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Our Collections

Hemmer and Yates Business Imprints, 1885-1946
Publicity distributed by Hemmer and Yates, local advertising firm, depicting Pensacola traditions and Employment records, 1885-1946, of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad.
Collection ID: M1980-18SC
Watson, William H., Papers, 1918-1960
The major portion of the papers were from the files of William H. Watson, senior member of the Pensacola law firm of Watson & Pasco, and its successors. Mr. Watson was born in Walton County, Florida, February 22, 1876. He read for the law and was admitted to the bar in 1897. Samuel Pasco (1878- ), Clarence J. Brown (1890- ), Samuel Pasco, Jr.(1909- ), and James Baker Watson (1909-1976) also served at various time with the firm.
Collection ID: M1979-07
Murray, James F., Papers, 1968-1977
Pensacola Environmentalist.
Collection ID: M1988-14
Escambia Amateur Astronomer's Association Collection, 1977-
Papers (1977- ), including publications of local, regional and national astronomical organizations, such as The Meteor, New Horizons, and The Reflector. Topics covered include astronomy and sky-watching in the West Florida region.
Collection ID: M1988-18
Carpenter, Cornelia, Papers, 1895-1920
Family correspondence, 1895-1920, newspapers clippings, family photographs and various papers relating to Simpson & Company Lumber Mill, Bagdad, Florida. Mr. H.T. Wright, Mrs. Carpenter's, was a prominent member of this firm. Many photographs from Mrs. Carpenter's family photograph album, 1900-1914, were copied and deposited in the Pensacola picture file.
Collection ID: M1979-03
Pensacola Arts Council Papers, 1967-1979
Papers, 1967-1979, including correspondence, publicity, newspaper clippings, programs, and other materials.
Collection ID: M1979-05
Santa Rosa County Tax Assessor, Delinquent Tax Ledger, 1928
Delinquent tax ledger, circa 1928, for Santa Rosa County, consisting of names and addresses of owners of real estate in Santa Rosa County who have failed to pay taxes on property. Arranged alphabetically by name of delinquent taxpayer or corporation.
Collection ID: M1988-21
Men's Camellia Club of Pensacola Records, 1937-1989
Records, 1937-1989, including correspondence and newspaper clippings, registrations for camellias originated in Pensacola, publications including the Camellia Journal (1962-1987) and Camellia Notes (1961-1989), and biographies of club members and presidents.
Collection ID: M1988-22
Melvin, Jerry, Papers, 1968-1978
Legislative papers of Jerry Melvin, who served in the Florida Legislature ca. 1968-1978. He received the Most Outstanding Freshman award in 1969.
Collection ID: M1979-10
Santa Rosa County Land Records, 1856-1935
A group of land records, 1856-1935, including mortgages, land grants, promissory notes, and other materials for lands in Santa Rosa County. Includes such firms as Balentine and Whitley, Milton, Florida; S. J. Stewart & Bro., Milton, florida; and Presidential land grants signed in proxy by Franklin Pierce, and William McKinley. An annotated calendar of names and land descriptions is available in the collection inventory.
Collection ID: M1983-27SC
Whitaker, Hurdis, Collection, 1874-1926
Papers of Hurdis Whitaker (1874-192 6), including photocopies and newspaper clippings relating to his management of the Muscogee Commissary for the Southern States Lumber Company, 1909-1917, and as Sheriff of Escambia County, 1920's. Other topics include Governor Sidney J. Catts, Mrs. O. H. Thompson of Crestview, and the Whitaker family.
Collection ID: M1979-13SC
Bragg, Braxton, Papers, 1861
Commander, Confederate Troops at Pensacola, 1861-1862.
Collection ID: M1983-26MF
Franklin, Samuel R. (Admiral), Journal, 1885-1887
Manuscript journal covering the commissioning and voyage of the U.S.S. Pensacola, April 1885-August 1887. Covers European and Mediterranean trips with newspaper clippings from the Baltimore Sun about trip.
Collection ID: M1983-25MF
Gamble, Thomas, Letter, 1772
A.L.S., Pensacola, Florida, June 3, 1772, to Loard Barrington; states Gamble has heard from General Gage concerning Gamble's appointment to rank of Captain, and thanks Barrington for his support in securing the appointment.
Collection ID: M1989-01SC
Luna Papers, 1559-1560
Microfilm of the spanish documents pertaining to Don Tristan De Luna, 1559-1560, that were partly transcribed in Herbert Ingram Priestley's The Luna Papers (1928).
Collection ID: M1983-28MF
Eliza Jane Wilson School (Pensacola, Fla.) Scrapbook, 1931-1933
Scrapbook, 1931-1933, consisting of bylaws, newspaper clippings, programs, invitations, posters, photographs, and other materials concerning school and PTA activities.
Collection ID: M1983-29
Reardon, Anna Smith, Papers, 1962-1983
Writer and Historian, DeFuniak Springs, Florida.
Collection ID: M1984-03
O'Neal, Fannie J., Papers, 1942-1987
Personal papers, 1942-1987, concerning her work as Housing Manager, NAS Whiting Field and at NAS Pensacola. Includes correspondence, certificates, biographical information, newspaper clippings and photographs of housing projects and buildings at NAS Whiting Field and NAS Pensacola. Also includes some records of the Professional Housing Namagement Association, 1976-1987, and the Milton Garden Club.
Collection ID: M1989-04
Milton Woman's Club Records, 1913-
Records, 1913- , including minutes, yearbooks, annual reports, correspondence, history files, and other records. Begun as the Milton Civic League in 1913, the organization advocated improvements to the City of Milton including sanitation and cleanliness. The organization became the Milton Woman's Club in 1916.
Collection ID: M1989-03
University of West Florida. Academic Council Records, 1971-1988
Minutes, reports and other materials of the Academic Council 1971-1988, including such topics as academic policies, undergraduate and graduate programs, enrollments, grade point averages and related academic subjects. The Academic Council was merged with the Faculty Senate, June 1988.
Collection ID: M1983-30
Spilman, Robert B., Papers, 1937-1971
Personal papers, 1937-1971, concerning his military career (1937-1971) and as Commandant of the United States Army Management School (1968-1971), including biographical materials, copies of the Howitzer, correspondence and vita pertaining to guest speakers at the U.S. War College, and materials on the history and disestablishment of the U.W. Army Management School in 1971. Correspondents include Paul Seabury, Clinton Rossiter, Max Lerner, W. C. Westmoreland, Henry Kissinger, and Thomas J. Watson, Jr.
Collection ID: M1989-02
Reese, John Lewis, Papers, Date acquired: 00/00/1984
Personal papers concerning the Reese and West families including genealogical notes on the Pope, Orr, Reese, and West families of Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi; biography of Judah P. Benjamin; diary of 1936 tour of American Southwest; Civil War recollections of Mary R. West in western Tennessee and Mississippi, and research records of Elizabeth H. West on Panton, Leslie and Company, 1931.
Collection ID: M1983-31
University of West Florida. Publications. The Panhandler, 1976-
Collection of the Panhandler, a literary magazine published by the UWF English Department, 1976-present.
Collection ID: M1984-02
Gulf Coast Community College Collection, 1961-
Publications and records concerning Gulf Coast Community College, 1961-present, including catalogs, yearbooks, and other materials concerning the history and development of the College. Gulf Coast Community College formerly know as Gulf Coast Junior College.
Collection ID: M1984-01
Metzger, Lewis William, Papers, 1921-1985
Personal papers, including publications, citations, and photographs, reflecting personal and military career interests. Subjects include Nantucket, Massachusetts, Lenin, World War II, and General Westmorelard.
Collection ID: M1989-07
Walker, Larry N., Papers. Escambia County Utilities Authority Records, 1985-1999
Personal papers, 1985-1999, consisting of his records as a member of the Finance Advisory Committee (FAC) of the Escambia County Utilities Authority from 1985 to 1999. These records include minutes, agendas, reports, working papers, budget reports, financial statements, annual reports, newspaper clippings, and publications of FAC, as well as the ECUA Board and its other committees. Subjects covered include water and gas utilities, sewer services, and wastewater management for Escambia County, Florida.
Collection ID: M1989-10
University of West Florida. Faculty Senate Records, 1979-
Records, 1979- , and its predecessor, the Faculty Council, 1973-1979, including agendas, minutes, reports, and other working papers.
Collection ID: M1989-11
University of West Florida. Aeronautical Systems Records, 1968-1973
Records (1968-1973) including correspondence, materials on the UWF Corpus Christi Center, student theses, commencement programs, and related materials. Select thesis subjects cover airports in Atlanta, Pensacola, and NAS Pensacola, the port of Corpus Christi, satellite development and deployment, the usage of airships in transportation, and emergency rescue missions in space.
Collection ID: M1989-06
West Florida Natural Resources Council Records, 1969-1971
Records, 1969-1971, including minutes, correspondence, reports, and subject files concerning the Council's work in the study of pollution in the Escambia Bay, Escambia River, Mulat Bayou, and related waterways. Subjects covered include the dog fly, coastal zone management, the environment, water pollution, and other environmental concerns in pollution control.
Collection ID: M1984-04
Association of Upper-Level Colleges and Universities Records, 1970-1972
Records, 1970-1972, consisting of the files of Peter Perceval, Director, UWF University Relations, and Executive Secretary of the Association. Includes correspondence, planning files for the International Conference held at UWF in 1970, and related materials concerning the Association.
Collection ID: M1984-05
West Florida Railroad Centennial Collection, 1982
Research records, newspaper clippings, and other materials pertaining to the West Florida Railroad Centennial in 1982. Includes genealogical records of descendants of railroad employees in West Florida, information on the history of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, materials on the Chipley Centennial and town history, artifacts, and other related papers.
Collection ID: M1984-09
University of West Florida. Students. Fraternities and Sororities Records, 1971-1972
Records of the Phi Alpha Social Welfare Honorary Society, Omicron Chapter, of the University of West Florida including financial records (1971-1972) and minutes (1971-1972).
Collection ID: M1981-41SC
Sphere Magazine Collection, 1956-1966
Records and papers of Sphere magazine, a science fiction fan magazine published in Cantonment, Florida. Includes issues of the magazine, 1956-1959, and correspondence files with writers, subscribers and science fiction fans, 1958, 1960, 1966. Includes letters of Brian W. Aldiss and Leslyn MacDonald Macabee concerning their writing and comments on John W. Campbell, Robert A. Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, and others.
Collection ID: M1984-11
Rogers, David J., Papers, 1959-1977
Personal papers, 1959-1977, chiefly of published articles, essays and publications in the fields of genetics, taxonomy, botany, and computer applications in these fields.
Collection ID: M1981-38SC
Cantonment Rotary Club Records, 1948-2003
Records and papers, 1948-2003, including correspondence, bylaws, financial statements, minutes, and chapter newsletters. Topics include Cantonment Little Major League and Ephemeral Hospital.
Collection ID: M1984-18
Retired Officers Association, Pensacola Chapter Records, 1971-1985
Records and papers, 1971-1985, including minutes, newsletters, correspondence and related materials. Agencies and subjects include the Escambia County Veterans Round Table, the Naval Aerospace and Regional Medical Center (Pensacola), and military pay legislation with correspondence from U. W. Senators Lawton Chiles, Ed Gurney, Peter H. Dominick, Richard Schweiker, Sam Ervin, Lloyd Bentsen, and Representative Bob Sikes.
Collection ID: M1984-13
Dodson, Pat, Oral History Collection, 1988-1989
Oral history project conducted by Mark David Clark concerning the history of advertising and advertising agencies in Pensacola, with specific emphasis on recollections of Pat Dodson (Mayhew Wilson Dodson, 1929-1975) and the contributions of Dodson and his firm, Dodson, Craddock and Born, to Pensacola. Includes interviews with business partners, family, advertising executives, and Dodson's interest in historic preservation on Pensacola.
Collection ID: M1989-13
Escambia County Election Records, 1970-1976
Statistical summaries of vote tabulations in Escambia County elections, 1970-1976, including U.S. Presidential primaries, general elections, and special elections. Records provide numbers of registered voters in each precinct broken down by Party affiliation, and final tabulations of votes cast broken down by candidate or proposition.
Collection ID: M1989-14
University of West Florida. Facilities Planning Committee Records, 1974-
Records of the Facilities Planning Committee, 1974- , including minutes, agendas, reports, and related working papers. This Committee reports to the Vice President for Administrative Affairs on matters concerning campus buildings, construction, and physical environment.
Collection ID: M1989-12
Gulf Coast History and Humanities Conference Records, 1970-
Records of the Gulf Coast History and Humanities Conference, 1970-present, including correspondence, drafts of presented papers, Conference Board, and related papers.
Collection ID: M1984-16
Deschenes, Paul, Papers, 1900-1970
Research files of Paul Deschenes consisting of photographs, technical manuals, newspaper clippings, magazines, and other materials concerning aviation, primarily dealing with the various models and types of aircraft from earliest planes in the 1900s up to 1970.
Collection ID: M1984-12
Bowman, Dicy Villar, Papers, 1966-1969, 1985
Personal papers, 1966-1969, of Dicy Villar Bowman, Pensacola, Florida, as a member of the State Courses of Study Committee, Florida Department of Education.  Papers include minutes, reports, and materials concerning textbook selection for state schools.  Collection includes digital copy of her book, The Five Daughters of Manuel Gonzalez (1985).
Collection ID: M1984-19
Pensacola Maternity Home Scrapbook, 1941-1949
Scrapbook, 1941-1949, for the Pensacola Maternity Home, also known as the Pensacola Maternity Hospital including newspaper clippings, photographs, and news of its staff and women auxiliaries.
Collection ID: M1984-14
Resler, Walter H., Papers, 1904-1964
Personal papers, 1904-1964, of Walter H. Resler, Brooklyn, New York and Pensacola, Florida including correspondence, photographs, clippings, imprints, glass negatives, periodicals, and microfilm. Subjects include the history of Brooklyn, Huntington, and Long Island, New York; Abraham Lincoln; World War II, including mobilization, scrap metal drives, and the American Legion of Huntington's Honor Roll of servicemen and women in World War II. Correspondents include Bernard M. Baruch and Thomas E. Dewey. Photographs include the Brooks, Resler, and Sanders families; West Palm Beach, Florida; Mexico and Mexico City, and related topics.
Collection ID: M1990-01
Briggs, Warren, Papers, 1976-1979
Personal papers, 1976-1979, including his records as chairman of the task force for Action 76 goal setting (1976-1977) and as coordinator of Citizens Goals for Pensacola-Escambia (1977-1979). The Action 76 papers include materials concerning the celebration of the American Bicentennial in Florida and Pensacola, the development of citizens' surveys, and publications about the Pensacola Navy Yard, British West Florida, and a history of industrialization in Pensacola. Also included are histories of Tate High School, the dedication of Fort George Park, and dedication of the William Bartram marker.
Collection ID: M1981-45
United States Naval Hospital (Pensacola, Fla.) Records, 1826-1911
Records, 1826-1911, includes appointment certificate as Surgeon for Isaac Hulse (1826); daily watch journal for the Naval Hospital, 1910-1911; and correspondence log, 1864-1865, covering hospital operations, patients, employees, nurses, and deaths of Federal naval servicemen at the hospital. Correspondents include M. S. Geist, William Seaman, Samuel L. Southard, and John Quincy Adams.
Collection ID: M1990-03
New Providence Missionary Baptist Church (Bagdad, Fla.) Records, 1918-1953
Photocopy records including history of the church and donation of its building to the Bagdad Historic Preservation Association, Minutes of the congregation (1938-1941) and Sunday School records (1918-1953). Congregation minutes report activities of the church, membership, financial reports, and policies; Sunday School records show attendance, teachers, and lessons used.
Collection ID: M1990-02
Curenton, Mark C., Papers, 1989-1990
Personal papers, 1989-1990, including correspondence, draft plans, and maps of the downtown area of Port St. Joe, Florida in preparation of a Downtown Redevelopment Plan, as part of the Community Redevelopment Center, University of Florida.
Collection ID: M1990-04SC
Price, Elsie Goldsby, Papers, 1868-1933
Personal papers and photographs concerning the Boyett, Goldsby, Helton, McNair, and Adams families of Myrtle Grove, Florida (now Pensacola). Includes Pensacola High School memorabilia of 1933, and a photograph of a water baptism by the Union Hill Baptist Church of myrtle Grove.
Collection ID: M1981-17
Rivera, Joseph Pedro de, Manuscript, 1723
Manuscript report November 2, 1723, concerning conditions in Escambia Bay (St. Maria de Galve) and St. Joseph Bay, describing the state of affairs with the Indians, and suggesting the means of fortifying these positions for continued Spanish colonization; mentions of Punta de Siquenza. With typescript translations of this document and of Rivera's 1744 report.
Collection ID: M1989-15
Parkin, Thomas, Scrapbook, 1874-1905
Bound scrapbook of notes, writings, newspaper clippings, maps, and other materials concerning Peru, Panama, Colombia, and South America, 1874-1905. Manuscript narrative may document Parkin's 1907 trip to Peru, however it is written in the third person and is possibly taken from published sources.
Collection ID: M1989-16
Pensacola Navy Yard Journal, 1876-1879
Manuscript journal, 1876-1879, of C. A. Higgins, Chief Engineer, covering labor costs, stores, and other information for the Engineering Department and its Machine Shop, Pattern Shop, Boiler Shop, Foundry, and Copper Shop.
Collection ID: M1981-16SC
University of West Florida. President. Board of Regents Records, 1964-
Records, 1964- , including minutes, agendas, reports, budgets, and other working papers of the Board and its state universities. Subjects concern educational budgets, policies, govrnance, academic policies and planning, and related educational concerns.
Collection ID: M1984-06
University of West Florida. President. Council of Presidents Records, 1964-
Minutes, reports, agendas, and other working papers of the Council of Presidents of the Board of Regents, State of Florida, 1964- . Subjects include budgets, capital funds and buildings, academic policies, and other university administrative concerns.
Collection ID: M1984-07
United Daughters of the Confederacy (Pensacola) Records, 1898-
Records, 1898- , including minutes, correspondence, publications, yearbooks, as well as publications of the national UDC organization and the Florida Division of UDC.
Collection ID: M1984-08
Catts, Sidney J., Papers, 1894-1967
Politician; Governor of Florida, 1917-1921.
Collection ID: M1979-11
Burke, Yolanda Pinney, Papers, Date acquired: 07/00/1981
Personal papers consisting of photocopies of genealogical information and photographs of family members. Included are the Burke, Clifford, Fell, Mooney, and Pinney families, with additional materials on Thomas J. White, Joseph L. White, Carl Timothy Hoffman, and Robert Fell, a carpenter in the U.S. Navy from 1803 to 1820.
Collection ID: M1981-18
Johnson, Nellie Dole, Papers, Date acquired: 09/00/1981
Personal papers including photocopies of the Pensacola High School Tattler (1918-1919), photocopies of early Pensacola postcards and photographs, oral history tapes with Mrs. Johnson, and other related materials.
Collection ID: M1981-23SC.##h8c
Pensacola Police Department, 1909//1928, 1909-1928
Police Call books and a Warrant book, 1909//1928, with arrests listing the name, location, and City Code number under which each arrest was made; with notes of fire alarms telephoned in from call boxes.
Collection ID: M1979-06
Foster, H. F., Diary, 1876
School journal or diary kept by H. F. Foster while attending Normal School at Oswego in 1876; includes comments on lessons and family information; with related photographs.
Collection ID: M1981-22
Simmons Family Papers, 1947-1980
Personal papers of the Simmons Family of Pensacola including family photographs and photocopies of birth certificates, wills, and other materials about the family, 1947-1980.
Collection ID: M1981-21
Beggs and Lane Collection. Blount and Blount and Carter Papers., 1906-1930
The records of the firm are extensive as it was the corporate attorney for numerous West Florida businesses including railroad andlumber companies. Select subjects include the American Lumber Company, Bagdad Land and Lumber Company, the Birmingham, Columbus and St. Andrews Railroad Company, Children's Home Society of Florida, Escambia County School Board, Escambia Gulf Beach Resort, First National Bank of Pensacola, First Methodist Episcopal Church, Duncan U. Fletcher, Florida Chautauqua, Florida Colonization and Industrial Company of Chicago, Forbes Company, German-American Lumber Company, Gulf Power Company, Kupfrian Park Company, Okaloosa County, City of Pensacola, Pensacola Electric Company. Pensacola Electric Terminal Company (streetcars), Pensacola and Hervey Hotel (San Carlos Hotel), Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company, South Florida Stores Corporation (Piggly-Wiggly stores) Tampa Electric Company, and Valparaiso Development Company. Other files include such topics as bank closures, suits to recover Union Army damages during the Civil War, workmen's compensation cases, boundary disputes, the street car strike in 1908, operation of businesses, and records accumulated by the businesses and partners reflecting civic and social life in the West Florida region.
Collection ID: M1984-20
LeBaron Family Papers, 1906-1972, bulk 1920-1970
Correspondence, 1920-1970, of Rev. Earle Robert LeBaron (1900‑1972) and papers, 1907-1936, of his father Leonard LeBaron (1855-1943), former city electrician of Pensacola. 1907-1933.
Collection ID: M1975-12.##fsv
Pensacola Yacht Club Records, To Be Determined
Official records of the Pensacola Yacht Club, including articles of incorporation, bylaws, committee records, records on facilities and grounds, minutes, membership records, information on regattas and races, publications including the Jib Sheet, and other materials concerning this organization, the Junior Yacht Club, and the Gulf Yachting Association.
Collection ID: M2007-05.##5du
Bryans, Dr. Herbert L., Papers (1887-1964), 1887-1964
Patients' medical records and other papers of Dr. Herbert Lee Bryans (1889-1961) of Pensacola, Fla.
Collection ID: M1980-07
Collection ID: M1978-01
University of West Florida.  Faculty Publications., To Be Determined
Publications and materials authored by University of West Florida faculty, staff, and university-related individuals.  In some cases, entries may be copies of the publication while in others, it may simply be a bibliographic note of the existence of the publication for the record.
Collection ID: M1981-42.##cf2
Joseph Byrne Lockey Papers, 1911
Photocopy, "A Trip Through the Mountains of Peru" by Prof. J. B. Lockey, from the Pensacola Journal, January 1, 1911, distributed privately as his annual Christmas letter to the students and staff of Pensacola High School 1904-1908.
Collection ID: M1968-11/001.##wkm
University of West Florida. Academic Affairs. Accreditation. REEF Facility., 2007-2012
Records and reports pertaining to the movement of the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) and Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCE) classes to the Research and Engineering Education Facility (REEF) shared with the University of Florida, and request for programmatic and location approval from the Southern Association of College and Schools, February 2012.
Collection ID: M2011-12.##89b
University of West Florida. Office of Recreation and Sports Records, 1972-1987
Records, 1972-1987, of the Office of Recreation and Sports, including correspondence, publications, and committee files. Includes materials on the history of the department and development of recreation and sports programs and facilities, the Natatorium, the Pensacola Seafood Festival, Springcoming, and the participation of the University in local sports events and organizations. Committee files cover freshmen, enrollment, food services, and the Santa Rosa Island Property.
Collection ID: M1990-08
Satterfield, Frances Gibson, Papers, 1976-1986
Personal papers, 1976-1986, concerning research on Octavia Walton Le Vert (1810-1877) and publication of Satterfield's biographical book, Madame Le Vert: A Biography of Octavia Walton Le Vert (1987). The papers include correspondence with family descendants, archivists, researchers, publishers, and agents; photocopies of research materials including primary (letters and diaries) and secondary sources (journal articles and book excerpts), and final manuscript. Subjects include the Le Vert, Walton, and Reab families, Henry Clay, the Marquis de LaFayette, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, General P. G. T. Beauregard, the Mount Vernon Ladies Association and Le Vert's 19th century locales of Mobile, Alabama; Pensacola, Florida; Washington, D.C.; St. Louis, Missouri; Saratoga Springs, New York; and New Orleans, Louisiana.
Collection ID: M1990-07
Pensacola Letters, 1825-1852
Small group of photocopy letters written from Pensacola between 1825 and 1852. Subjects and correspondents include Henry Marie Brackenridge, Lt. Richard H. Morris, W. L. Campbell, J. G. Williams, the Marines in the Pensacola Navy Yard, the U.S.S. Raritan, and John Hutchinson.
Collection ID: M1990-06SC
McPherson, William, Date acquired: 03/12/2012
Transcription of Civil War letter of William McPherson, Walton Guards Florida Volunteers, East Pass (Destin), Florida, August 26, 1861 to General Braxton Bragg, Pensacola, Florida.
Collection ID: WF803.##8lh
Eastern Creek Claims Docket Index, Date acquired: 03/01/2012
Alphabetical index to 11,000 names of Eastern Creek Families who filed Eastern Creek Claims pertaining to Docket #21, #272, and #275 (1,008 pages). These claims were filed during the 1950s to 1980s period and the index shows who was eligible or inelegible and the numbers of their application. These applications are not related to the Guion Miller Applications. Index is also called the EC Rolls Index (for Eastern Creeks)..
Collection ID: WF804.WF804
Collection ID: ##xcc
Collection ID: WF802
Tobiassen, Tom, Papers, 1968-1987
Records reflecting his work as a legislator from the Escambia and West Florida region with materials concerning issues in the Panhandle, constituent letters, and related materials. Select topics include Santa Rosa Island and higher education.
Collection ID: M1981-39
Pensacola Music Association Records, 1947-1964
Records, 1947-1964, including event programs and photographs. The Association presented musical artists including opera singers, quartets, chamber and philharmonic orchestras and other musical events in Pensacola. Select artists include Duke Ellington, Marcel Marceau, Max Rudolf, and Beverly Sills.
Collection ID: M1990-11
Rosasco, William S., III. First National Bank of Santa Rosa Papers, 1981-1985
Personal paper, 1981-1985, of William S. Rosasco, III, concerning the planning, establishment, and opening of the First National Bank of Santa Rosa, Milton, Florida. Includes Board of Directors' records, correspondence with federal regulators, newspaper clippings, and related materials concerning bank operations and policies.
Collection ID: M1990-14
University of West Florida. Report on Appraisal of College Site, 1964., To Be Determined
Report to the Board of County Commissioners, Escambia County, Florida, by John R. Tucker, Jr., and Leonard Burrell, May 15, 1964, comprising 240 pages plus 22 exhibits outlining the parcels of property and land being proposed for the campus of the four-year college site (present site of University of West Florida) including descriptions of property, photographs, maps, plat maps, surveyor maps, and appraisal values for purchase or condemnation acquisition. With additional copies of the photographs used in the report.
Collection ID: M2012-06
Rucker, Brian R., Papers, 1990
History of Santa Rosa County, 1821-1865, Ph.D. thesis for Florida State University, 1990.
Collection ID: M1990-09
New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial Newspaper Collection, 1914-1915
Select run of the New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial War Extra, November 12, 1914 through August 19, 1915, covering World War I through maps and pictures of events around the world.
Collection ID: M1990-10
Junior Funeral Home Records, 1986-2002
Client files of the Junior Funeral Home in chronological order, 1986 through 2002.  Each file consists of all materials concerning the funeral service of a decedant including biographical, financial, obituary drafts, final pubilcations, death certificates, funeral programs, and related information.
Collection ID: M2003-01.##13b
Isaac Hulse Papers, 1849-1857
Photoopies of letters and documents of Dr. Isaac Hulse, Pensacola, and Navy Yard physician. Includes last will and testament, probated in Pensacola, September 17, 1857; with six letters of Dr. Hulse to William E. Woodruff, Little Rock, Arkansas Territory, 1849-1856 dealing primarily with sales of land owned by Dr. Hulse in Arkansas.
Collection ID: M1968-11/104
Ramsey, Andrew Boggs, Papers, Date acquired: 00/00/1991
Records concerning the history of the Florida Tribe of Eastern Creek Indians of Calhoun County, Florida with emphasis on the Ramsey genealogy, the Apalachicola Indians, and the Harjo-Boggs-Parrot Tribe. Materials consist of bound books of photocopies of research materials including vital records, newspaper clippings, book and journal articles, and other data. Other names include the Harjo, Parrot, Boggs, Ramsey, Ward, and Stanley families.
Collection ID: M1991-06
University of West Florida. Photograph Collections, 1964-
Photographs, negative files, documentation such as notes or information on the photographs, and related materials.
Collection ID: M1991-05
Dat Moi (New Land) Newsletters
Newsletter of the Vietnamese Refugee Processing Center, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. Published roughly daily, except Sndays, with text in Vietnamese and English. As American troops withdrew from Vietnam, thousands of South Vietnamese arrived in the United States, many coming to Florida and the center at Eglin Air Force Base. These newsletters tally the arrivals and departures and include information about the United States, customs, English language, and other details to help the new immigrants assimilate into the United States. Dat Moi ended on August 27, 1975 with publication of its final edition, No. 85.
Collection ID: BWF 1975-138.##q0z
Collection ID: M1991-03
Rosasco, William S., III. Federal Savings and Loan Papers, 1957-1960
Personal papers, 1957-1960, of William S. Rosasco, III, concerning the planning and application papers for a federal savings and loan association in Milton, Florida, 1957-1960. Records include biographical statements of the Board of Directors, correspondence and chronological files, newspaper clippings, and related information on the savings and Loan industry in 1959.
Collection ID: M1991-01
Drago Family of Mobile, Alabama, Date acquired: 06/00/2014
The Drago Family of Mobile by William S. Cummins, July 24, 2007; Revised April 15, 2014.  37 pp.   &nnsp; Typescript publication of the history of the Drago Family of Mobile, Alabama, with footnotes and index, by Bill Cummins.   With index by Dean DeBol.
Collection ID: WF805.##3ts
University of West Florida. Whitman Center Records, 1977-
Records and working papers of the Donald L. Whitman Center for State and Local Government, 1977- , including reports, publications, correspondence, and research files. The Center performs research for pahnandle city and county governments, especially the City of Pensacola and Escambia County on a variety of fiscal, tax, and planning matters. Includes the records of the Revenue Study Committee (the Collier Commission), 1985-1986, which examined revenue sources for the City of Pensacola; the Local Government Study Commission (Charter Government Commission), 1985-1988, which examined charter government for Escambia County; and records of the earlier 1978-1988 Escambia County charter study committee.
Collection ID: M1992-02
Daughters of the American Colonists Records, 1983-
National Society Daughters of the American Colonists, Don Tristan de Luna Chapter, Pensacola, Florida.
Collection ID: M1991-11
Carlson, Gladys, Papers, Date acquired: 11/00/1991
Photocopies of published genealogical research on family lines written and compiled by Gladys Carlson, Pensacola, Florida, including lineage charts, facsimiles of manuscript letters, and related documentation. Family names include Alexander, Barber, Bilyeu, Bird, Brumley, Duckworth, McKnight, Montgomery, Peel, Robinson, Sample, Wallace, and Williams. Places include Lancaster County, Virginia; Mecklenburg County, North Carolina; and Cannon County, Tennessee.
Collection ID: M1991-08