, photographs, paintings, newspaper articles, pamphlets, magazines, foreign money, and most prolifically, letters. Also included in George Langford's collection is a full box of artifacts pertaining to his war-time experience.
Collection ID: 02.97.0064
Herman C. Giles papers, 1943-1946
This collection pertains to Herman C. Giles (Combat Infantry Rifleman with the 103rd Infantry Division), who served in the European Theater. He served as a corpsman with a medical detachment to the 66th Infantry Division according to his typed "Background" statement. His discharge papers note that he was a rifleman in Company G, 411th Infantry Regiment, 103rd Infantry Division, serving in the European Theater, 1943-1945. Giles was stationed at Camp Blanding in 1943, Columbus, GA, for Air Corps training in 1943, and then Texas for infantry training. This collection contains a number of letters on Camp Blanding stationery. He describes Camp Blanding as "a mile and a half in the middle of hell" in a letter dated 3/5/1943. A letter dated 4/11/43 includes a diagram and floor plan of Camp Blanding itself. He then transferred with his unit to France and saw combat in the Vosges Mountains with the 103rd Infantry Division. This collection contains 208 letters, 15 V-mails, 11 telegrams, and one postcard to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Giles of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (Herman Giles was born in Nashville, Tennessee). There are also eight photographs in the collection (one in color and seven in black and white) of his family, the 103rd Infantry Division, the U.S. Mainland and the European Theater, and photographs of him in London, England, Dallas, Texas, Stark, Florida, Nashville, Tennessee, and Dillingen, Germany. It also contains letters from Giles to his parents and scrapbook items. The collection also contains an oral history transcript of an interview provided by the Reichelt Program for Oral History. The collection also includes a 14-page manuscript entitled "History, Background, and Synopsis of Military Career."
Collection ID: 02.00.0236
Rowland G. Bush collection, 1944-1948, bulk 1944-1945
This collection relates to Technician Fifth Grade Rowland G. Bush, who served as a medical corpsman with the 104th Infantry Division, and was killed in action on October 25, 1944. The collection contains his Purple Heart and Silver Star, as well as their accompanying certificates, a Western Union telegram notifying his mother of his death, condolence letters, correspondence requesting his body be moved from Belgium to California, photographs of Rowland and his family, and the 48-star flag from his burial service.
Collection ID: 02.09.0113
Gertrude Margaritte Ivory Bertram collection, 1938-2007, bulk 1942
This World War II collection relates to Gertrude Margaritte Ivory Bertram, an African American nurse who served in the U.S. Army. The collection consists of letters, photographs (depicting herself and her fellow nurses in uniform, as well as African American G.I.s, and a few photographs from her time in West Africa), personal items, books, manuscripts, newspaper clippings, and interviews. The materials mainly document Bertram's time at Fort Bragg, NC, but there is some information concerning her life before enlistment, travels during enlistment, and life after enlistment. Most of her enlistment was spent in West Africa and at Fort Bragg, NC. This collection is important, as it covers the unique experiences of women and African Americans during World War II, and offers insight that differs from the majority white male G.I. perspective. It depicts African American nurses in both a professional setting and casual settings as Bertram enjoyed downtime with her friends.
Collection ID: 02.07.0114
Zeddie P. Barron, Jr. papers, 1939-1945, bulk 1943-1945
This collection pertains to Technician Fifth Grade Zeddie P. Barron, Jr., who was stationed in Virginia, Kentucky, Ireland, Britain, France, Holland, Belgium, and Germany between 1943 and 1945. As a clerk in the 552nd Railhead Company, Barron was attached to the First Engineer Special Brigade. The collection contains personal letters sent from Barron to his wife throughout his period of service, military documents including a ration book, Barron's military record and entrance physical, as well as newspaper clippings, envelopes, and an unpublished poem by Eugene S. Masters reacting to the use of the atomic bomb.
Collection ID: 02.07.0077
Evelyn King papers, 1908-2014
This collection pertains to Evelyn King who served as a U.S.O. hostess during World War II. The collection contains letters, postcards, V-mail, and greeting cards. The collection also contains newspaper and magazine clippings, various booklets and pamphlets, numerous lifestyle magazines, Navy and Army uniform buttons, and prints.
Collection ID: 02.14.0020
J. Charles "Charlie" Christensen collection, 1925-1989
This collection is related to J. Charles "Charlie" Christensen (Staff Sergeant) who served in the European-African-Middle Eastern Theater with Company B, 1st Battalion, 337th Infantry, 85th Infantry Division. The collection consists of scrapbooks, photographs, documents, and letters.
Collection ID: 02.17.0021
William Alfred Mansuy collection, 1925-1947
This collection relates to Private First Class William Alfred Mansuy who served with Company F, 126th Infantry Regiment, 32nd Infantry Division in World War II and was killed in action on April 22, 1945, in Luzon, Philippine Islands. The collection includes documents, letters, greeting cards, photographs, and a dress uniform jacket.
Collection ID: 02.17.0018
Helen B. Mogle papers, 1928-1945, bulk 1941-1945
This collection of 11 pieces of published patriotic sheet music which belonged to Helen B. Mogle, who was 12 years old at the beginning of World War II.
Collection ID: 02.17.0026
Geoffrey Styles papers, 1914-1945, bulk 1939-1945
This collection relates to Geoffrey Styles who was eleven years old and lived in Romford, 14 miles Northeast of London when World War II began for Great Britain. The papers include an oral interview transcript and audiotape recording. The collection also includes a letter written from Normandy during World War II by Jesse Davis Binns.
Collection ID: 02.17.0020
Laurence H. Sylvester papers, 1945-1962
This collection relates to Staff Sergeant Laurence H. Sylvester who served with the 2nd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron (Medium) in India and China during World War II.  The collection contains letters, newspaper clippings, and identification cards.
Collection ID: 02.17.0022
Norval Vernon Cummings manuscript, 1925-2003, bulk 1943-1946
This manuscript was written by Norval Vernon Cummings (Sergeant) who served with the 35th Combat Engineer Battalion during World War II in the European Theater.
Collection ID: 02.17.0019
Taylor G. Burke, Jr. collection, 1943-1945
This collection is centered around a U.S. Army Air Corps pilot in the 35th Squadron of the 64th Troop Carrier Group. He was involved in the European- African- Middle Eastern campaign in Rome, Italy and Operation Dragoon in Southern France. This collection contains special orders, yearbooks, certifications of flight training, letters between the pilot and his family and friends, photos from Italy, France, and Puerto Rico, portraits in uniform, pamphlet for soldiers describing the famous monuments and history of Rome, Italian theatre programs, flight logs, checks, manuals, and charts, an original personnel file, various pins and medals, and maps of the Mediterranean theatre.
Collection ID: 02.16.0010
Julian Davis Sewell papers, 1944-1945
This collection relates to First Lieutenant Julian Davis Sewell who served in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II as a Navigator.  The collection includes an address book containing the names of men who served with Sewell, a basic U.S. Army Air Corps aeronautics class notebook, Civil Aeronautics Bulletin, and 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment Ceremony program and roster.
Collection ID: 02.17.0028
Ernie and Chris Conte collection, June 1950- July 1950
This collection includes seven newspaper issues, dated from June 9, 1950 to July 21, 1950. The Great Lakes Bulletin was a weekly publication exclusive to the U.S. Naval Training Center in Great Lakes, Illinois.
Collection ID: 02.16.0009
Hy Wakstein papers, 1943-1946
Hy Wakstein was a Jewish American serviceman who reached the rank of Staff Sergeant with the 778th Anti-Aircraft-Automatic Weapons Battalion, Self Propelled, (served 1943-46) and discusses his experiences as an Army communications officer in the European theater of World War II in this oral history transcript. Wakstein participated in the Battle of the Bulge, and his division advanced further east into Germany than any other American division.
Collection ID: 02.02.0409
Leigh Jamison Gifford papers, 1945-2009, bulk 1945-1946
This collection follows a woman who worked in the Red Cross administration at the 312th Station Hospital in England, and the 239th Station Hospital in France. It includes letters from the nurse to her mother and father, a local newspaper from the 312th Station Hospital, 2 portraits, 3 photographs of the English countryside and Stonehenge (taken by Eli Garfield Gifford), dog tags, and a modern US Military ID card. The letters are dated from December 1945 to May 1946.
Collection ID: 02.17.0005
Fred L. Kagan Jr. collection, 1943-1945
This collection relates to Fred L. Kagan Jr., who served with the 9th Army Air Force before transferring to the 5th Infantry Division. During the war, he served as a litter bearer in the European Theater of Operations from November 3, 1943 until the end of the war in 1945. This collection consists of documents, photographs, and artifacts related to the service of in the United States Army Air Force and US Army during World War II. The documents consist of official paperwork and discharge papers as well as identification documents. The photographs are primarily of fellow servicemen but also include some images of occupied Hanau, Germany. The artifacts mostly include US Army patches and pins, and medals, including a Bronze Star. There is also a Nazi armband and a torn Nazi Germany flag.
Collection ID: 02.16.0023
Richard G. Power papers, 1942-1945
This collections related to Richard G. Power (Sergeant) who served with the 343rd Engineer Service with the US Army during World War II. The collection consists of maps, a letter, and photographs.
Collection ID: 02.16.0027
Robert H. Cardinell papers, 1945-1988
Second Lieutenant Robert H. Cardinell served with the 65th Infantry Division in Europe during the latter part of the Second World War and the occupation forces afterward. The collection includes two manuscripts. One is entitled "65th Infantry Division." The other is titled "Battle of Struth-Roscus at Dorna." The manuscript contains recollections of the Struth-Dorna battles fought on 7 April 1945. It also contains an account and photos of a return visit to Dorna in 1988 by several members of the division. Also, the manuscript gives an account of the battles by a German participant.
Collection ID: 02.99.0668
Frances Langford collection, 1940-1945
This collection relates to actress and singer Frances Langford who served with the United Service Organization (USO) during World War II with Bob Hope. The collection contains an oral history interview transcript, four photographs, one from her USO days and three from 1998 when the interview was conducted, as well as audio taped interviews of Langford.
Collection ID: 02.99.0274
Harriet V.W. Jacobs papers, 1947-1948
This collection of letters written by Mrs. Harriet Jacobs relates to her time stationed with her U.S. Navy husband in Bremerhaven, Germany after World War II, from 1947-1948. Also included is a "scratchcard" made in 1942 for American civilians to "keep score" of each sunk ship of the Japanese Navy.
Collection ID: 02.17.0027
Carl Lyren Peleliu collection, 1944-1998
This collection relates to Carl Lyren who served in the United States Marine Corps in 2nd Marine Division the Pacific Theater. The materials of this collection are made up of maps, unclassified documents from both Japanese and U.S. forces, books, letters, interviews with veterans, photographs, newspaper clippings, and personal notes made by Carl Lyren in his research in writing on the battle of Peleliu, also in this collection is the original manuscript of the publication Dogged Courage: The Struggle for Peleliu, 1944.
Collection ID: 02.18.0033
James M. Ryan collection, 1925-2005
This collection relates to James M. Ryan who served as a 2nd Lieutenant Bombardier on a B-24 Bomber with the 866th Squadron, 494th Bombardment Group, stationed in Okinawa. Ryan's plane was shot down over Kyoto on July 28, 1945, and he was then imprisoned by the Japanese (declared missing in action by the United States). Ryan subsequently perished 500 feet from the epicenter of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945. This collection contains photographs, letters, documents, and artifacts relating to the life, service, and death of James M. Ryan. His cased engraved purple heart medal is included in this collection.
Collection ID: 02.98.0626
Janet C. Bryan papers, 1942-1944
This collection relates to Janet C. Bryan who was married to a U.S. Army Field Artilery officer who was stationed at various posts in the U.S. during World War II. This collection is composed of the correspondance from Janet C. Bryan to her parents, addressed as Mr. and Mrs. Raymond G. Williams, residing in Barrington and Providence, Rhode Island. Janet C. Bryan's 145 letters, postcards, and telegrams document the social activities and personal impressions of army life, train travel, and the Western U.S, including visits to San Fransisco and Oakland, San Luis Obispo, and Los Angeles. She also mentions people and family members from Providence including actor Sonny Tufts, a cousin of Janet C. Bryan.
Collection ID: 02.14.0026
Collection ID: 02.02.0031
Audrey Kempfert Gordon papers, 1943-1955
This collection relates to Audrey Kempfert Gordon who served as a U.S. Government homefront worker in Florida during World War II. The collection contains one letter written by Gordon to her former employer that provides details of her experiences in Jacksonville, FL during the war and two letters written by the former employee's wife to Gordon.
Collection ID: 02.19.0022
Harold E. Watson collection, 1929-2013
This collection centers around a Brigadier General in the U.S. Air Force.  It includes items related to his time in the military and his personal life before and after retirement. It includes personal letters, special orders, magazines, books, newspapers and clippings, event brochures, pamphlets, education records, personnel files, flight logs, photographs, VHS Tapes, cassette tapes, and flags spanning from the 1930s until the early 2000s.
Collection ID: 02.13.0078
Wilson Averre Koontz collection, 1942-2016
This World War II collection documents the life of U.S. Marine Wilson Koontz in the Pacific Theater from 1941 to 1945, as well as the stories of his ancestry, children, and grandchildren. The collection is mainly comprised of personal papers, letters, and documents as well as a leather pouch and a scrapbook of the family's history. The scrapbook details his post-war experiences through various documents and writings from his daughter, as well as the lives of his descendants.
Collection ID: 02.16.0031
Stokes Family papers, 1919-1952
This collection primarily relates to Lieutenant Colonel Walter R. Stokes who served in the U.S. Army Air Corps in a weapons training section at Camp Luna, NM. The collection also relates to the uncle of Walter R. Stokes,  Harry Keeler Stokes, who served as the bank manager of Citizens' Bank of Clermont, FL. The collection consists of letters and envelopes written from soldiers serving in World War II to a bank president in Clermont, Florida. The collection also contains World War II period empty envelopes and letters from the stamp collection of Walter R. Stokes.
Collection ID: 02.17.0023
Paul Curtis Koerner collection, 1937-2003
The Paul Curtis Koerner Collection was donated by his daughter Judy Davis. The collection contains a variety of items, papers, and correspondence from Koerner's career as an Army Engineer in WWII. The collection contains his copy of the New Testament that he recieved while training at Camp Blanding, to his death certificate. Overall, the documents and letters provide a rough outline of the experience of army service, during and after the war.  This collection also contains a group photo, stop watch, and medals including Purple Heart, Bronze Star, Armed Forces Service and United Nations Medal, Korean Service Meadal, National Defense Medal, a screw driver, slide ruller, and German back pack.
Collection ID: 02.06.0030
Raymond Morton Borgman papers, 1943-1946
This collection related to Raymond Morton Borgman (U.S. Army 8th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division). Borgman served in the European Theater of Operations, first as a truck driver. The collection consists of documents related to the service of an American Army soldier, letters sent to his mother during World War II, and photographs taken during his service. The documents include his induction order, customs declaration, and discharge papers. The letters discuss his transit across the Atlantic Ocean, service in France in July 1944, and his time in hospitals in December 1944. The photographs consist of images of the soldier and his comrades during his military service.
Collection ID: 02.16.0020
Samuel Kurlandsky collection, 1942-1945
This collection centers around Samuel Kurlandsky, a soldier in the 12th and 15th Army Air Corps units in the Mediterranean Theatre of Operations. The collection includes a violin case painted with city and country names and a photograph depicting a soldier assigned to surveying and weather tracking equipment.
Collection ID: 02.16.0011
Pete Reader collection, 1941
This letter is a chain letter entitled "Make Hitler Feel Like Thirty Cents" describing the steps to be taken in purchasing Defense Stamps to be used in the purchase of United States Government Defense Bonds.
Collection ID: 02.17.0003
James Woodrow Wade collection, 1943-1946
This collection is related to James Woodrow Wade (US Army 65th Infantry Division, 265th Combat Engineers) and contains of documents, a photograph, and personal items related to Wade who served in the European Theater of Operations during World War II.
Collection ID: 02.16.0004
Edward J. Cavanary collection, 1943-2005
This collection pertains to Edward J. Cavanary who served in the U.S. Army as an Adjutant in the 7th Field Hospital during WWII. This collection contains a photographic copy of a scrapbook, as well as photographs, postcards, playbills, letters, ticket stubs, flyers, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, drawings, maps and a book of  true experiences of members of the 7th Field Hospital written by John Kidda and Fred Marston.
Collection ID: 02.05.0036
James Rice Spinks collection, 1942-1945
This collection consists of 278 photographs taken by an American Seabee in the Pacific during World War II. Many of the photographs document native life on the islands of New Caledonia, the Russell Islands, and Okinawa. There are images of native communities and homes, religious items, burial sites, workers, and other aspects of native life. They also document the operations of the 20th Naval Construction Battalion and various other US military units and operations. This includes photographs of construction, stevedoring, camp life, and American servicemen.
Collection ID: 02.16.0021
John and Rosalie Morgan Meade collection, 1939-1945
This collection relates to John Milton Meade who served as a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. army during World War II. He received a purple heart and an Oak Leaf Cluster.This collection includes a leather ration book wallet, which contains ten partially used ration books, two certifications regarding x-rays for Tuberculosis screenings, and two receipts.
Collection ID: 02.16.0014
Garretson Family papers, 1918-1959
These papers include two boxes of World War II correspondence, largely between Albert H. Garretson and Agnes P. Garretson while Albert was involved with the Foreign Economic Division and the G-2 division of SHAEF. Garretson shares his views on the bureacratic side of the war and his insights from working on the economic board and SHAEF. He also served on an "Anglo-American Brain Trust" meant to foster good relations between Americans and the British. Agnes also shares her views on the war and American politics.
Collection ID: 02.18.0031
Clifford Prince papers, 1944-1969
This collection relates to Seaman Second Class Clifford Prince who was stationed at Great Lakes Naval Training Center and San Diego with the U.S. Navy during World War II. This collection includes letters sent to and from Prince's family, greeting cards, photographs, and documents.
Collection ID: 02.19.0008
Donald and Portia Ackerman collection, 1941-1990
This collection relates to Donald and Portia Ackerman. Donald Ackerman served as a pilot on B-24 bombers with the 44th Bomb Squadron, 506th Bombardment Group, in the European Theater of Operations during World War II. He continued to serve in the U.S. Air Force for 20 years and served during the Korean War.This collection contains an oral history transcript, artifacts, audio tapes, documents, letters, maps, pamphlets, and photographs relating to Donald and Portia Ackerman.
Collection ID: 02.03.0177
Mildred Hoffenbloom manuscript, January 14, 2002
Mildred Hoffenbloom was a soldier in the Women's Army Corps. She served overseas in London as a part of claims division, and in Paris, as an office manager to the American Engineers. She remained in Paris until V-E Day in May 1945, and was discharged from the Army in July 1945.
Collection ID: 02.02.0451
Keith Basil Fairchild collection, 1941-1963
This collection relates to Keith Basil Fairchild who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II in the Pacific Theater and remained in the U.S. Navy as a career. The collection includes a scrapbook, photographs, and documents.
Collection ID: 02.19.0006
Lois Elaine Madison collection, 1945-1946
This collection relates to Lois Elaine "Dolly" Madison who served in the United States Naval Reserve (Women's Reserve) as an Aerographer's Mate Second Class during World War II at the U.S. Naval Air Station, Anacostia, DC. The collection contains letters, photographs, military records, pins, naval station magazines, and ephemera related to the various assignment locations.
Collection ID: 02.17.0025
Monte Allen U.S.S. Kwajalein collection, 1944-2009, bulk 1945
The Monte Allen U.S.S. Kwajalein (CVE-98) collection contains comprehensive records pertaining to officially recorded, declassified daily life aboard the Casablanca Class Escort Carrier U.S.S. Kwajalein, an aircraft carrier, as well as various visual and auditory artifact materials relating to the work and lives of its crewmen.
Collection ID: 02.16.0019
Raphael "Ray" Edward Cavanaugh collection, 1943-1946
This collection is related to Raphael "Ray" Edward Cavanaugh, a World War II U.S. Marine. The colelction includes one Japanese World War II flag signed by men from his unit, which was the 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, 2nd U.S. Marine Division. In addition the collection contains a U.S. Marine Corps ID Card; 1 uniform lanyard (Croix de Guerre); 1 metal ribbon bar; 1 sharpshooter medal; a 4th Marine Division patch; a 2nd Marine Division patch; 5 pieces of Japanese currency; 2 ration coupon booklets; and one picture of Raphael "Ray" Edward Cavanaugh himself in uniform.
Collection ID: 02.16.0029
Dorothy Marshman Fredrickson papers, 1942-1946
This collection pertains to Dorothy Marshman Fredrickson who served as a WAVE at the United States Navy Fleet Post Office in San Francisco, California. The collection contains letters from Fredrickson to her mother and sister. There are also photocopies of scrapbook pages as well as leisure photographs, newspaper clippings, greeting cards, menus, ticket stubs, railroad timetables, playbills, and show programs from the scrapbooks. The collection also contains periodicals and other publications from various sources, most concerning the Navy and/or WAVES, and WAVES rules and regulations handbooks.
Collection ID: 02.07.0117
Winifred Lund Caraway collection, 1941-1946
This collection relates to Corporal Winifred Lund Caraway who served with the United States Marine Corps during World War II. This collection contains scrapbooks, letters, postcards and photographs sent and collected by Caraway throughout World War II.
Collection ID: 02.98.0838
Lois S. Lee collection, 1943-1946, 1998
This collection relates to Lois S. Lee who served in the Women's Army Corps in the Far East Air Forces WAC Detachment in New Guinea and the Philippine Islands during World War II. The collection contains documents, photographs, unit history book, ephemera, and a bomber crew insulated flight suit.
Collection ID: 02.19.0002
Arthur Goold Morrill collection, 1941-1952
This collection relates to Arthur Goold Morrill who served as a Captain in the U.S. Army Air Corps as an administrative and statistical officer related to personnel and inventory records in the United States. The collection contains photographs and military personnel documents.
Collection ID: 02.19.0017
Charles Emil Gutmann collection, 1942-1943
This collection relates to Second Lieutenant Charles Emil Gutmann who served with the 333rd Bomb Group, 468th Bomber Squadron, during World War II. He was one of seven airmen killed during training when B-17F Flying Fortress #42-5981 crashed, six miles northwest of the Dalhart Army Airfield, Texas. The collection includes military personnel documents, Western Union Telegram notifying of death, and photographs.
Collection ID: 02.19.0015
Donald G. Blunk papers, 1942-1962
Sergeant Harold Glen Blunk served as Sergeant Major for the 5th Air Depot Group, 39th Station Composite Squadron, Administrative Division, 35th Depot Repair, in the 8th Air Force Command Station in England from 1943-1945. This collection contains photographs, a newspaper clipping, and documents relating to his personal life and military career.
Collection ID: 02.14.0004
George Kass papers, 1941-1944
This collection pertains to Private First Class George Kass who served with Company E of the 18th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Battalion, 1st Division. The collection consists of letters written to and from Kass to his family, particularly his sister Rose Goldblum. Kass' letters provide detailed accounts of Army life, and Rose's letters provide a civilian perspective on life and the war. The letters begin after Kass' enlistment in 1942 and end when he is wounded in action on September 5, 1944.
Collection ID: 02.01.0528
Wilhelmina C. "Billie" Weezenaar collection, 1942-1946
This collection relates to Wilhelmina C. "Billie" Weezenaar who served as a U.S. Army Nurse during World War II in the United States, Oran, Algeria, and England.  The collection contains a  photograph album with pictures and captions, a letter of commendation and other war documents, foreign currency, unit patches, rank insignia, and newspaper articles. Also included in the collection are documents related to war service and nursing, a personell list of the 151st Station Hospital, an autograph book, personal letters, primarily from patients and colleagues, photographs, and a portrait.
Collection ID: 02.09.0156
Reubin O'Donovan Askew papers, 1943-1946
This collection centers around one Florida State Guard soldier, and an American soldier stationed at the Technical School and Basic Training Center for the Air Force in Gulfport Field, Mississippi. The collection includes a child's drawing, two letters written to the soldier's mother outlining Air Force training and daily life, a newspaper clipping written about the Florida State Guard drills, a letter about D-Day, and photographs of a B-26 Marauder, an American flight crew, an American and Russian soldier, and Yontan Airfield in Okinawa, and their corresponding modern negatives.
Collection ID: 02.00.0520
Stewart Abbott Fraser transcript, 1941-1946
This oral history transcript relates to Stewart Abbott Fraser who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II in the Pacific Theater. Fraser served aboard the USS Missouri. Fraser was also present during the formal Japanese surrender on September 2, 1945
Collection ID: 02.01.0439
Gretchen Marie F. and Leslie J. Vreeland collection, 1944-1946
This collection relates to Gretchen Marie F. and Leslie J. Vreeland who were civilian defense workers living in Hawaii from April 1944-July 1946 at Barber's Point Naval Air Station in Oahu. The collection includes documents, ephemera, artifacts, photographs, newspapers, and maps that document the Vreeland's time in Hawaii.
Collection ID: 02.01.0347
Zelma D. Abarbanel collection, 1943-1945
This collection refers to Zelma D. Abarbanel, who served as a Technician Fourth Grade with the WAC Second Detachment during World War II. Abarbanel worked as a stenographer and assistant for the Infantry School at Fort Benning, Georgia, in the Office of Weapons. The collection includes a transcript of an oral history interview, one letter, the military records of both Abarbanel and her husband, Milton Goldman Abarbanel, and several photographs depicting Abarbanel's life as a WAC.
Collection ID: 02.07.0119
Dorothy "Dot" Douglas Whittle collection, 1941-2007
Dorothy "Dot" Douglas Whittle was ten years old when the Japanese invaded the Philippines in December 1941. The Japanese Army interned the Douglas family in civilian prisoner of war camps for the duration of World War II, including Camp John Hay, Camp Holmes, and Bilibid Prison. During this period, Whittle kept a diary to document everyday life in camp, including her schoolwork, schedule, games, and church activities. The US Army liberated the civilian prisoners at Bilibid Prison in February 1945 and the Douglas family subsequently repatriated to the United States. They settled in Florida, and Whittle continued high school and went on to graduate from Florida State University. She later volunteered at the Institute on World War II and the Human Experience at Florida State University.
Collection ID: 02.00.0352
Skilling Family collection, 1941-1946
This collection contains letters, artifacts, photographs, and ephemera from Vincent and Leona Mazzoni's time served during World War II. Leona and Vince wrote letters to their sister, Josephine Gaudio, who saved all of these items. Both Vincent and Leona served in the Pacific Theater. Leona served in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps in the China Burma Indian Theater and Vincent in the U.S. Army on New Guinea.
Collection ID: 02.19.0009
Joe Gray Sparks papers, 1915-1994
This collection relates to Captain Joe Gray Sparks who served as a pilot with the 11 Bomb Squadron in the Pacific Theater during World War II. This collection includes a flash memory drive containing scanned copies of letters, documents, photographs, manuscript biography, newspaper articles, and artifacts that belonged to Sparks.
Collection ID: 02.19.0007
Shirley and Joe Gould papers, 1942-1945
This collection centers around Joe Gould (formerly Goldstein), a soldier in the intelligence section of the 25th Bomb Group and 325th Photographic Wing in England, and his wife, Shirley Gould, on the homefront in Chicago. It includes letters, photographs and some of their corresponding negatives, a photo album of letters and V-Mail, newspaper clippings, event brochures, various personnel records, and ephemera from the service and the homefront, including drawings, decorative dog tags, and ration cards.
Collection ID: 02.16.0028
Florida State College for Women papers, 1942-1983, bulk 1944
This collection relates to the Florida State College for Women (FSCW) during the World War II period. The collection consists of newspaper articles, photographs, letters and documents concerning faculty, staff, and alumnae. These materials include a series of letters discussing plans for the installation of a plaque honoring alumnae in the military service and the American Red Cross. There are a series of index cards of a speech to the Alumnae Association of Pensacola announcing the installation. )
Collection ID: 02.06.0010
Bert Williamson Webb papers, 1941-1945
This collection relates to Bert Williamson Webb who served as a Captain in the U.S. Army with the 178th Ordnance Depot Company during World War II in the European Theater of Operations. Webb received a Bronze Star Medal for his service. This collection includes a manuscript memoir of Webb's World War II service in the U.S. Army, photographs, unit history with roster, and pre-war cadet booklet.
Collection ID: 02.18.0030
Betty Lewis Harrison papers, 1941 - 1945
This collection relates to Betty Lewis Harrison who was a student during World War II and attended Florida State College for Women. The collection consists of a veteran's questionnaire and a Red Cross pamphlet on how to knit men's socks in 1940. In her questionnaire, Harrison discusses her experiences attending the Florida State College for Women and living in the South during World War II. She also discusses riding to Carrabelle, Florida for a dance at camp Gordon Johnston. After graduating from Florida State College for Women, Harrison enlisted in the Army Nurses Corps but did not complete nursing school.
Collection ID: 02.02.0079
Sheldon F. Berlow collection, 1934-1980
This collection relates to Sheldon F. Berlow who served with the 352nd Fighter Group, 8th Air Force, as the chief public information officer. This collection contains letters, photographs, newspapers, and official documents from Sheldon F. Berlow's time in England and Belgium. Numerous photographs document the activities of the 352nd Fighter Group. Letters discuss the progress of the war in Europe and life on the homefront.
Collection ID: 02.13.0020
Norman Conway Benson collection, 1943-1947
This collection relates to Technician 5th Grade Norman Conway Benson who served with Company A, 1st Battalion, General Headquarters, United States Army Forces Pacific during World War II. The collection includes the contents of two scrapbooks, letters, government and identification information, and additional photographs during Norman Conway Benson's time serving the Army in the Philippines in 1944 and 1946. The letters and photographs originate from Norman Conway Benson's family, friends, and wartime girlfriend, Barbara Louise Howard. Photographs in the collection include family, friends, and Benson's time spent in the Philippines, Leyte, Luzon, Hollandia, New Guinea, and Canada. Additional identification information of Benson's mother, Lillian Benson is included in the collection.
Collection ID: 02.00.0101
Pasquale DiPierro collection, 1943-1951
This collection relates to Electrician's Mate 1st Class Pasquale DiPierro who immigrated from Italy in 1920 and served with Company A, 5th Platoon, 118th Naval Construction Battalion, "Seabees" in the Pacific Theater during World War II on New Guinea and the Philippines. He was recalled during the Korean War and served again with the U.S. Navy in a construction battalion. The collection includes letters, military personnel documents, 118th Naval Construction Battalion newsletters, and objects.
Collection ID: 02.19.0021
Joseph Hrabovsky collection, 1944-2007
This collection relates to Joseph Hrabovsky who served with the 1524th Quartermaster Laundry Corp. Joseph Hrabovksy received quartermaster training in Camp Lee, VA before being assigned to the occupation of Japan. This collection contains a Camp Lee Quartermaster Training Pamphlet, a photograph collection of Japan and Korea, and other documents including a timeline of Joseph Hrabovksy's service in Japan.
Collection ID: 02.11.0037
Anthony T. DeMuro papers, 1944-1946
These papers relate to Private First Class Anthony T. Demuro who served with Lima Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division in the Pacific Theater during World War II. Demuro participated in the Battle of Okinawa. The papers include letters and photographs.
Collection ID: 02.19.0016
David E. Bail Jr. papers, 1938-1949
This collection relates to Lieutenant David E. Bail Jr. who serves as a bombardier with the 335th Bomb Squadron, 95th Bomb Group in England during World War II. He attended University of Florida and enlisted in Spring of 1942. He flew two missions over France before he was shot down over Hanover, Germany on July 26, 1943 and killed in action. This collection contains seven folders includes Bail's personal letters to his family from December, 1941 up to his death, letters from the War Department to Bail's family first declaring him MIA, then later confirming him KIA, two photographs of Bail and his crew, and a letter from his sister to Bail's parents recounting her interview with Bail's one-time tail-gunner.
Collection ID: 02.12.0025
Diana Naylor Morgan papers, 1937-1945
This collection relates to Diana Naylor Morgan who served as a junior USO hostess in New Jersey during World War II. The collection includes an oral interview with Morgan, news articles, photographs, and letters sent to her from American and British soldiers deployed overseas during World War II. In the letters, servicemen describe their day to day activities while deployed overseas, their locations, views on the Japanese, and opinions about the Atomic Bomb. A letter dated June 2, 1944, written by an American sailor Ernest Feasy was not censored; Feasy describes how he is waiting for D-Day to arrive.
Collection ID: 02.06.0098
Thomas McFarland papers, 1943-1945
This collection relates to Technician Grade 5 Thomas McFarland who served as a medical aide with a field hospital unit during World War II in the European and Pacific Theaters. This collection consists of letters from McFarland to his family about his time stationed in France, Africa, and Okinawa.
Collection ID: 02.02.0160
Harold E. Bergman papers, 1939-1953, bulk 1945
This collection relates to Harold E. Bergman's (Army Counter Intelligence Corps). The collection contains a memoir of his service. He volunteered in December 1939, spent two years in ROTC, and was later assigned as a clerk for Medical Replacement Training Center (MRTC), within the 54th Training Battalion.
Collection ID: 02.05.0173
Charles Harold Martin papers, 1944-1956
First Sergeant Charles H. Martin Served with the 3848th Quartermaster Truck Company in the Asiatic-Pacific Theater for 16 months as a clerk. The collection includes Martin's three honorable discharge certificates, Enlisted Reserve Corps Qualification and Availability Questionnaire, and Separation Qualification Record. Also within this collection is Martin's personal copy of photograph album "A Yank's Memories of Calcutta" by Clyde Waddell. This album includes captioned photographs of important buildings, streets, and religious culture of the citizens of Calcutta, India.
Collection ID: 02.09.0086
Ralph J. Valente collection, 1942-1945
This collection relates to Ralph J. Valente, who served as a Private in Company A, 318th Infantry Regiment, 80th Infantry Division, in the U.S. Army during the Second World War. Valente served in France, where he was severly wounded in action during an engagement in Phlin, France on November 9, 1944. He died from his wounds fifteen days later on November 24. The collection contains correspondence between Valente and his family and relatives, as well as typed and written documents pertaining to the retrieval and reinternment of Valente's remains, cased engraved Purple Heart Medal, and photographs from before Valente's enlistment and from Valente's training.
Collection ID: 02.19.0001
George R. Cain collection, 1940-2000
This collection relates to George R. Cain and his service as a communications officer in the 23rd Fighter Group, also known as the Flying Tigers, in China during World War II. The collection includes a variety of memorabilia, which spans from the beginning of George H. Cain's service in 1940 until his death in 2000. A few sources in the collection provide an overview of military service on the island of Hawaii. Others document his post-service work with his local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post.
Collection ID: 02 .00.0559
Dorotha Farrell collection
This collection relates to Dorotha Farrell who served in the U.S. Army Nurse Corps in an orthopedic ward with the 98th General Hospital that served in England and Germany in World War II. This collection contains 72 photographs, oral history interview transcript, one newspaper article clipping, one Life magazine cover, nine letters, and one folder of official documents.
Collection ID: 02.08.0080
Harry E. Neff collection, 1918-1953
This collection relates to Harry E. Neff who served during World War I and World War II. Harry E. Neff served as a Machine Operator for the 844th Aviation Engineer Battalion at March Field, California during World War II. This collection includes letters written by Neff to Dixie Johnson who resided in Chicago, Illinios.
Collection ID: 02.14.0005
Zelma Dearing papers, 1933-1944
This collection relates to Johnson T. Wakins and Jasper Tucker. Watkins was the father of Zelma Dearing and served in Civilian Conservation Corps before World War II. Jason Tucker was the Step-father of Zelma Dearing who served as civilain fire fighter at Camp Gordon Johnston , FL during World War II. This collection includes a Discharge from Civilian Conservation Corps and Invitation letter to the Regular Army for Johnson T. Watkins (Father) including the envelope, War Department, Report of Field Action and a War Savings bond, Class A pay reservation application for Jasper Tucker.
Collection ID: 02.19.0020
James A. Huffaker collection
This collection relates to James A. Huffaker who served as a 2nd Lieutenant as a Bombardier/Navigator on a B-26 Martin Marauder with the 552nd Bomb Squadron, 386th Bombardment Group, 9th Air Force, based in England during World War II. This collection includes two silk maps of Western Europe.
Collection ID: 02.20.0001
Harry W. Schmeltzer papers, 1942-1948
This collection relates to Private First Class Harry W. Schmeltzer who served with the 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division, in the European Theater during World War II. Schmeltzer was killed in action on June 10, 1944 in Normandy, France and awarded the Purple Heart Medal. The collection contains a memoir about Schmeltzer's death.
Collection ID: 02.19.0025
Ralph E. Herold collection
This collection relates to Ralph E. Herold who served in the United States Army as a Lieutenant Colonel and assigned to Headquarters in Kobe, Japan Base during the post war occupation. This collection contains news articles about Ralph E. Herold, training films, and various battles in World War II. There are photographs of Kobe, Japan and different radio equipment. There are also several booklets containing data about War time training films.
Collection ID: 02.09.0125
Charles F. Silzer collection, 1943-1945
This collection relates to Corporal Charles F. Silzer who served with the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division, during World War II in the Pacific Theater. He participated in the battles of Cape Gloucester, New Britian, Peleliu, and Okinawa and occupation of China. The collection contains letters Silzer wrote to his fiance, later wife, Florence Erickson, photographs of Silzer, and a framed discharge document.
Collection ID: 02.19.0024
George Ronald Wiszneauckas collection, 1941-1946
This collection relates to George Ronald Wiszneauckas who served as a Captain with as a Signal Officer for the 81st Infantry Division. This collection contains brochures from Camp San Luis Obispo, Camp Rucker, New Caledonia and other Pacific islands. The collection also includes newsletters from The Wildcat, a military newsletter, Japanese Naval binoculars, and military documents.
Collection ID: 02.08.0171
William V. Voss, Jr. papers, December 4, 1943 - April 1, 2000
This collection relates to William V. Voss, Jr. who served with the U.S. Army, 11th Field Artillery, 24th Infantry Division, in New Guinea and the Philippines during World War II. This collection contains four copies of personal letters and two manuscripts, as well as letters and articles from a reunion magazine from Robert Dexheimer. In his manuscript on the "Return to Bataan," he recounts his experience and tells stories of men he knew and his interactions with local Filipinos. Included with the manuscript is a photograph of Voss. The letter from James L. Postma describes his time in the Philippines and experience with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and includes a photograph of him from 1945. There are three articles by men recounting their experiences in the Philippines. There is one copy of a photograph of the 21st Brigade at Schofield Barracks and copies of four images of Hawaii before World War II. There is also one article on the Korean War and two articles on incidents at Pearl Harbor after December 7, 1941.
Collection ID: 02.00.0425
Elise Heine collection, 1947
This collection relates to Elise Heine who served as a Women Accepted for Voluntary Emergency Services (WAVES). This collection contains a yearbook pertaining to WAVES service during World War Two, published in 1947, While So Serving.
Collection ID: 02.19.0023
John L. McQuigg collection, 1942-1945
This collection relates to John L. McQuigg (Lieutenant Colonel with the US Army Air Force) who served with the 8th Air Force in Photographic Reconnaissance in the European and Mediterranean Theaters and participated in the North African and the Italian Allied Photo Reconnaissance Wing, including surveillance for the Anzio Landing. The collection contains military papers, ephemera, photographs, artifacts, and maps covering John L. McQuigg's communication with his wife and children, surveillance operations during the war, and documents from the Air Force reserves following the war.
Collection ID: 02.19.0018
Carl B. Kindell papers, 1942-1945, 1951
This collection relates to Carl B. Kindell who served as a Pharmacist with the 242nd General Hospital in the U.S. Army during World War II. Kindell served in the European Theater of Operations. The collection contains the correspondence of Kindell and his mother, father, Aunt Leana, grandmother, brother Ray Kindell, and several friends during his service. This collection contains typed and handwritten letters, pictures, pamphlets, and newspaper clippings.
Collection ID: 02.18.0021
Chester W. Bailes papers, 1942-2007, bulk 1942-1945
Chester W. Bailes served as a 4th Grade technician in the US Army 1st Armored Division during World War II. He was first sent to Ireland, before participating in the North Africa invasion, Sicily, and Anzio during the invasion of Italy, where he spent the rest of the war. His collection includes a few letters, publications relating to his unit written after the war, Time, Stars and Stripes, and Yank Magazines, as well as a number of pamphlets and military-published books relating to World War II.
Collection ID: 02.14.0031
Walter A. Holle collection, 1941-1953
This collection relates to Walter A. Holle, Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army who served in the European Theater with 5th Army Headquarters and participated in the Battles of Salerno and Anzio. This collection contains a manuscript memoir, one laminated paper featuring text on one side and labeled photographs on the other that includes an account of Paul A. Holle (brother) and Walter A. Holle meeting during the war. Also included is a CD containing scans of the materials.
Collection ID: 02.13.0002
Thomas H. Gilliam collection, 1941-1944
This collection relates to Thomas H. Gilliam who served in the U.S. Army in the Pacific Theater during World War II as a radar operator and was present during the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. This collection contains photocopies of black and white photographs taken during the war, a memoir of his experience written by David G. Verdier, and documents related to radar and the Pearl Harbor attack.
Collection ID: 02.13.0004
Alvin H. Nellesen papers, 1943-1945
This collection relates to Alvin H. Nellesen who served in the U.S. Army Air Corps as a Private First Class cook with the 65th Troop Carrier Squadron, 403rd Troop Carrier Group in New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Western Pacific, and the Philippines during World War II. This collection includes a 65th Squadron group photograph.
Collection ID: 02.20.0005
Theodore Schrottke collection, 1942-1946
This collection relates to Theodore Schrotkke who served as a ground radio operator in the Marine 13th Defense Battalion, 5th Amphibious Corps Artillery. He served in the Caribbean and Pacific theaters, serving from 1942 to 1946. Schrottke was a part of the D-Day invasion team of Iwo Jima. This collection contains military documents, photographs, and a personal narrative relating to the life and service of Theodore Schrottke.
Collection ID: 02.01.0018
Robert Bailey collection, 1939-1945, bulk 1944-1945
This collection contains Japanese World War II ephemera such as paper money, Japanese propaganda scrapbooks, a book of fundamental Japanese, a bond from a Japanese bank, and a company document on Japanese paper.
Collection ID: 02.10.0091
Tadako Knight collection, 1980-1991
This collection relates to Tadako Knight, who was the wife of U.S. Navy veteran Willard Thomas Knight who served in the U.S. Navy from 1937 until 1958. This collection contains newspaper articles about Guadalcanal, personal letters in Japanese, newsletters, magazines, correspondence with Tallahassee resident and Guadalcanal veteran Harry Horsman, photocopies of photographs, and writings penned by Japanese and U.S. soldiers.
Collection ID: 02.04.0251
Rosemary Reed Powell collection, 1943-2001, bulk 1943-1945
This collection includes personal photographs, personal letters, and paper ephemera related to Rosemary Reed Powell who served in the Women's Army Corps with the 3rd Army during World War II.
Collection ID: 02.00.0858